It’s Official: We Can Now Call It OBAMACARE




  1. ansonburlingame

     /  June 29, 2012

    Left out of the impressive list of “benefits” in ACA is one very big issue, now to pay for it.

    Above Duane claims that 30 million more Americans will have access to HC insurance and at a lower cost. Hmmm.

    According to today’s Globe, the number of Americans today without HC insurance is around 50 million and ALL of those Americans now (acutally in Jan 2014) MUST purchase such insurance or pay a TAX for failure to do so.

    50 million (or so) mostly younger and/or poorer Americans now must buy something they previously chose not to buy or pay a tax amounting to a couple of thousand dollars (or so). THAT is how ACA is designed to PAY FOR all those “good” things listed above.

    And God forbide, such payments are going to come right out of the pockets of young and/or poorer Americans unless the current ACA law is changed.

    As well, permit me to address the COST of the HC insurance that now must be purchased and compare it to such costs before ACA. Had a young and healthy person purchased HC insurance before ACA the premium would be based on his/her age and state of health at the time of such purchase. That makes for a low premium.

    But now such insurance must cover as well older and some unhealthy Americans now thrown into the “pool” of insured folks. Forcing insurance companies to cover someone with terminal cancer is forcing premiums to be much more expensive.

    So now a healthy American must pay a higher premium to cover the cost of caring for unhealthy Americans in the “pool” Recall ACA MANDATES that everyone in the pool must be charged the same in premiums but ACA does NOT mandate overall cost of such premiumns. What will result? HIGHER but EQUAL (for sure) cost for private HC insurance. We are already seeing that happen now almost two years before the law goes into effect.

    Now consider the young 27 year old voter in Nov 2012 faced with the requirement that in about a year he or she will HAVE to spend a couple of thousands dollars MORE each year if ACA stands after the election. Same applies for the “poorer” 40 year old faced with the same consequences.

    The facade of ACA was “all this good stuff” is coming your way and we will NOT pay for it by raising taxes. ACA was sold to Americans with exactly such reasoning. No new taxes and lots more “free stuff”. As well Americans were told “we aren;t exactly sure how much free stuff you will receive as we must first pass the bill to find out what is in it!!

    Well based on SCOTUS ruling yesterday what is actually in the bill is probably the highest and most regressive TAX ever levied on American citizens.

    I can’t wait to watch how progressive spin that rebutall!!!



    • It’s amazing how fast you absorbed the Fox spin and talking points, especially that bullshit about “the highest and most regressive TAX ever levied on American citizens.” What utter cowplop that is.


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  June 29, 2012

    Believe it or not I have not watched Fox since the announcement yesterday. All that I have written herein and elsewhere regarding the SCOTUS decision is mine and mine alone, along with reading most of the opinions delivered by SCOTUS.

    It may be “cowplop” in your view, but it is MY “cowplop” not anyone else’s.

    But as well let me restate the obvious, to me. 50 million (or so) Americans are going to HAVE to pay money for HC insurance for which they did not previously choose to pay for. OR they will pay a TAX for failure to make that purchase.

    THAT, Duane is about $100 Billion coming straight out of the pockets (beginning in 2014) of mostly young and poorer Americans that they previously could have used for other things, things they chose to purchase without government force.

    The WHOLE political argument to garner the support to pass ACA was based on NO NEW TAXES. The Supreme Court just blew that argument away.

    As I see it you now can only call for repealing ACA and replacing it with universal HC, which you have wanted all along. Or you can try to explain to American voters why they should pay higher tAXES to pay for HC for the needy.

    Chief Justice Roberts just fenced in the Tax and Spend Democrats, in my view. EVERYONE knew that ACA would cost somebody more money. We also knew that the money would come from forcing people to buy something they nornally would choose not to buy. Now that “force” is not backed up with government criminal law. Instead it is backed up with a TAX a huge tax on those that, to use your own words, “those that can least afford it”.

    What you and other progressives really want, I think, is HC for all Americans but to be paid for only by the “rich”. Clearly ACA does NOT achieve that goal. The cost of ACA is now borne by the threat of imposing a tax or the actual imposition of such a tax, again on “those that can least afford it”.



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