Billy Long Denies Bribery Charge

Clay Bowler, also known as Bungalow Bill, is a conservative blogger who doesn’t like Billy Long, a candidate in the Republican primary to replace Roy Blunt as our representative in Congress.  

Bowler maintains a site called, Long is Wrong, and, more important, has charged Mr. Long with trying to bribe him with a campaign job in exchange for Bowler ending his Long is Wrong website.

Michael Wardell, another candidate in the Republican primary, said this last month:

A week ago, Mr. Billy Long, a Candidate for the 7th Congressional District, attempted to bribe or coerce a citizen journalist into killing a blog, critical of his campaign in exchange for a position on his campaign. Fired-Up Missouri, a liberal blog, is already tracking this.

It has been a week and Mr. Long has not denied this charge.

Mr. Long must step down as a candidate, not because I asked him to but because he gives napalm to Tim Davis [the Democrat vying for Blunt’s seat] and the Democratic Majority. If we Republicans tolerate this behavior and sweep this under the rug, we will regret it.

The alleged bribery happened right here in Joplin at Pizza By Stout, so I, your intrepid reporter, thought it appropriate to ask Long, while he was here for the Tea Party event today, if the charge were true. 

Here is his reply:

By the way, Billy Long owns a very nice pickup truck, which features this item on the dashboard:

Readers are free to draw their own conclusions regarding whether Long is being truthful about the bribery charge and why he drives around with Bozo on the dashboard of his pickup.


  1. You should have asked Billy why he didn’t respond to my lie detector challenge.


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  April 16, 2010

    Good interview and conclusion letting others to decide for themselves.

    However, I ask, why include the Bozo clown photo and comment? Was that neutral, fair and balanced or somehow politically motivated?

    As for Bungalow Bill, horse pucky. Why not subject any and all candidates for office to a lie detector test! Sometimes, independent judgments must be made by voters.



    • Duane Graham

       /  April 16, 2010


      This blog is not advertised as “fair and balanced,” is it? And I’m not the one driving around with Bozo the Clown on my dashboard.



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