Vulture Class Says To The Carcass Class: Stop Your Bellyachin’

The Plum Line’s Greg Sargent pointed out “an extraordinary anecdote” in an upcoming New York Times Sunday magazine article:

Wall Streeters are so upset about Obama’s harsh populist rhetoric that they privately called on him to make amends with a big speech — like his oration on race — designed to heal the wounds of class warfare in this country.

Now let me get this straight: Wall Streeters—let’s call them the Vulture Class—want Mr. Obama—let’s call him the champion of the Carcass Class—to apologize for his “contemptuous view of big money and of Wall Street,” as the New York Times article suggests.

In other words, the vultures want the carcasses to stop whining about getting their bones picked.

Oh, my.

Here’s how Ed Schultz handled it on Wednesday night, with help from Bernie Sanders:

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  1. Now that you’ve been cut loose by the Globe, I wanted ask have you considered addressing a broader range of topics than Missouri and national polictics?

    I think you’re an excellent writer, and it seems you’re your own man now. I look forward to your new direction.

    I was going to add this as an additional comment on the post on the Globe leaving you, after I posted one comment it den’t seem to want to take any additional.

    Was a limit on total comments or number in a day or something reached? Maybe its my operator error.


    • Bruce,

      Thanks for the nice words.

      I don’t know what happened in your attempt to post additional comments on that piece about the Globe’s cutbacks and my future. I know sometimes the process can be quirky, but generally I’ve had pretty good luck with it.

      As for any new direction, in terms of writing about other subjects, the truth is that there is one subject that I like to write about even more than politics: religion in general and specifically its role in our society, both in terms of the wider culture (things like science education, for instance) and politics. I know that sounds odd, but it is what I like doing best. And of course I’m interested in the truth claims of any faith, as well as religious belief’s dual role as facilitator of some of the world’s worst problems and as a source of help to heal some of the world’s worst problems. All of that is an endlessly fascinating topic for me, even though I recognize it is not for most folks.

      In any case, I will reevaluate after the upcoming election and go from there. Again, thanks for the compliments, Bruce.



  2. I thought some of your posts on the tornado aftermath were largely apolitical, but also beyond excellent writing. I curious what else you could do.


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  May 3, 2012


    MY perspective on this blog is exactly what Duane says he wants it to be, a blog of repentance for his having formerly been a conservative and evangelical christian.

    Yes, he is a good writer and does good research (only to cherry pick support for his original ideas however). But his INTENT is to destroy conservative or evangelical ideas, thoughts and actions. As well and by his own words, he INTENDS to be polemical in how he goes about that self appointed task.

    And frankly he is getting “better” or “worse” at his polemics. Just scan thru recent titles of his blogs about “vultuers”, “liars”, Nazi Pigs”, etc. He is for sure in his election mode!!

    I have never tried to “go back” to read whatever Duane may have written about politics or preached (yes, he once told me he was an evangelical preacher of some sort), in the past. Actually I don’t care, but as well would assume that he did so with the same polemics that he now uses in the opposite direction.

    I don’t even care that he changed his mind. Everyone is free to do so. That is not a “sin” or whatever.

    The ONLY reason I “hang around” in this blog is two reasons. First it a local blog and I want to show local dissent to most of what Duane writes about, politically. If Duane was writing from elsewhere, I would not bother. I WISH he would move to somewhere that liberals prevail. He could preach to his own choir and I would pay no heed.

    But when he preaches to my own home town local choir, then I choose to join the same choir and point out where there is strong disagreement, for me, locally. NO one else does, so I choose to do so.

    The second reason that I read this blog is that is is “fresh meat” for to me, crazy political ideas. Just look below where Duane and Jim try to compare the “wisdom” of Obama’s call to fly in 40 men on 4 helos for a one hour firefight, to Truman’s use of atomic weapons.

    So I can take those kind of inane, even crazy thoughts back to my own blog to write in dissent as well as propose better ideas for solutions. Sure I can watch MSNBC, and then read it here. But I prefer to to read it here first and then respond, strongly.

    Duane loves to preach to progressives and do his best to tear down conservatives. Fine. That is what he wants to do and should be free to do so.

    But in any political debate, there are two sides. Geoff weighed in with so much force that Duane banned him. Well, I am still here and refuse to go away.

    And if some of the moderate commenters like Kabe and Moe say something with which I agree, I will say so and have done so. I EVEN do it with Duane, on rare occasions, when I think he has a good point.



  4. AB-You suggest that Duane move and preach to his own choir. What good does that do? That is the easy way to do things. Any one could do that. Though you and Geoff’s verbal battles with Duane seem be on a personal level, that is no reason for Duane to stop giving a opposing argument to the local masses. You know yourself that posting a view that all agree to is boring. Does it not get you fired up when someone opposes something you write or do prefer the comments where a couple people agree with you? The debates here are the only reason I come back.



  5. Sen. Sanders makes a very good final point in the clip about a mere four giant banks having cornered the financial market on credit cards and the like. Sounds like monopoly to me.


    • And folks on the right are trying to destroy the one agencyin government–the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau–that can prevent credit-card abuse. It is amazing when you think about it, Jim.


  6. ansonburlingame

     /  May 4, 2012


    You are absolutely correct. As long as Duane writes from Joplin, which he has every right to do, I will be here to dissent, or occasionally agree.

    My only point about his “moving” is that I would never have heard of Duane Graham had he not been a local blogger. No way could I ever hope to challenge the mass of left leaning views all over the internet. So I pick my own target of opportunity, right here.

    I in no way ask Duane to move. I was trying to point out only that given his political audience, a local audience to a degree, well that is why I stick my nose in here almost on a daily basis. If my words implied otherwise I appologize to all.

    Now I will agree that Geoff and Duane got very personal in their mutual attacks on one another. I have TRIED to avoid that but have come up short on some occasions.

    Now scroll back and read my missive to “Scot” to get my gist in that regard. I assume it was posted herein but have not yet checked today to verify that.


  7. ansonburlingame

     /  May 4, 2012

    Kabe again,

    The “missive to Scot” is under Duane’s blog “More falsehoods about Social Security”. It went “up” when posted yesterday.



  8. Sedate Me

     /  May 6, 2012

    I like the terminology of Vulture Class and Carcass Class because it really describes what’s happened. The vultures are picking apart the corpses of Americans who are dead and are circling those on the ropes.

    Anybody throwing stones at the vultures are accused of launching “Class Warfare”.


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