CNN Redefines Middle Class

Apparently, CNN, just another liberal network, pays its morning anchors a lot of money; so much so that they have a somewhat skewed view of America’s middle class.

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting pointed out something peculiar that happened today on CNN’s American Morning.

Kiran Chetry interviewed Peter Orszag, Obama’s budget director, and had this exchange:

CHETRY: You also talk about letting taxes expire for families that make over $250,000. Some would argue that in some parts of the country that is middle class.

ORSZAG: Well, I guess it’s not the parts of the country where I’ve been. What we’re trying to do is cut back on the tax breaks for the elite, for the very highest earners in part to help get this deficit problem under control over time and also to rebalance the tax code.

While Chetry didn’t say just who the “some” were who would argue that middle class folks haul in a cool 250 thou a year, FAIR linked to this survey from the U.S. Census Bureau that showed a mere 1.5% of Americans make $250,000 or more. 

Chetry, who reportedly made Maxim‘s top ten of TV’s Sexiest News Anchors, must have used some talking points from her old gig at Fox “News,” while interviewing Orszag.  She should have destroyed Fox’s playbook just so she wouldn’t get caught in embarrassing episodes like this.

In a previous embarrassing moment, she also, according to the New York Post, wanted Gretchen Carlson, the insufferable female co-host of Fox and Friends, fired from her show a few years ago so that Chetry could replace her.

So, the little “dark-haired, Nepalese beauty” (as the Post called her) not only missed an entry-level course on economics in school, she also skipped the Fox Etiquette Training, which resulted in a sudden dismissal from the tight-knit Fox family along with these departing words to her agent:

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