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Senator Roy Blunt is now on record as favoring the death of Medicare. Perhaps voters won’t remember that vote by the time 2016 comes around.  I know I’ll do my part to help voters forget.


I watched MSNBC’s Ed Schultz humbly and unequivocally apologize last night for calling the insufferable Laura Ingraham a “right-wing slut” on his radio show the previous day.  He directly apologized to Ms. Ingraham, as well as MSNBC and others affected. Schultz took himself off the air, unpaid.

Can anyone imagine Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck—people Schultz is often compared to—making such an apology?


As a sure sign he wants to be a Republican presidential candidate someday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is pulling his state out of a 10-state regional greenhouse gas reduction program by the end of this year. He can now check that one off his “Get Right With GOP Jesus Checklist.” Let me see: Anti-choice? Check. Anti-gay marriage? Check. Anti-union? Check. Anti-gun laws? Uh-oh. More work to do on that one.


Speaking of GOP Jesus, there seems to be some confusion as to just who is occupying that role at the moment. Dick Cheney told the Houston Chronicle,

I worship the ground the [sic] Paul Ryan walks on.

I suppose it’s only right that Cheney has booted Jesus out of the leadership, since it’s Ryan who is now hanging on the cross of Republican politics.


There is hope for Southwest Missouri now that the race in NY-26 is over.  Like in this neck of the Ozark woods, the 26th district in New York is incorrigibly red and has put few Democrats in that seat over the last century—it was Jack Kemp’s seat for God’s sake.  But times are changing, and it’s just possible to put up a real Southwest Missouri Democrat in 2012—someone who will fight to protect our social safety net—and have at least a fighting chance against a candidate—Colonel Billy Long—who in every way supports the radical Republican agenda.


A judge in Wisconsin has struck down the anti-collective bargaining scheme passed shamelessly by Republicans in that state, who, the judge ruled, violated that state’s open meeting law.  Expecting, though, that Republicans will simply pass the law again, a spokesman for We Are Wisconsin, a pro-union group, said that Republicans,

have one last chance to abandon Walker’s rapidly-sinking ship or be held to account in the upcoming elections.

Well, they won’t abandon the ship.  It’s clear that around the country Republicans believe this is do-or-die for reactionary conservatism, and Democrats had better be up to the challenge.  A lot is at stake.


I heard Newt Gingrich address the flap over his gigantic Tiffany & Co. charge account by saying that he and his wife are “very frugal.”  Look, I believe him.  Who has extra money to spend on high-dollar jewelry with so many buffets out there waiting to be conquered?


Speaking of Georgia congressmen, a freshman Republican congressman from Georgia lectured one of his constituents on personal responsibility—”You want the government to take care of you“—and then proceeded to say that the reason he accepted his government-subsidized health care is “because it’s free.”

Look, the way Republicans are opening themselves up politically by saying and doing dumb stuff like this, one would think they have a guilt complex and want to lose in 2012, as a sort of penance for their wrong-doing. 

I, for one, pledge to help them all get right with God.



  1. Duane,

    I’d spend a lost weekend wondering how my life went so far off the rails if receiving high praise from Dick Cheney. The fact that the GOP is doubling-down on Ryan’s budget creates another litmus test for Republican candidates. Not only do they have to agree with everything Rush Limbaugh says (whether he remembers saying it or not) but now they must support “reforming” Medicare by killing it. No wonder Long is conducting town hall meeting over the phone: He can pretend Sprint dropped another call when confronted by angry constituents. It is one thing to wave anti-Obama posters around, it’s quite another when fiscal conservatism requires your house in return for medical care.

    At least Rep. Woodall receives “free” medical care. We should all be so lucky.

    Before becoming the latest Mrs. Gingrich, Callista Bisek was chief clerk for the House Agriculture Committee. The committee has jurisdiction over silver mining, a very vested interest for Tiffany & Company. Oddly enough, Callista obtained an interest free revolving credit card account from Tiffany’s. This is further proof that Newt is not a Washington insider. Only someone plugged into the pay-to-play system would receive an interest-free loan worth 50 grand. (The jewelry company usually charges 21 percent on unpaid bills). It’s not what you know but who you know.

    Sarah Palin’s upcoming movie has drawn some attention. Evil liberals have had fun renaming the feature length film. My favorites are “Mooseferatu” and “The Unrefudiated?”


    • Juan,

      I know all about that 21% interest rate at Tiffany’s. I bought myself a diamond-studded speedo and a nice watch from a guy on the streets of Boston who told me he purchased them from Tiffany’s, and he said that due to his “handling” charge, which I presumed was the interest rate you allude to, he would have to ask $20 bucks for the both of them.

      Man, I used to look good in that speedo.



      • Duane,

        That was a good idea to buy both Tiffany diamond-studded Speedo and watch. Worn together, you could create quite a stir at the Heritage Foundation’s annual Fred Koch Memorial Sauerkraut and Champagne Natural Gas Gala. It would certainly be more stunning than Palin’s naughty red monkey pumps and endangered species G-string. I heard that Rich Lowery had to have CPR after a starburst lodged in his aorta. You might have to pack some heat in the Speedo to keep Log Cabin types at bay.


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