The Ugly Truth

Not content with taking the word of conservatives on TV and radio that the proposed health care reform legislation is a secret plan to transform America into a Nazi dictatorship, I sat down one long night and read the entire bill.

Well, I didn’t read the entire bill because when I got to pages 934 and 935, I must admit I was appalled and had to stop reading. What I found there, that apparently no one else has noticed, has made me rethink not only my support for health care reform, but has made me reassess my hitherto low opinion of right-wing talkers.

Based on my discovery, I may have to issue a public apology to all conservatives, especially those fine folks who have endured much liberal ridicule while trying to alert the rest of us to what is coming.

Here is the ugly truth, first beginning with a screen shot of part of page 934 of HR 3200, and then an enlargement of the language found under Subtitle B—National Prevention and Wellness Strategy:

As much as I believe that eliminating right-wing radio and shutting down Fox “News” and even institutionalizing Glenn Beck would improve our national health, I just can’t go that far at this time. This is America, for God’s sake.

Therefore, I will have to withdraw my support for health care reform.



From: Anson

Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 02:05 PM


Now you have me really wondering (after our hassle over the use of quotation marks in your Voices letter). I am also too lazy to look up the bill.

IS THIS REALLY IN THE BILL?? If it is I am flat out digusted, falbergasted, you name it. If it not and you are doing another attempt at sarcasm, I am equally disgusted and flabergasted, etc.

WTF, Over.


From: Duane
Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 02:45 PM


You’ve got to be kidding. Can’t a guy have any fun? I did this precisely because of what happened over the “Voices” letter. Gee whiz.


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