Romney For Rent

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


esterday, as I wrote about Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, I made a somewhat reluctant distinction between Romney the (“detestable”) politician and Romney the man.

I can no longer do that.

On a day when Romney and Trump were raising money together in Las Vegas, on a very special day when Romney finally found himself the Republican nominee, we find that the Romney campaign did this:

Now, because campaigns are nothing if they are not a series of scripted events, with little left to chance, it is impossible not to believe that Mr. Romney’s timing in releasing his birth certificate was designed to validate, in the minds of those possessed by intense hatred for Barack Hussein Obama, Donald Trump’s birther lunacy.

There just isn’t any question about it. Mitt Romney has endorsed Trump’s race-bating conspiracy about Obama’s legitimacy as our president.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. The Romney endorsement of Trump’s racist delusion was intended to be a bit more subtle than simply saying it straight:

Get that illegitimate nigga out of the White’s House.

But to those distracted and disturbed Obama-haters out there who Romney is trying to reach—remember he said, “I need to get 50.1% or more and I’m appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people“—he got his message across: he is endorsing their derangement.

Let the record show that I don’t believe for a moment that Romney, the good Mormon he is, believes he is actually selling his soul by doing this and other ungodly things—like, say, lying beyond political norms—in his quest to become president.

I believe that deep down, way down under all the years of political shellac that has been applied to make him attractive to the various constituencies he needs, Romney thinks he is not selling his soul but merely pawning it.

He will, he believes, go get it back some day. After he has served his two terms, after he has finally retired with all his money and his place in history, he will repent of his un-Christian, un-Mormon behavior and go to that mephistophelian pawnbroker and get his soul out of hock.

But perhaps Mephistopheles will have the last word:

Vainly he’ll seek refreshment, anguish-tost,
And were he not the devil’s by his bond,
Yet must his soul infallibly be lost!



  1. I made the same observation; Romney in the event of a win or a loss will say “I didn’t mean it, let’s all let it go and move on” hoping this will be enough.
    It won’t even be close. It’s pandering to racism and that’s never okay.


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  May 30, 2012

    To all,

    So here we have another glimpse at the soul of a progressive. Not only is a presidential candidate a despicable politician he is now a despicable man. As well he panders to racism.

    Now tell me how such sentiments are any different than those exclaimed from the right, the radical right.

    As well, with his unequivocal support for various black causes with never a word against such causes (a la New Black Panthers) tell me that Obama does not pander to racism as well?



    • King Beauregard

       /  May 30, 2012

      Be specific, Anson. What counterfactual allegations have the New Black Panthers made that Obama has endorsed?


    • “So here we have another glimpse at the soul of a progressive.”

      Come on Anson, you know we progressives don’t have souls since were all communist atheists.

      “Not only is a presidential candidate a despicable politician he is now a despicable man.” And a republican??

      “Now tell me how such sentiments are any different than those exclaimed from the right, the radical right.”

      The “radical left” at least does something to even the playing field for those who have nothing to sell for their worth but their bodies. When did sacrificing ones youth to build a nation become so devalued and measured only in dollars?

      “As well, with his unequivocal support for various black causes with never a word against such causes (a la New Black Panthers) tell me that Obama does not pander to racism as well?”

      Damn Obama for not ignoring black heritage in favor of whites!


  3. Treeske

     /  May 30, 2012

    Selling your soul to the devil? No such thing in Mormonism. Remember Lying and cheating for God was the ideal instilled by Brigham Young, against the Gentiles of course. Republicans have been selling their soul (the country) to the devil for almost a half Century and are at it full speed. Where does Romney fit in to this? Is he the perfect puppet s.a. W was for the Corporate Government or does he have an alterior motive after gaining power? Difficult to tell from a disciplined Mormon.


  4. ansonburlingame

     /  May 31, 2012

    So here we go again, with “prove it” or my guy is better than your guy.

    Jeez! Do any of you have a glimmer of why I get frustrated “over here”. You don’t answer specific challenges and throw back more “your side is despicable” as politicians and men/women.

    Jeez again.

    Colin Powell recently went after Romney with a sound bite over Romney saying Russia was our gravest foreign threat. “Com’on Mitt, Thing. That is not the case” was Powell’s very public quote.

    I could write a small book on why Russia “could be” one of the, if not the, gravest threat to America today and in the next 20 years. But I won’t tell a Presidential candidate to “think” in stating his case. Instead I will listen and decide for myself.

    As well I will look at the other candidate and listen to why, reasonably, without sound bites, he begs to differ. For such discussion, not diatribes I can form my own opinon, in part, about which candidate has the best foreign policy ideas.

    But NO, we don’t do that herein. We just hear why one guy is “despicable” and leave the rest alone.

    Well, to join “your crowd” in name calling, let me say that Obama is DESPICABLE in the way he handles affairs for ALL Americans, not just the slices that support him politically.

    THAT might start a fight!!



    • Dave Reed

       /  May 31, 2012

      Be specific Anson. Why do you believe Obama to be despicable?
      I have a list for Romney: pro-war unless it’s him, pro health care reform before he was against it, his history at Bain (no matter how you view that career it wasn’t about job creation), his pandering to the racism of Trump (who really is despicable using “birtherism” to grab attention) and his flat out lies about jobs, the economy and pretty much anything else.
      Throw out a couple on Obama, I may agree to disagree or I may agree they are issues that need to be addressed.


  5. ansonburlingame

     /  June 1, 2012

    Fair enough, Dave, but I will be brief. My blog provides more detail over time (though I have NEVER called Obama despicable).

    – I will cut the deficit in half
    – Your insurance will NOT change (HC)
    – There is nothing wrong with our strategy (in Afghanistan)
    – Fat cats on Wall Street
    -Everyone must give a little, but I will only take it from the rich
    – Submitting two (or was it three) budgets that were voted down almost unanimously, but blaming it all on the GOP.
    – Solyndra and Fast and Furious
    – OWS and New Black Panther words, actions and ideas that do not draw his (Obama’s) criticism.

    Of course I could go on but so what.

    The point is that BOTH sides do not have a clear path forward, particularly financially, regarding historic problems facing America. Yet this blog defends Obama to the hilt and disdains any and all GOP solutions.

    It is all about raw politics with no “conversation” about real solutions.

    What is a “real” soultion, at least financially? Put forth a real plan to start living within our means, nationally. That means BOTH more in taxes (from ALL Americans) amd MUCH less federal spending.

    Almost every Western Democracy has stretched itself well beyond the means to pay for the goods and services demanded by the people. More and more is demanded but national economies cannot produce enough to meet the insatiable demand. Yet our politicians continue to try to feed the “maw” the gapping maw of the public. And such democracies have been doing such since WWII.

    I find it amazing that we watch Europe sliding down the drain yet turn around and say our debt and deficit spending is not a real, right now and later, a huge problem that MUST be fixed.

    At least the GOP recognizes the problem of over spending (but ignores the problem of under taxation). All Obama has really done is “blame it on Bush” which I guess should go to the top of the above list.

    It was fine to blame it on Bush during a campaign four years ago. But once you win the office, you and you alone own what you have and must fix it. In grade school we called that being a “cry baby”.



  6. Relative to the principal point of this post, the absurdity birther-ism, I believe the best answer to be humor. That may be found in the term “wiferism” as coined by Bill Maher and found on Pied Type’s blog.


  7. so funny to read this comments 2 years later and just be proven how blind and deff you, libs are. You elected a man twice, whose goal was to destroy this country and because of you, he succeeds. BTW Romney was right on Russia and many other aspects and Obama was wrong. But of course, you will never admit it. Shame on you !111


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