Unless You’re A Tea Party Manly Man, Never Kick A Girl When She’s Down

In what can only be characterized as a symbolic moment in this campaign season, a man wearing a Rand Paul shirt stepped on a member of MoveOn.org last night in Lexington, Kentucky, site of the latest Jack Conway-Rand Paul debate. 

The manly Paul-man in the video put his foot on the woman on the ground in an act of Tea Party bravery.  This short video clip, more than anything I could write, demonstrates what life might be like in a world dominated by Tea Party libertarians:

In a news report, which can be found here, an anchor remarks, over a different video of the incident, that Lexington police are trying to determine if the man “stepped on her intentionally.” 

Yes, it just might be possible that the cowardly bastard was actually a good Samaritan chiropractor who was merely trying to realign her spine.


  1. As an American Conservative I hope that the man stepping on the women is found and charged for his actions. I would also like to applaud the others that got him away from the women and told him that what he did was wrong on the spot.

    But to paint this as a picture of what “life might be like in a world dominated by Tea Party libertarians” is nothing more than progressive fear mongering. This type of event is rare at conservative rallies, too bad the same can’t say at progressive union rallies, ask France.

    Of course at home you can look at the SEIU workers that beat a black conservative. http://www.politicalbyline.com/2009/08/07/seiu-thugs-beat-black-conservative-activist/


    • Mr. Coville,

      Of course, when one actually looks at the video you posted, the first thing one sees is a SEIU member on the ground. How the heck did he get on the ground? Did someone assault HIM? And I fail to see anything on the video you posted that backs up Gladney’s claims of being beaten “brutally.” I don’t even see where he was beaten at all. He looks fine as he is walking around. Here is a better video:

      Have you ever looked closely at what is going on? If you think what happened in that video is comparable to what happened to the girl on the ground in Kentucky, then it is only because you are seeing what you want to see. Just look at the video again and look at it as objectively as possible. No one is condoning bad behavior by either side, just look at it again. You can see that Mr. Gladney appears to be just fine as he walks around presumably looking for a lawyer.



      • Duane,

        Tim Profitt, Rand Paul’s recently fired Bourbon County campaign coordinator, made two unusual comments regarding his ill-faded involvement in “crowd control.”
        1) He was using his foot to “restrain” Lauren Valle because he has “issues with his back.”
        2) Valle owes him an apology.

        As someone who has suffered from a herniated disc, I can appreciate Profitt’s discomfort. Manhandling anything is risking permanent disability; assaulting a 110 pound woman is unimaginable. Good thing two other able-bodied men were around to wrestle down the dangerous, sign-carrying liberal. And let’s not forget that Paul’s personal safety was at stake, as Valle was armed with a loaded sign.

        I can understand why Profitt feels the concussed Valle owes him an apology. Had she not been outside the debate venue, the criminal “crowd control” incident wouldn’t have occurred: The MoveOn agitator instigated the “curb stomping” by showing up. What was she thinking?



  2. Jane Reaction

     /  October 26, 2010

    There you go again Duane, speaking sanity and reason.

    I ran across the following on page 240 of the Tom Robbins book Still Life with Woodpecker.

    “The word that allows yes, the word that makes no possible.
    The word that puts the free in freedom and takes the obligation out of love.
    The word that throws the window open after the final door is closed.

    The word upon which all adventure, all exhilaration,
    all meaning, all honor depends.

    The word that the cocoon whispers to the caterpillar.
    The word that molecules recite before bonding.

    The word that separates that which is dead from that which is living.
    The word which no mirror can turn around.

    In the beginning was the word, and the word was CHOICE.”

    The shrill, nasty voices of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Christine O’Donnell have said straight out that they will eliminate the right to choose termination of a pregnancy for any reason, including rape or incest.

    I wish that at least the parents of daughters would understand that choice is what the Christian Right will take away from our daughters, and that Roy Blunt will vote with them.



    • Jane,

      Excellent! I especially like,

      The word that puts the free in freedom and takes the obligation out of love.

      Those on our side too often concede the use of the terms “freedom” and “liberty” to the other side. We need to take them back, because they belong to lovers of CHOICE.

      It’s unconscionable that some Tea Party candidates believe it is safe to take the position that rape and incest victims must bear the children of their tormentors. And by unconscionable, I am referring not just to the Tea Party candidates, but to those who would vote for them.



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