How Dim Is Billy Long?

Whatever you may have thought of the late Amy Winehouse or her music, surely we can all agree that Congressman Ozark Billy’s willingness to use the English singer’s sad death to make a stupid political point is going too far, even for a Tea Party Republican:


Here is how London’s Daily Mail reported this embarrassing episode:

A Republican congressman has faced a furious backlash after he compared the U.S. debt ceiling crisis to the tragic demise of soul singer Amy Winehouse.

Just two days after the Back to Black singer was found dead at her home in Camden, North London, Missouri congressman Billy Long chose to express his views about the state of American politics through the crudest of metaphors.

Referring to suggestions that Miss Winehouse died because of drug and drink abuse, he wrote on Twitter: ‘No one could reach #AmyWinehouse before it was too late. Can anyone reach Washington before it’s too late? Both addicted – same fate???’

Winehouse, who has not yet been buried, had for years battled depression as well as addiction to drink and hard drugs before she passed away, aged just 27, on Saturday.

Today’s tweet by Mr Long, which he posted using his @auctnr1 account, was seen by many critics as written in the poorest taste.
The congressman’s online followers immediately responded, slamming him for his choice of analogy.

Adam David Givens wrote: ‘Oh I’m sry @auctnr1 did the autopsy rprt show #amywinehouse died b/c of addiction? It’s not out yet so don’t use some1 tragedy for ur gain.’

William Lynch wrote: ‘I want to hear from the people that elected Billy Long. How many of you would take it back?’

William Lynch, by the way, is a former Joplin resident.


  1. Overreaction. Everyone is too sensitive these days.


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  July 26, 2011

    It is a very simple point that fails to meet the test of political correctness.

    Was Amy Winehouse addicted to chemicals? By all accounts she was and it more than likely caused her death at least indirectly. Most untreated addicts of her sort in fact die as a result of such addiction, indirectly again perhaps, like being drunk and walking in front of a car or train, metaphorically at least.

    Is Washington addicted to spending? Of course it is but no blood test can prove it. Do we need an atophsy to prove DC’s addiction? I don’t, do you?

    The solution to chemical addiction is to stop using such chemicals, period. That is the ONLY cure (one day at a time) known to man. The cure for spending too much money (or not collecting enough to be able to spend more) is the STOP STMM!

    Amy could not meet that challenge. Can Washington DC?

    Any addiction is very difficult to treat, much less cure which is impossible today. Now a BBA would indeed cure DC’s addiction. But prohibition did not work either, did it???

    And for sure I could care less “what the Brits” think or write to solve our political problems, do you?? They have their own problems like a single payer health care system they are trying to dismantle for now.



  3. Amy is beside the point here, God rest her troubled soul.

    The point is that Billy is a cold-hearted asshole, using this death to help further divide our country and score points with his fellow TPer’s.


  4. This isn’t scoring points with Tea Partiers. As a Tea Partier, Billy Logn doesn’t know the first thing about being Tea Party. Billy Long is about his own self-interest and nothing more. That’s not what the Tea Party is about. The problem is the GOP hijacked the Tea Party by not living up to true Tea Party principles which your comment reflects.


  5. Angelfire

     /  July 26, 2011

    Tea Party principals your ass.

    What principals? They’re all dumber than f***. Like Joplin resident Tea Partiers they want what they want until they get what they want and then they don’t want it. They WANTED less spending. They WANTED to shrink government.

    Until a tornado hit their hypocrite little town and blew 1/3 of them to smithereens. THEN they wanted help….millions and millions and millions and possible a billion from the big bad government they supposedly oppose.

    Show me a Tea Party area today that doesn’t have it’s hand out for more and more. Hmmm. THAT would be a hard thing to do. I cannot help but to notice the highly concentrated areas of Tea Baggers are either flooded, on fire, storm damaged….you get the idea. Maybe they should pray more, or maybe less. Maybe their God is finally sick and tired of their hypocrite ways and is laying a little tough love their way. One must wonder.

    Let’s take Michelle Bachman—just for fun, let’s. Now there’s a farmer if I ever saw one. She gets $250,000.00 in farm subsidies (we cannot call it welfare, that’s for poor people, if it’s a farmer gettin’ free money we have to call it SUBSIDIES but it’s all the same. It is only women and children we label with the negative word “welfare”. If it’s a corporation or a farmer it’s called “loophole” or “subsidy”.) Now, when’s the last time you saw a welfare mom get $250,000.00 in one whack? Ms. Bachman’s gay husband, (you heard me correctly), he’s in on the money grabbing gig too. He and his “pray you straight” clinic are fleecing Medicare and Medicaid. What a Tea Party couple. Are these principals being displayed here the principals you were talking about?

    Like I said, the Tea Party nuts want what they want —- until they get it — and then they don’t want it. They want 100% of our tax dollars. And Billy Long is no more or less dumb than the absolute idiots who endorsed him, (thank you News-Leader and Senator Roy Blunt) and those inbreds who voted for him.


  6. Jane thought the GOP lunatic fringe were called Tea-baggers? As in some sort of thing gay men did.

    Angelfire is correct about Michelles “husband”. Along with all the gay Republicans that have come from the right side of the closet, he is quite queer.

    Billy Long is merely fat and ignorant.


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