KZRG: An Outlet For White Angst

For those who don’t know, KZRG radio, part of Zimmer Radio, Inc.— “on the bleeding edge” —is Joplin’s outlet for white cultural angst.

On KZRG, you can hear Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Jesus Christ (I’m not kidding. The collection plate totals these days are not what they used to be, what with the economic downturn.  So what,  if Jesus does a little moonlighting?  You try running the universe on a shoestring budget.)

In any case, sadly, I found the following video clip featured on KZRG on Thursday.  Here is a screenshot of the KZRG webpage, showing the window with the video clip, and absolutely no explanation as to why this particular clip is there:

What is the relevance?  you might ask.  What is the purpose? you might complain. Beats the hell out of me, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the “overblown“—the word of a conservative—story of the Justice Department’s dropping of the charges against the New Black Panther Party over an incident in 2008.  (Fox “News” of course is all over this phony controversy, drummed up by a Republican lawyer in the Justice Department, J. Christian Adams.)

Or maybe KZRG is simply catering to pale-faced anger at an obviously unhinged and ungrateful negro:

Here are a few of the many comments (I redacted some, but not all, of the bad words) from YouTube associated with the video.  As I often say, I report, and all you white crackers out there decide for yourselves:

qpwillie: Well folks, watch the video and read the comments. There’s your “hope” and “change”. How do you like it?

ez2bhardcore:  if they wanna fight , whites will totally out number them and dominate ….. im sure asian would be right beside us …..
also , these guys should be killed just for being this way ..
no wonder theres no world peace ….. too many [$&*#ing] retards like these guys. if it wasnt for white ppl …… black people would still be slaves …… we gave them freedom !

wmingpt:  @TheOriginalCakeboy Nah…just hide his food stamps under his work bbots.

wmingpt:  @imax1971 White southerners warned us in the 60’s that this would happen.

MultiDKenny: the good news is that he’s going to wake up the next morning and he’s still going to be a [$&*#ing] nigger!

cnsrvtvsrule: If this jungle bunny can’t be called a nigger who can be called a nigger. That monkey Samir is so black the oil light comes on when he gets out of his car. Hopefully this nigger will have a short life which will end with a very painful death. Black Panthers are the equivalent of the KKK, the only difference is u have a porch monkey Attorney General named Eric Holder who wont prosecute their law breaking. This country is doomed.

Ozlanthos: It’s too bad someone didn’t free this guy with a bullet! […]

flyokstate: Put this to music, some ho’s dancin and shakin the booty and he would have a HIT on his hands. Many many rap songs have this very same msg. Fight the power…….. please! like they say “you can take a boy out of the gett but you cant take the Gett out of the boy. Educate an angry man and you get an educated angry man.

falarak47: typical nigger, tough talk with his monkey herd close by. but get a nigger by himself and hes a [$&*#ing] punk. seen it a hundred times. be careful what you wish for nigger, you might actually get that race war. and believe this , us “crackers” have waaaayy more and better firearms than your nigger herd. so come on with your busted taped up .380 nigger.

Thanks, KZRG, for posting such an uplifting and informative* video.  And, again, what was your point?


* Here is something interesting from Zimmer Radio’s “About Us” page:

Zimmer Radio is committed to being a resource to our listeners and our community by providing great entertainment, useful and timely information, and charitable services and contributions.


  1. Rawhead

     /  July 10, 2010

    What a coincidence! I hate white people too!

    Black powah!


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  July 11, 2010


    I wondered when you would opine on the voter intimidation case withdrawn by the Justice Department. Do you believe that was a correct decision?

    I only ask the simple question, if that had been guys in white sheets intimidating black voters would the legal action have been withdrawn?

    Now I do agree that showing the clip of one of those defendants at a different time and place expressing outrageous views (“kill cracker babies”, etc) has nothing to do with the aforementioned legal action. Despicable as it was, it was Free Speech (unless someone went out and immediately killed a cracker baby).

    So don’t mix the two issues. Forget the individual black man and his beliefs. Let’s just argue about the Justice Department and it’s action or lack thereof in this case.



  3. Duane,

    As John Cleese used to say, “And now for something completely different.” Here’s context concerning the New Black Panther voter intimidation “scandal” that will never be aired on “Fox & Friends”:

    El Juan-bo “America’s Anchor”


    • Duane Graham

       /  July 13, 2010

      Thanks for the report, El Juan Bo. And just to satisfy the numerous requests for photographs I get, I took the liberty of posting your photo, although I added a cheesy moustache and wire rims so you can still safely go to Wal-Mart without being accosted:


      • Duane,

        Gracious for inserting the clever disguise. Although I have shed a few pounds since that photo was taken, I still have that steely look of determination, especially when squeezing melons for ripeness.

        I shall spend the next five or six minutes rereading Anson’s evaluation of Ms. Dreyer and Mr. White. However, the final decision to support an “ideologue” (Ms. Dreyer) over a “pragmatist” (Mr. White) will ultimately hinge on what each candidate ordered for lunch. In other words, without a full description of their entrée selection I cannot make an educated guess concerning which one is best qualified to replace Speaker Ron. Then again, perhaps Anson ordered for them. Should this be the case, I am back to square one.

        I am cautiously optimistic that Anson will embellish his blog with such pertinent details.



  4. Perry Jacobs

     /  October 5, 2012

    RE; Black Panther video. Obviously this complainer has never listened to the host of this line up of great talk radio host, none of which will you find any racial degradation present with. Ignorance is the disease that will be the undoing of such people. Res ips iloquoter, by watching the video it is evident that voter intimidation was the intent of these thugs and if our AG had any integrity to the office to which he was appointed he would have prosecuted these ignorant hatefull black racist.


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