Mitt Romney Is A Cannibal!

To quickly follow up on my “Say It!” post yesterday, in which I encouraged Democrats to aggressively attack Romney and Republicans, I saw columnist Frank Rich on MSNBC last night discussing his latest piece titled, “Nuke “Em,” which includes this:

The president, any president, should go negative early, often, and without apology if the goal is victory. The notion that negative campaigning is some toxic modern aberration in American democracy is bogus. No campaign may ever top the Andrew Jackson–John Quincy Adams race of 1828, in which Jackson was accused of murder, drunkenness, cockfighting, slave-trading, and, most delicious of all, cannibalism. His wife and his mother, for good measure, were branded a bigamist and a whore, respectively. (Jackson won nonetheless.)

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  1. Dave Reed

     /  June 19, 2012

    Important to note that Frank and Rachel made the distinction of going negative with facts as opposed to the made up stuff we get from Romney surrogates.
    And what is up with the GOP in Montana? They are a shameless bunch of lowlifes.


    • Dave,

      Yes, they did make that distinction and since there is plenty of “negative” and factual stuff out there about Romney, that makes the job so much easier. All that is required is a little willingness to do what Republicans have done (without the facts) to Democrats, especially Obama.

      And that Montana story, featuring Newt Gingrich and an Obama outhouse complete with bullet holes, was amazing, but not surprising anymore. In fact, this stuff barely makes the news these days, so commonplace is it for Obama to be treated like he is unworthy of any respect whatsoever.

      “Lowlife,” by the way, is apt.



  2. ansonburlingame

     /  June 19, 2012

    Political campaigns must be effective, in the end. To be effective such campaigns MUST change the minds of some voters, maybe a maximum of 20% but probably more along the lines of 5%- 10%.

    Duane for sure practices what he preaches, vitrolically or polemically. If he had a shred of evidence he would leap at the chance to entitle a blog “Romney is a Whore”, instead refering to Romney as a cannibal!!

    Duan is slinging mud as fast as he can and stooping to all levels to do so including cherry picking redneck FaceBook pages to make his point, polemically.

    But guess what folks. Romney is going to win about 65% – 70% of the local vote around here come November 2012. I cannot imagine that Duane will change a single conservative vote around here with his polemics.

    Unions in Wisconsin even did worse it seems. They used all the polemics possible in the recall election and even lost the vote from over half of union member households it seems.

    Duane is applying the same polemical union tactics, locally, in the Presidental campaign, now. Anyone think it is working, around here?

    As well, Duane’s advice to the Obama campaign is to get “tougher” meaning I suppose more polemical. Well if Obama had a RECORD of SUCCESS to campaign upon, that may work.

    But when many Americans are hurting, saying my opponent is a “whore” seems to be the wrong approach, along as “just stick with me for four more years”.

    Progressives can only call for spending more money to fix today’s problems using the same programs that have gotten us into our current fix (over 50 years of such spending). With the flow of information available today that is a message that seems to be failing

    As with unions in Wisconsin, it is not the money needed to get out the message. It is the message that needs to be changed to resonate with most Americans.



  3. I came here to see if he ate a turd.


  4. …and being the all-around badass that he was, Jackson probably actually did all that stuff. Dunno about his wife but his mom got around.


    • Maybe he did do all that stuff, but since he was a Presbyterian, I don’t think the cannibalism charge had any merit. Given Romney’s Bain days, though…


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