McCaskill: Her Opponents Want To “Turn Out The Lights On The Federal Government And Go Home”

I saw Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill on Saturday in Springfield. She seemed to be quite enthusiastic about taking the fight to Republicans this fall. She said some nice things about the stimulus plan passed in 2009, which saved many jobs and helped cover state budget shortfalls, including here in Missouri. It was good to hear her not run away from the major achievement of Democrats, in terms of helping turn around the economy.

She also talked about her potential opponents in the upcoming election. Since there has yet to be a Republican primary, there are three of them, extremists one and all.

Today, on Hardball with Chris Matthews, she talked about her politics, her opponents’ politics, and the Senate race: 

McCASKILL: The Senate has done its best work around the table of compromise. And compromise happens because of moderates. And many of your listeners may not want to hear this, but honestly, if we don’t have moderates, we’re not going to get things done on behalf of the American people.

I am, in this campaign, going to talk to a lot of Missourians–I’m going to cover the state like a blanket, I’m not going to get very much sleep–and I’m going to proudly tell them that I’m part of a moderate middle that believes compromise is a value that we need to cherish in this democracy. If we’re just at opposite ends of the room screaming at each other, we’re never going to solve the hard problems.

And that’s why I think moderation is important, and believe me the folks running against me, I mean they are so extreme, they make some of these people that are in the house look like moderates. They are very, very extreme folks.

MATTHEWS: Are the Tea Party folks still running the party out there?

McCASKILL: Yes. By and large. In fact I think that some of the moderate Republicans tried to get somebody else to run against me. They all took a pass. And so we have three people running that are all fighting over whether or not they’re the Tea Party-endorsed candidate. One of them got one Tea Party endorsement and the other two said, “Well, that’s not the real Tea Party, we have the Tea Party endorsement.”  So, this is all about fighting for the far right-wing base of the Republican Party. That’s who’s going to get the nomination in my state, and so Missourians are going to have a really clear choice: Somebody who’s moderate and believes in compromise, or somebody who believes we need to turn out the lights on the federal government and go home.

Now, as a liberal, I’m not exactly glad to hear that Senator McCaskill is proud to be a moderate. And I certainly object to her saying that “compromise happens because of moderates.” It actually doesn’t. Compromise happens because folks on each side of an issue decide to meet in the middle to get things done. By her reckoning, if you are already in the middle, then you most certainly aren’t compromising, right?

In any case, she does have it right about the candidates running against her:

Todd Akin, a congressman representing the western ‘burbs of St. Louis, is a certifiably unhinged Obama-hater.

John Brunner is a bidnessman who thinks that qualifies him to run the world (I think the family bidness makes deodorant and nail polish remover and, oh yeah, Germ-X).  His right-wing kookiness bona fides: he once was the state chairman of Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign.

Sarah Steelman (who I think will win) gives me another opportunity to play the priceless interview she did with Ozark Billy Long, my brilliant congressman. The interview speaks for itself, but as I said when I first posted it, it is a case of the blind leading the blind:

Here is McCaskill’s complete appearance on Monday’s Hardball:

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  1. Ozark Billy Long — this man actually got elected to congress? Someone voted for him?


    • Helen,

      Believe it or not, in the county where I live (Newton), Long received–hold your breath–73% of the vote. That’s how far right these poor people (literally) are. But by God they got a man in there who will protect their gun rights and who thinks liberals are morally defective. That’s all that matters. And Long was running against a Democrat who really wasn’t a Democrat. He was a former Republican who ran as a Democrat in an attempt to get elected. District wide, Long got 63.4% of the vote.

      This sad part of the country is all Republican all the time, and, by God, that’s the way it will always be.



  2. Treeske

     /  April 23, 2012

    They not only elected Ozark Billy but made Blunt a Senator. The latter definitely no family values example and Politically did everything he preaches against??? Need say more?


    • What? You mean divorcing your wife and hooking up with a lobbyist girlfriend isn’t part of the family values agenda?

      But then the only time family values matters much to Republicans is when they are fighting among themselves. When they are battling us, anything goes.



  3. The Steelman / Long interview is actually painful to watch, even from the other side of the aisle. Fumbling, inept, confused. Boxes of nails from China, maybe China? It’s a nail conspiracy! It would have been great fodder for Walt Kelly and Al Capp. (You young ‘uns can look ’em up.)


  4. Jane Reaction

     /  April 24, 2012

    Sadly enough Jim, with all the ways one can find information today, nobody seems to look anything up, young ‘uns included.
    Reminds me of my dad who would always say ‘Don’t tell me about that. I already know about that. I saw it on the news.’


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