Vicki Hartzler Is Out Of This World

If you drive about 20 miles north of Joplin you will enter what has become another world.

That world is Missouri’s 4th Congressional District. I call it another world partly because it is represented by that otherworldly congresswoman, Republican Vicki Hartzler.

The Sedalia Democrat reported that at a town hall last week Hartzler got all Trumpy on us:

“What do you think about Obama’s birth certificate being called a forgery?” asked a man who identified himself as an Army veteran.

“You know I have a lot of doubts about all that,” she said. “I don’t understand why he didn’t show that right away.”

When asked to clarify her doubts during press availability after the event, Hartzler said: “I have doubts that it is really his real birth certificate, and I think a lot of Americans do, but they claim it is, so we are just going to go with that.”

Hartzler declined to say whether she believes Obama is a U.S. citizen, calling the issue “irrelevant” and said people should “focus attention on his specific policies and not his birth certificate.”

What should we make of such folly?

Is it really the congresswoman’s fault that some sad soul at her town hall ask her about Obama’s birth certificate and she felt compelled to keep his hope alive that Obama is not a citizen? In fact, trying to walk back her comments, her press secretary told Politico,

this issue has been raised by many 4th District citizens with whom she has spoken.

Many?  How many? And, now, how many more will feel free to flaunt their ignorance and make fools of themselves because Hartzler has given them a license to do so? Here is what Hartzler actually said, after she was asked about the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate:

I have a lot of doubts about all that, I haven’t seen it. I’m kind of, I’m just at the same place you are on that. You read this, you read that…But I don’t understand why he didn’t show that right away. I mean, if someone asked for my birth certificate, I’d get my baby book and hand it out and say ‘Here it is.’

I suppose it never occurred to Ms. Hartzler that no one would ever ask her about her birth certificate, since she looks the part of an American citizen. Here, look at her:

She looks like a real American, right?  Would Donald Trump or Sheriff Joe Arpaio ever question the legitimacy of her birth certificate? In fact, Arpaio said he appreciated Hartzler’s “having the courage to speak out about the legitimacy of the Obama Birth Certificate released by the White House.”

The creepy sheriff actually thinks the certificate is a “computer-generated forgery” and whoever pulled off this incredibly foresighted crime should be “brought to justice.”  He is now calling for a congressional hearing “to address the facts in this matter.”

Of course that is the point: there are no “facts” that will satisfy the appetite of deluded Obama-haters. These people are not interested in facts. They have been presented the facts and have found that the facts inconveniently contradict their claim that Obama is a non-white foreigner sitting in the White’s House.

Sadly, Hartzler will not likely pay the slightest price for her birther foolishness. She will probably not lose a single vote for failing to educate one of her constituents and for revealing her utter ignorance. She in fact may come out ahead for plopping more conspiracy slop in the mind-troughs of some delusional folks in the 4th District.

As I said, it is another world.



  1. jdhight01

     /  April 10, 2012

    Considering the seventh district has Billy Long, and he is unchallenged for another term, I don’t see how one would know when he or she moves from the seventh to the fourth district. Both districts are represented by tea party stooges who take their orders directly from the tea party itself and appear to somewhat uninformed.


  2. Treeske

     /  April 10, 2012

    Such ignorance is very embarrassing! Lead poisoning might be the kindest excuse, it’s a Superfund area after all!


  3. snoo

     /  April 20, 2012

    Wow, I didn’t know the Joplin area had so many flaming liberals who’d be so upset that someone not immediately denounce the highly questionable birth certificate! Must be illegals.


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