“Of Course I Want To Sell Books!”

Obama-hate is a lucrative business, let’s face it. Lots of conservatives make money off the President, and if he didn’t exist, they would have to invent him in order to keep the money rolling in.

I want you to do me a favor and watch the following three segments, which in 20 minutes will make you an expert on the phenomenon of Obama-hate.  In fact, if you watch all three, you can then claim to hold a PhD in Obamanation, the gut-wrenching pathological loathsomeness afflicting conservatives everywhere, and you will be able to speak authoritatively about an execration epidemic that has not only infected the minds of millions, but has made the infectors millions.

The lessons I present below involve two prominent Obama-haters, David Limbaugh—yes, Rush’s brother, who proves that Obama-hate has a genetic component—and Sean Hannity—who proves you don’t have to have a brain to hate—who managed, in the course you are about to see, to rhetorically masturbate each other to the point of ideological orgasm.

Permit me to put it crudely:  the real point of spewing their Obama-is-a-narcissist-who-hates-America jism is to spread their seed to receptive takers, those who are willing to pay for having this stuff smeared all over their willing minds.

The course:

Congratulations! You now have your degree! And not a drop on ya!

Sick stuff? Yes, I know. That is the point.



  1. No degree for me. I can’t take more than a couple of minutes of this crap.

    Rush Limbaugh has a brother? I could have done without knowing that they’re breeding. Sounds like David is beginning his run to get his bust alongside his brother’s in the Missouri Hall of Frame. (That’s a new, exclusive wing off the Missouri Hall of Fame, just inaugurated last month. See your Republican legislator for tickets.)


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  June 5, 2012

    First I am not sure of the dates of each clip but suspect the time frame was rather broad. For example I have no idea when the original book was published. But so what as well. What is being said in all of the clips is the typical conservative “rant” against Obama and all things progressive. We have been hearing it now for over 3 years and I found nothing new in terms of a negative critique.

    Call it a typical Sean Hannity show, if you like. But that does not mean all things said or implied are lies, totally false, OR the complete truth as well about all things Obama. I could probably collect similar clips on MSNBC showing the reverse spin on all things conservative as well.

    Most thinking Americans that leave partisianship at the door however I hope believe the path forward for our difficulities do not lie on just one side or the other. Our best hope is “somewhere in between” the extremes of partisianship, in my view.

    But even locally much less on national cable networks (Fox and MSNBC) the divide is too great to achieve a reasonable path forward. One side puts up numbers or a chart and the other side cries eithe BS or “yes, but”. The best example of late is Duane’s blog showing (maybe) that Obama spending has stabalized or even gone down yet the deficits have exploded on his watch year by steady year.

    At the heart of the great economic divide is Keynesian Economics versus a free market. Can anyone really prove one way or the other which will ulitmately be better for America in the future? Sure we all have strong opinions but…….

    Wheeler complains of crap. So do I. But our definitions of crap are far apart, for sure. However there is a great third party guide post in our midst today in my view. It is Europe which is ahead of us in economic decline. They will hit whatever bottom before we do in the coming few years, in my view. I hope we can learn from such observations to avoid the same mistakes they are making today.



    • King Beauregard

       /  June 5, 2012

      “I hope we can learn from such observations to avoid the same mistakes they are making today.”

      Europe’s big mistake has been austerity, cutting services to balance their books rather than taking on debt to get through hard times. In other words, Europe’s mistake has been doing exactly what you insist over and over this country must do.


      • KB,

        As I said weeks ago, how ironic is it that Republicans, after years of loathing European economics, are now imitating them economically? If it weren’t that so many good folks would get hurt, part of me wishes the unmoneyed numskulls who believe this dope from conservatives would get a full dose of Republican economics.



        • King Beauregard

           /  June 5, 2012

          What gets me is the compartmentalization of Republican thought, which allows for completely contradictory positions on the same issue, without even being aware of the contradiction. This is not to say Anson won’t try to insist it isn’t a contradiction, by mouthing vague sentiments about how debt is bad and the free market is good.


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  June 5, 2012

    Leave it to Anson to say ‘debt is bad” at least in some cases, like when there is no plan or way to repay the debt, public or private. As well when the interest rate on the debt starts to put a real squeeze on “daily’ (annual) payments, both pubic and private entites get into big trouble.

    Anyone can can buy (with dumb lenders) a $XXX thousand home. But then pay for it each month and look what happens.

    Your argument is we are too big “to worry about such stuff”. Hell we can pay for anything, as long as we keep on borrowing, publicly.

    Well the “as long as we can keep on borrowing” is coming to a real head in Europe, particularly Greece, Spain, et al today. Of COURSE the liberal call, in Europe and America is “keep lending”.

    Welll keep lending until when is my questions? Do you have a good answer and would YOU lend YOUR money (or agree to your bank lending your money) to Greece today?

    To me that is like the charity of giving a homeless man a 5 bill. You KNOW where it is going and it will NOT help the man in any way beyond a very short “high” on “ripple”.



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