CNN And The Right-Wing Media Metropolis

CNN, which along with Fox initially got the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act totally wrong last week, has for a while been trying to prove it is not a left-leaning cable news network, although evidence that it was a left-leaning cable news network only existed in the heads of conservative “watchdogs,” who believe if you tell the truth about a Republican you are biased against Republicans, as opposed to being biased in favor of the truth.

The president of CNN Worldwide, Jim Walton, told The New York Times a couple of years ago:

We’re the only credible, nonpartisan voice left. And that matters.

And Jonathan Klein, president of CNN U.S. said:

Our mission, our mandate, is to deliver the best journalism in the world. No bias, no agenda.

Apparently, what these honchos mean by “nonpartisan” and “no bias, no agenda,” is what I saw on CNN today. A short segment by Ali Velshi, CNN’s Chief Bidness Correspondent, addressed the potential of falling off the upcoming fiscal “cliff,” if Congress and President Obama don’t reach some kind of agreement by January 1 of next year, when a gazillion dollars worth of tax increases and budget cuts will automatically take effect.

Velshi was explaining what Congress should do to avoid disaster:

Now, it was very nice of CNN to use Velshi’s segment to give a few pointers to Congress on how not to destroy the economy, and I had high hopes when Velshi mentioned that,

scorched-earth partisan politics could push America over a fiscal cliff if Congress doesn’t act.

Hmm. Finally, I thought, CNN is getting to the heart of it: “scorched-earth partisan politics” is exactly what Republicans have been playing for more than three years in their attempt to get the black guy out of the White’s House.

But I should have known better.

Velshi decided to present three things that Congress could do “to address the coming economic storm” and he began with addressing “the ridiculously named sequester legislation,” which was passed, Velshi unhelpfully explained,

as part of last August’s debt-ceiling extension, which followed, as you recall but would like to forget, intense partisan blackmail by both sides, that nearly shut the government down and led to a downgrade of the United States credit ratings. A stupid name for a stupid thing that could hurl the U.S. headlong back into a recession. So, solve it Congress!

Partisan blackmail by both sides.” Ah, that’s what CNN’s “credible, nonpartisan voice” sounds like. That’s what “no bias, no agenda” means at CNN. It’s the old “both sides do it” bullshit, a lazy and fraudulent journalism practiced by journalists who are trying to please both File:Metropolisposter.jpgtheir corporate bosses and their conservative critics, who won’t tolerate CNN or any news organization ratting out their political friends in Congress.

Anyone paying attention—and CNN must hope its viewers weren’t paying much attention—knows that it was Republicans in Congress—and Republicans only—who held the country hostage, threatening to shut the government down, default on some obligations, and generally make life miserable for President Obama, if Tea Party conservatives didn’t get everything—and I mean everything—they wanted.

Ali Velshi and CNN are, by such reporting, living in the suburbs of an alternate media metropolis that Fox “News” and right-wing radio have created. In that metropolis, Democrats do all the evil and Republicans do all the good. And even in the suburbs, if a news organization dares to tell the truth about what Republicans and conservatives have really done—and are really doing—to the country, then they will be bashed as “biased” and held out as second- and third-class journalists, not fit to live even in the suburbs around their dark city.

Because “objective” journalists must never, and I mean never, let the American people know that an American political party with a long and mostly honorable tradition has been hijacked by politicians and people who fear their perennial pale-faced power will never return should the Uppity Negro keep his place in the White’s House for another term.

And these same politicians and people believe that the only way to get the country back is to threaten to push it off a cliff. And should the unthinkable happen, we can count on CNN and Ali Velshi to one day report live from the rocks at the bottom that those who pushed it off and those who got pushed are equally responsible for the disaster.



  1. ansonburlingame

     /  July 3, 2012

    The above blog reads like a Union press release condemning any and all thinks that “management” has ever done and laying all the blame on one partisan side.

    The last time I checked Congress voted democratically FOR what is headed our way and the President signed that legislation into law. That again is a a FACT.

    Why they did what was done, on both sides is anyone’s guess. But what was done is now the law of the land. What next is the question and CNN provided an OPINION, not news as such.

    Duane wants to argue about what happened a year ago. I wonder what he advocates be done NOW or before Jan 1, 2013, at least?



    • I advocate the election of Barack Obama and Democrats to take over the House and keep the Senate with a filibuster-proof liberal majority.


  2. Kabe

     /  July 4, 2012

    Anson, please remember it is the Right Wingers that refer to CNN as the the Communist News Network. Most have no idea what Duane is even talking about.


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  July 4, 2012


    And the left wing calls Fox News all sorts of things as well. This blog defends MSNBC or at least uses many of its clips as ground truth, as well.

    I believe anyone that uses any single TV network as ground truth is going to be mislead. All networks spin some things, one way or another and cater to particular segments in our political spectrum.

    What the right or left wings call something is immaterial, in my view. I prefer to read various things to form an opinion. For example I form opinions all the time about left wing ideas right here in this blog.

    And too all of you, Happy July 4th, a celebration of American IDEAS over which Americans have been arguing for now 236 years. It is that argument that makes America unique in the world, in my view and a real cause for celebration.



    • Kabe

       /  July 5, 2012

      No one is arguing Fox’s or MSNBC’s identity. My point is that CNN has been slowly trying to change its image. I have witnessed several interviews and stories on CNN that make me wonder why the Right always call it Communist News. Most conservatives will not watch CNN. I think FOX and its supporters put this out so no Repubs will jump ship. Anyway, hope every one enjoyed the 4th as well.



  4. sheldon

     /  November 1, 2012

    You want to see some blatantly right wing stuff by CNN? Go to youtube and search “rep paul ryan up close”. Absolute fluff with no reporting value whatsoever.


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