Speaking Lies In Love

That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth in love…

—Paul the Apostle

hile I was on my daily walk this morning, I thought I would check in on Glenn Beck, who without his Fox gig hasn’t been as prominent in the political news—a commentary itself on how Fox legitimates weirdness.

On Beck’s radio program was a man named James Robinson, a televangelist who has fallen madly in love with Glenn Beck and who is helping to make Mormonism safe for evangelicals to embrace as part of the Christian brotherhood.

Robinson, who believes progressives want to impose a “secular progressive theocracy” on America, was on Beck’s show this morning to express his affection for Glenn and to promote a so-called leadership conference—”Under God: Indivisible“—Robinson is holding in Arlington, Texas, on July 27. (His event precedes by a day one sponsored by Beck, which he laughingly calls: “Restoring Love: Coming Together To Heal A Nation ♥“).

I want to quote from a website Robinson set up, which explains the purpose of his conference:

The afternoon session is for pastors, priests, rabbis, and any other concerned citizens who want to join in leading America back to our foundational values of Family, Faith, and Freedom. Topics covered in this session will help teach leaders how to discuss moral concerns and current issues without being partisan. The afternoon session will include an open discussion and will provide critical information to leaders concerning how to make a positive impact on the culture and on national direction.

Let me pull out something that should have caught your eye:

Topics covered in this session will help teach leaders how to discuss moral concerns and current issues without being partisan.

Without being partisan.” What can that mean? Before I comment on that blazing bit of dishonesty, let me cite Proverbs 6: 6-19:

There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

Now, there is only one valid interpretation of what Robinson is up to with this gathering of prominent right-wing Christians and professional fleecers. The evangelist is trying to educate the attendees, whom he calls “leaders,” on the art of deception, in terms of talking about fellow-Christian and brother-in-the-Lord Obama and the Democratic Party without using the words “Obama” and “Democrat.”

Some of the leaders, having perfected partisan hate-talk, apparently need some remedial training in public-speaking dishonesty, such being necessary to better serve the Lord.

Among those leaders who will be speaking and presumably “learning” how to disguise their Obama-hate as constructive, non-partisan criticism is Father Jonathan Morris, a regular contributor to Fox “News” with the awesome responsibility of obliquely blessing the network’s nattering nastiness toward Obama. Morris recently said of the Administration’s attempt to ensure women have access to contraception through their health insurance:

Any national media outlet that fails to report the obvious raping of our First Amendment rights by this Health and Human Service mandate, is trumpeting either woeful incompetence or shameless bias.

Obviously, Robinson has some work to do on Morris. Likewise with another speaker he has invited, Ralph Reed. In case you don’t know, Reed, who loves Jesus almost as much as he loves money and the Republican Party, was the head of the Christian Coalition throughout much of the 1990s, when the group went after Bill Clinton with a vengeance normally reserved for the Almighty (oh, that’s in Romans 12:19).

So obviously partisan was the Christian Coalition that The Washington Post began a story on it this way:

The IRS has rejected the Christian Coalition’s 10-year struggle to win tax-exempt status, dealing a major setback to a mainstay of the Republican Party and to the political-business empire that turned broadcaster Pat Robertson into a power broker of the religious right.

Morris and Reed are just a few of the speakers—including Glenn Beck himself—who might find it difficult to learn how to bash Obama and the Democrats without sounding partisan, but come to think of it, when you make a living shaking down religious folks with sophistry and fear, learning how to do so without sounding like the partisan hack you are will probably come easy.

As for Beck, if you visit his website today, you will find just why he needs Robinson’s reorientation session, as he promotes the event right next to a story on Obama, complete with skull and crossbones:

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  1. Jane Reaction

     /  July 10, 2012

    Jane is amazed that you can walk through that deluge of amplified slop and stay on the trail.
    In my jogging I find certain tempos to be a great metronome- a word you don’t get to use often. Some country songs, 70’s beats. Patriotic marches.


    • I have walked to country songs, 70s music, and, of course, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, but I confess me ain’t never marched to John Philip Souza!


  2. I am finding that my political email appears to be ramping up lately in vehemence, the degree of which can only be religiously inspired. Spiritual inspiration appears to add a special kick to hate.


    • Kabe

       /  July 10, 2012




    • Spiritual inspiration appears to add a special kick to hate.”

      Here is a special, and I mean really special, “kick to hate”:

      “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be my disciple.”


      • Yep, I do recall that one, Duane, and I recall marveling that anyone could buy that. Total subjection is what it demands. Similar to a Grover Norquist pledge.


        • Absolutely fits! The Norquist pledge does demand total subjection to one goofy idea, an idea that is causing the country to crumble one bridge, one school, one fireman at a time.


  3. Treeske

     /  July 10, 2012

    James Robinson and Glenn Beck, what a combination! LOL:)


    • To hear them talk to each other is, well, a feast of fanaticism. The problem is I know several folks who, though less artfully, talk the same stuff. It’s really frightening to think how many of our fellow Americans eat that stuff up every day, for hours and hours.



  4. ansonburlingame

     /  July 11, 2012

    Jim writes, “Spiritual inspiration appears to add a special kick to hate.”

    I would add that spiritual demagouery adds such a kick as well.



  5. janice reed

     /  July 11, 2012

    What a scary pair!! When you think about the pair of them out there teaching fanaticism and trying to pass it off as love of country and their fellow man, absolutely makes your blood run cold.


    • True, true. You know, I heard Glenn Beck say yesterday that Governor Rick Perry calls him frequently and recommends things Beck and his staff should investigate. Now, THAT is a dangerous pair: A weird governor and a fanatical right-wing broadcaster!


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