SpaceX Launch Proves Obama Is A Socialist, Right?

In February of 2010, I sarcastically wrote:

More evidence is in that President Obama, oozing with socialism, hates the private sector of our economy and wants to destroy it.

He is turning over NASA’s manned spaceflight program to private companies for commercialization.

That was then, and here’s this morning’s news:

CAPE CANAVERAL – A private company sent its unmanned capsule off to theInternational Space Station early Tuesday, heading for what could be the first nongovernmental docking there.

John Holdren, assistant to our socialist president, said:

Every launch into space is a thrilling event, but this one is especially exciting because it represents the potential of a new era in American spaceflight.

NASA honcho Charles Bolden remarked:

The significance of this day cannot be overstated. A private company has launched a spacecraft to the International Space Station that will attempt to dock there for the first time. And while there is a lot of work ahead to successfully complete this mission, we’re certainly off to a good start and I hope you all would agree on that.

But we all can’t agree because some of us still think Mr. Obama is, well, I’ll just tell ya via a HuffPo report yesterday:

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) held another lively town hall meeting this weekend, playing host to a constituent who accused President Barack Obama of “sedition” because he had allegedly lied to voters about his true political allegiances to “socialism, communism and Nazism.”

Another Fox-educated voter.

In any case, Walsh didn’t exactly set his constituent straight, perhaps because the congressman can see how turning over manned spaceflight to private companies makes Mr. Obama a raving socialist, communist, and, uh, Nazi.



  1. ansonburlingame

     /  May 22, 2012

    Certainly I for one cannot find the link between Walsh’s rather general comments to the privitazation of space flight.

    But I certainly can connected the link between repeated and strident calls for the deprivitazation of health care in America in this and other progressive blogs. THAT is probably the basis of Walsh’s views. It is a point that we will argue about for sure.

    As well, if “gold” is found on the moon, I suspect government will do its best to limit private exploitation of the moon, will it not? Or at least progressives might call for such government interference.



  2. From Wikipedia

    “Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) is a NASA program to coordinate the delivery of crew and cargo to the International Space Station by private companies. The program was announced on January 18, 2006.[1] NASA has suggested that “Commercial services to ISS will be necessary through at least 2015.””

    If you check your history books you’ll see that Obama wasn’t president in 2006.

    But let’s give him credit for it anyway, because he didn’t hope and changey interfere with SpaceX using his mad community organizer skillz.


    • Sean,

      “Hope and changey”? Ah, I get it, you’re doing that Sarah Palin thing. Nice. And that was a nice touch putting that “z” on skillz. How gangsta.

      In any case, if you check your history books (nah, just check out the following statement by NASA administrator Charlie Bolden from which I quoted in my February, 2010, blog), you will find that under Obama’s NASA budget that year and beyond:

      NASA will accelerate and enhance its support for the commercial
      spaceflight industry to make travel to low Earth orbit and beyond more accessible and more affordable. Imagine enabling hundreds, even thousands of people to visit or live in low Earth orbit, while NASA firmly focuses its gaze on the cosmic horizon beyond Earth.

      Accelerate and enhance,” Sean. That’s what Big O, the hope and changey socialist, was doing. And don’t you think accelerating and enhancing the commercialization of spaceflight is, well, sort of not a socialist endeavor?

      Obama killed the Constellation Program (probably a good thing in the long run) and essentially (but from my point of view, regrettably) tossed our manned space program to the private sector to hash out. I don’t like it because when it comes to exploring space, I am a socialist of the highest order.



  3. ansonburlingame

     /  May 27, 2012

    Good point Sean,

    It would be a good discussion on eflect on our efforts in Space since Kennedy really go us started in terms of costs and benefits over the last 50 years. I should be an apolitical discussion however. By and large Space has been a bipartisarn effort in my view.



  4. Tom Flack

     /  June 3, 2012

    Manned spaceflight = socialism.

    Forget the outsourcing of the design and build. Who is the *customer*? There is only one… BIG GOVERNMENT.

    60 years on, we’re told about all the benefits to private industry, but where is their money to buy seats on rockets? How come the taxpayer is still paying for all this, and not these big corporations who are supposed to be getting the benefit?

    Of course the reality is that there is nothing to do in space that can justify the huge cost on a commercial basis. And so commercial companies are just not interested.

    And so NASA continues to pour taxpayer money into the ultimate socialist enterprise – manned spaceflight. Private rocket? Who is buying *all* the tickets to ride? Big government.

    NASA has been incredibly skillful in ensuring that its socialist enterprise is seen as a symbol of nationalistic pride (just like in Russia and China), and sadly the conservatives have failed to see through this. They need to WAKE UP and stop this socialism before the country bankrupts itself.


    • Tom,

      I couldn’t agree with you more that NASA represents a form of socialism. But I couldn’t disagree with you more about its lack of worth.

      I’m not going to argue the case for all the good techonology the space program has brought us (others have done that to my satisfaction), but I will argue that the space program has brought us much national pride (not to be dismissed so lightly), as well as—and this is perhaps more important—kept us in touch with our uniqueness as human beings: our ingenuity and creativeness and imagination and curiosity and all the things that separate us from our fellow creatures.

      If you don’t get chills thinking about Pioneer 10—launched in 1972 and still going—being 8 billion miles away or so at its last contact with earth in 2003, then nothing I can say will give you the capacity to feel such chills. Likewise the moon landing and walks, the landing on an asteroid, the Hubble Space Telescope, and on and on.

      I love that kind of socialism, Tom, and I wish everyone did. This world would be a much better place to live, no?




  5. ansonburlingame

     /  June 3, 2012


    I have no idea how old you are but wonder if you were an adult when Sputnik hit the world stage in news. Americans were either scared or angry that Russia “beat us” into space. Thus Kennedy took the big leap to put men on the moon, before Russia could or has ever done. Was such simply a big money “football game” to prove that our team was the best?

    Or intead were there some real national interests at stake?

    Now fast forward to national secuity issues today and consider “giving up” American dominance in Space, including intelligence collection. Or consider the non-military benefits of the GPS used in your car, or the technology in your cell phone or a host of other “spin offs” from American efforts in Space.

    Efforts in space are essentially and fundamentally efforts in exploration, just like government spending money to send a “mission” to Anarctica or into some remote jungle.

    Government gave away free land in the west to encourage exploration and settlement of our “wide open spaces” a century or more ago. Was that wrong? Just imagine all the “cheap labor” that left sweat shops on the East Coast in America in the 1800’s to pulled up roots and “go west”.

    Read stories of the exploration and eventual settlement in Africa that transpired from the 1600’s up to the mid 1900’s. The Dutch and British Navies inspired such exploration and eventual settlement. Then read of the settlement of America beinging in the early 1600’s as well. All of that began with government expenditures of money did it not and then later translated into business and personal exploration.

    Efforts to explore Space are as basic as the human spirit to explore the “great unknown”. You sound as if we should “give up on Space” entirely because our “needs” on earth are overwhelming us.

    To me that sounds like a Texan in the early 1800’s daying “it is too hard and expensive to settle Texas so lets go back to Boston and let the Commanches have it”.



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