Forty Percent Of Americans Are In A Fog

I want to share with you a couple of encouraging results from a Kaiser Health poll regarding the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, along with a really discouraging result.

First, as we all knew, the public is divided on the law, although the numbers are much closer than Republicans, who want to kill it, would have folks believe. Forty-seven percent approve of the decision and 43% disapprove, with so-called independents about equally split:

Next we have some encouraging news about Democrats: There has been a 16 point “surge” in enthusiasm. It’s anybody’s guess as to why it has taken this long for Democrats to warm up to a law that, although is far from perfect, does establish health care as a fundamental right.

Democratic Majority Whip James Clyburn called it at the time of its passage, “the Civil Rights Act of the 21st century,” and one would think after more than two years Democratic leaders would have found a way to make that clear to their own voters. In any case, here is the good news:

Now for the bad news. Look at this pie chart:

Notice that four in ten of the Americans you know—four in bleeping ten!—were “unaware” of the Court’s “final ruling” on the health care law, a ruling that was anticipated as much or more than any ruling in the television age.

Is it any wonder, when folks won’t pay attention to the important stuff going on around them, that millionaires and billionaires can buy our democracy with almost no opposition from the demos?

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