Right-Wing Hate And Left-Wing Hate In Joplin Are Not Created Equal

If you visit McDonald’s on 27th and Main in Joplin sometime, when you exit the drive-thru, turn right on 27th street and go half a block to Virginia and you will see this friendly reminder that the opposition to Obama is more than just your typical partisan fervor, allegedly characteristic of both sides of the political spectrum:


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Does anyone remember anything like this display appearing here in our fair city when George W. Bush was president?  Even when Bush’s approval ratings were in the gutter? 

During the first week of October, 2008, Bush’s job approval rating, according to Gallup, was an astoundingly low, 25%. 

25%!  The economy was collapsing. Unemployment was rising exponentially. Things were really scary.

And yet there is no evidence that our local liberal contingent put up such vitriolic displays about George Bush in any way like the one directed at Barack Obama, found in the heart of Joplin at 27th and Virginia.

Obama’s job approval rating currently stands at 50%, after months of right-wing lies, smears, and fear mongering, but given the level of hatred for the man, one would think his approval ratings were at a Bush-like 25%.

The point is that there is no comparison between the hatred and vitriol directed toward President Obama and that directed toward a vastly more unpopular George W. Bush or any other Republican in recent memory.

And the fact that right-wingers are using the partisan-equivalence defense is evidence that they know something is seriously wrong on their side.



  1. The libruls demanded Bush’s impeachment on Constitutional grounds. (Patriots – please pay no attention to recent rulings that some wiretapping of Americans was illegal. Also disregard the documented malfeasance which led to the Iraq War.)

    That’s EXACTLY THE SAME THING as calling Obama a baby-killer, Hitler, or whatever the crybaby libruls want to whine about.

    We all know that ! ( don’t we ? )


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