Women Beware

I wanted to call your attention to an excellent post by Katy Hall on HuffPo:

9 Lies Republicans Tell About Women’s Bodies

For the details go to the site and get educated. Here is the list:

1. Birth Control Causes Prostate Cancer.

2. Abortion Causes Breast Cancer.

3. Birth Control Is A Sex Pill.

4. Abortion Industry Is “Selling Abortions.”

5. Women Can’t Get Pregnant From Rape.

6. Prenatal Testing Leads To Abortion.

7. HPV Vaccine Causes Retardation.

8. Plan B Causes Abortions.

9Your Fetus Is Just Fine. (Proposals to protect doctors from “wrongful birth” lawsuits that involve physicians “withholding information that may lead a patient to get an abortion.”)


  1. This is a good list, I read it all. It amounts to science versus superstition. Amazing that it could come down to this in the twenty-first century, but here we are.


    • I just heard about a new study which demonstrates that conservatives trust in science has declined sharply over the last generation. I haven’t seen it yet but I would guess it to be obvious that religion plays a crucial role in that decline. It has become acceptable for conservatives, especially religious conservatives, to utter inane things about the integrity of science.



  2. Treeske

     /  March 29, 2012

    In agreement with Jim. Personally, find little truth in what comes from the Republicans, lies are definitely part of their PR system, all the way back with Lee Atwater to today’s spokes-people!
    Amazing how they can lie in unison, where do they go for training?


  3. Duane, re #3, Santorum says:

    “They’re supposed to be within marriage, they are supposed to be for purposes that are, yes, conjugal. . . ”

    Most women who use birth control are married.

    These religionists creep me out.


    • Me, too. And thankfully, for now, the rest of us outnumber them (if we are talking about the hard-core religionists). But without birth control, that situation may not last forever.



  4. ‘But without birth control, that situation may not last forever.’ Assuming the religious are already not using birth control, banning would presumably mean an increase in births (many invouluntary) to the areligious.

    Either that or mass insanity due to the required increase in celibacy.


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