How Obama Will Sell Out The Country

I suggested yesterday (Obama’s Planning On Selling Out the Country…) that someone on Fox’s evening lineup would question the “intelligence and patriotism” of Obama and that someone might wonder “what else is Barack Obama not telling us he’ll do after he’s elected.”

Sean Hannity did not disappoint last night. He played Obama’s “private” conversation with Dmitry Medvedev:

OBAMA: This is my last election, and after my election I’ll have more flexibility.

MEDVEDEV: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir [Putin].

Now, everyone knows that the term “more flexibility” means “more flexibility to screw the American people who just elected me,” right? And if you didn’t know that, then you did after Sean’s guest, Newt Gingrich, explained it all:

Well, it raises two questions. The first is, what other countries has he had this conversation with and who else has he said—to the Iranians to the North Koreans, to a variety of places—you know, give me a little time, give me some space, let me get reelected and then I’ll sell out.

And the second is, my interpretation of an American president telling a Russian president about our missile defense clearly indicates he’s going to sell out our defense system as soon as he gets reelected, which would fit his whole policy of weakness and appeasement…

He’s a hard-line left-winger…none of this is a surprise. The question is does the United States want to reelect a president with the worst economic record since the Great Depression, the highest deficits in American history, the rising cost of gasoline, a weak foreign policy, and he really wants to destroy the American defense system. That’s essentially what Obama-ism is.

Those aren’t the words of some obscure know-nothing in the bowels of movement conservatism. Those are the words of a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, who once was considered by many to be a viable contender in the GOP presidential primary.

And if that wasn’t enough entertainment for one night, the opening act for Gingrich was the toesucker himself, Dick Morris.

Hannity had played a Santorum ad the theme of which was: If we reelect Obama, the world will grow dark and the birds and Mitt Romney will stop singing. Asked to comment on the ad, the toesucker said it “understated” how bad things will be, should voters put Obama back in the White’s House.

He then outlined Obama’s second term for the lucky viewers, which I will quote at length because one has to plumb the depths of this Mariana Trench delusion to fully appreciate it:

First of all, I believe he’ll proceed to a single-payer system on health care.  I think Obamacare was just an intermediate step in his mind.  And if he’s reelected, particularly if he has a Democratic Congress, he will eliminate the private health insurance industry and all insurance will be from the government and it will all be according to one plan.

Secondly, I think that he will completely reverse the initiatives of the Bush 43 administration in opening vast new forms of oil drilling in the U.S., and will eliminate this incredible opportunity we have to dominate the global oil markets and put the terrorists out of business.

But thirdly, I think that his big focus will be to make the United States a vassal state to a globalist entity. I think that the G20 and the IMF will acquire sovereignty over our economy. I think that he will sign the international criminal treaty—Criminal Court treaty—that would oblige the United States to get U.N. approval, which is to say Russian and Chinese approval, before going to war.

I think he’ll sign—I write about all this in my book coming up in two months called “Screwed”—I think he’ll sign the Rights of the Child treaty, which would create a legal basis for suing to increase foreign aid to poor countries.

I think that he’ll sign the Gun Control treaty…I think that he’ll sign the global ban on small arms—back door arms control in the United States. I think he’ll sign away our royalties for offshore oil drilling by going along with the law of the sea treaty. I think that he’ll ban U.S. weapons in outer space, which will eliminate an anti-missile capability fiasco…

But the most important thing I didn’t get to: He’s gonna transform America into two countries. A small number of people who pay taxes and a large number of people don’t work and are dependent upon the government to create a permanent leftist, socialist base in the United States.

As you can see, Mr. Obama will have his hands full in his second term, as selling out America is no easy task.

And by the way, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Dick Morris’ book in a couple of months.



  1. Deep. Very deep.


  2. The item you quoted

    he’ll proceed to a single-payer system on health

    I’ve wondered about that. If the Court blocks the ACA, would the president have the constitutional authority to simply lower the age of Medicare and declare Medicare for All? Of course, he would also have to have the gumption, but that’s another matter. I’m wondering whether he has the authority to do that? Any idea?


    • The president can’t change the statutes under the Social Security Act that created Medicare. Congress would have to do that.

      What Democrats can do, should the ACA go down, is demand from Republicans an alternative. Since Republicans have no alternative that would cover the millions of folks without insurance, or incentivize them to get insurance, Democrats can and should move to a philosophical defense of single-payer system, using Medicare as a model. I would prefer a system like the VA system, which is true socialize medicine, and since it is good enough for our veterans, it should be good enough for all of us. But that is a very long-term goal.



  3. fiddymoney

     /  March 28, 2012

    Soooo… you’re saying he definitely won’t do any of this, correct? and if he does… how much of it (or any other act that would give away American sovereignty) does he have to do before we can call you on it? How many? 1, 2, 3… more? How much before we can say you’re wrong?

    I’m sure you will defend him no matter what, and tell everyone how wonderful a world it will be anyway. How much American sovereignty is over-rated anyway.

    But as it stands now, you would obviously have a deep negative opinion of the president if he moved to do any of the above that you scoff as something only someone in crazyland would conjure up anyway… like some wingnut.

    Cause Democrats obviously have no propensity or desire to want to suck up to Europe and be more like them (but everyone else has single payer and the WHO says…). Dems are strict constitutionalists and not open to reviewing case law or international law… no way, that would be un-American. Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong now and how we have alot to learn from international law anyway… even if they did see it that way… ya genius ya.


    • Fiddy,

      1) Yes. I’m saying Obama will not sell out the country. I realize that is absolutely shocking to folks like you, and I realize that you are going to believe what you want to no matter what anyone says to you or no matter how many terrorists Obama kills around the world, no matter how many wars he fights, no matter how tough he is on the Iranians or the North Koreans, or how many times he says “God bless America” or how many times he tells us how great our country is and can be.

      2) Yes, I will defend Obama no matter what. There’s nothing he could do that would earn him a single word of criticism from me. Even if I found out he has been poisoning guests at those fancy White’s House dinner parties, then grinding up their bodies and using them as fertilizer on the White’s House lawn, I would insist he was just saving taxpayer money on lawn care. If someone caught him with a cache of nekkid pictures of Margaret Thatcher, I would argue that he was doing it merely to gobble them all up in order to keep the rest of us from getting sick. If he were caught carnally cavorting with Sean Hannity I would say he was just doing it to distract Hannity from his day job of poisoning the minds of Americans.

      So, ya genius ya, no matter what the Kenyan Socialist Who Hates America does, I’m right there with him.


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