Women Beware: Republicans Will Probe Your Privates

The Republicans in Virginia—seriously—want a government so big that it can literally get inside individual citizen’s genitals, by force and without their consent.

—Rachel Maddow

Transvaginal” is not a word one comes across routinely on a blog about politics. But it is a word women had better get used to, if what is happening in Virginia—which has already happened in Texas—makes its way across the country.

It isn’t enough that extremist legislation—with Missouri Republican Roy Blunt’s fingerprints all over it—has been proposed in the U. S. Senate that would, in the words of The Huffington Post:

amend the Affordable Care Act to allow any employer to exclude any health service coverage, no matter how critical or basic, by claiming that it violates their religious or moral convictions.

Get that? “Any health service coverage” can be denied to women because of her boss’s—frequently a man—religious or moral sensibilities. That is preposterous. But it is not as preposterous as what has happened in Texas and what is going on in Virginia.


On the last day before bills crossover between the House and the Senate for this General Assembly session, the House of Delegates passed H.B. 1 a bill granting personhood status and rights to fertilized eggs by a vote of 66-32.

The House also passed a bill to force women to have an ultrasound — and potentially an invasive transvaginal ultrasound — 24 hours before an abortion regardless of if it is medically necessary or if a woman wants it.

This isn’t a joke. This is really happening. In America.

First, granting personhood status to fertilized eggs—which would annihilate abortion rights and have implications for contraception—has been tried in Colorado and Missisippi, both efforts failing by a vote of the people (failing in Colorado twice).

Second, the bill requiring ultrasounds will in fact require that many of the ultrasounds be transvaginal because most abortions occur early on in gestation and the invasive procedure would be needed for, as the law requires, the woman to see the fetus or hear its heartbeat.

Just for your information, the following is how one source, Ovarian Cancer Facts, describes the beginning of the transvaginal procedure—which Big Brother in Texas requires and Virginia soon will. Read this and keep in mind that this is mandated—mandated!—by government:

Your bladder must be empty in order for the test to be accurate. For this reason, the physician may ask that you not drink anything for several hours before undergoing the sonogram. Once the time for the test arrives, you will be asked to undress from the waist down and lie on a table. During the process, the feet are placed in stirrups and the knees are bent.

With you in place, your physician will initiate the process by preparing a transducer for insertion into your vagina. Commonly referred to as a probe, this device uses waves to create images that help your doctor assess the current condition of the reproductive system. A monitor that is attached to the probe allows your doctor to view the images in real time. After placing a condom over the probe and lubricating the device with a gel, it is inserted into your vagina and begins to transmit the images.

That, my fellow Americans, is what Republicans mean by “limited” or “small” government—probing its female citizens as part of a theological or moralistic crusade.

In Virginia, the Senate has already passed an ultrasound bill identical to that passed by the General Assembly and Governor Bob McDonnell—a conservative Catholic—has indicated he will sign the final product, and Virginia, like Texas, will begin Big Brother’s foray into Virginia women’s vaginas.

Here is part of St. Rachel Maddow’s jaw-dropping segment from last night’s broadcast:

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  1. asecondcup

     /  February 15, 2012

    This country continues to teach our children from grade school, on up, reverence for this country because of its’ attributes afforded in the Constitution.

    We are allowing ‘elected’ individuals to become dictators, clearly divorcing from the Constitution. Right before our eyes, government is expanding its’ reach as some Communists govern their countries.

    We promote this illusion of freedom, as we slowly close the doors. What’s next? A wall around our borders? Not to keep foreigners out but, to keep us in. Laugh, but it will get here. Berlin. Soviet Russia. History literally shows us our path, and we continue to let it happen.

    When do the restrictions on travel between States get here?

    Government is reaching for full enclosure around each individual life in the USA. We will choke from an illusion of freedom that does not exist.

    I fault today’s Democrats & Republicans who we keep sending back to create more, and more legislation to further restrict our freedom.

    We should show reverence for what is suppose to be not, the poor condition these miserable, cagey members of CONgress have brought upon us.

    They will keep you believing in freedom as long as they can, until it’s all gone, and too late.

    Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln have applied for grave sites out of the jurisdiction, and reach of the Clowns who have since taken their places.

    You probably think I’m angry…..


  2. I’m afraid the GOP is creating a generation of young women who will hate — who will be consumed with hatred and fear of their government and of men. It’s a disturbing thing to contemplate.


    • Helen,

      A good point, from an angle that gets neglected. There are two ways that conservatives engender hatred for government: by using it in the way Virginia Republicans are using it, and by failing to use it to regulate players in our economic system.

      It is really stunning.



  3. Perhaps the best way to prevent women from having abortions would be to mandate that all male babies be sterilized at birth, using a procedure which can be reversed when he is age 21 provided that he is married and has his wife’s consent. Efficiency!


  4. The GOP is the party of smaller, less-intrusive government. Unless, that is, the body politic requires guidance to conform to their notion of proper behavior. Then, apparently it’s Katy-bar-the-door. What next, bedroom cameras?


    • The GOP is also the party of smaller, less-intrusive government, unless it means revving up the military machine for a couple of wars that were not paid for, or for a prescription drug plan that is to this day not paid for, as well as for expensive tax cuts for rich folks that are also are still not paid for, even though ongoing.


  5. roxanne needham

     /  February 25, 2012

    republicans only want smaller government if it pertains to men,women they want us to either be whores or school marms! well guess what boys we are not going to take it any more.we vote! i guess republicans are trying to figure out how to take that right away from us too!!!


  6. Amid continuing protests from Democrats, Republican Governor Bob McDonnell on Wednesday signed into law a controversial bill requiring Virginia girls to undergo an ultrasound procedure prior to having an abortion. The bill sparked national debate this month over a provision that would have required many women to experience transvaginal ultrasounds, which opponents decried as medically unnecessary and physically invasive.


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