Obama: Alien Socialist Muslim Who May Be The Antichrist As He Acts Like Adolph Hitler

The Erstwhile Conservative is always looking for a new ways to measure Republican intelligence, and fortunately, a Harris poll provided the latest, via The Daily Beast’s John Avlon:

67% of Republicans believe Obama is a socialist.

57% of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim.

45% of Republicans are birthers.

38% of Republicans say Obama is “doing many of the things Hitler did.”

24% say Obama “may be the Antichrist.” 

So, somewhere between 24% and 67% of Republicans are idiots.

This stuff used to make me laugh.  Now, it’s getting scary.


This picture was taken with a special Republican lens. —>  



  1. Duane,

    Obviously the 24% who believe the president is the Anti-Christ have never watched The Omen 1,11 or 111. (I think there was a 111; I could be wrong about, though. For the longest time I thought Hannity’s America was a homage to Mississippi Burning).

    Damien Thorn was the Anti-Christ and he was eventually killed by Dom Deluise. I’m surprised Republicans don’t want Dom on the fifty dollar bill. I know President Reagan was the cat’s meow, but come on, Dom’s community service surely beats reclassifying ketchup as a vegetable.



  2. Duane Graham

     /  March 23, 2010

    Dom Deluise? I wouldn’t mind having him on the $50 bill myself; it would bring a smile to my face every time I pulled one out of my wallet, which, of course, means I would be frowning most of the time.


  3. Duane,

    You’re getting awfully good at providing visual accompaniment: a picture is worth a thousand words. I’m embarrassed to admit that I still need a shot of courage before completing the tricky cut-and-paste maneuver. Then again, the shot could be just another excuse to keep a certain Tennessee distillery in business — my version of trickle down economics.

    I forgot to add that Dom slew the Beast with a pizza cutter. It was a very hands-on (and messy) example of good defeating evil. Lord knows the Beast had it coming.



  4. What baffles me is how no one is claiming he’s an alien in the extra-terrestrial sense. Cmon people, I know everyone stopped caring about aliens and UFOs since Photoshop became widely available, but all we need is one persuasive Art Bell fan to get the ball rolling.


  5. Obama is actually Glenn Beck in disguise. He is such a frickin’ genius, that only the Great Beckster could do such a thing – the PERFECT plot to discredit the D’s.

    And, only the Great Jimster could imagine such a ridiculous conspiracy theory from comic motivations, rather than from the pathetic hatreds and sniveling suspicions of a vast company of sick people illustrated by this poll.


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