The NRA: “Defenders Of Movie Theater Mass Murderers”


If you didn’t see Tuesday night’s “Rewrite” segment by Lawrence O’Donnell, then you must. It is by far the best bionic elbow strike ever landed on the NRA and its $1,000,000-a-year  leader and “blood-drenched lobbyist” Wayne LaPierre. This is one of O’Donnell’s best:

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  1. ansonburlingame

     /  July 26, 2012

    It seems to me that we are now in exactly the same space, politically, as we were when Columbine, then Va Tech, then Tucson and now Colorado again all happened. The whole country is “sad”, outraged, etc., etc. over individual events and NOTHING has changed one way or the other in national laws. I also suspect little or anything has changed at the State level either in terms of limiting guns available to the public or at least preventing such guns to be in the hands of “crazy” people.

    I am not a fan of the NRA by any stretch of the imagination. But the NRA has VERY firm footing Constitutionally in their position and progressives have not even come close to undermine that footing, legally. Remember the efforts of Sara Brady to resolve the issue long ago when President Reagan was shot and her husband was disabled for life in that event.

    It was one thing to arm all citizens with weapons that could only shot one bullet very two minutes or so. It is a whole different matter to allow weapons that can shoot 100 bullets in a matter of seconds in the hands of any citizen that wants one. Such “logic” if you will makes sense to me but then legal issues are rarely simple logic of what is best for the country today.

    Well who, constitutionally, can fix that dilemma? It is Congress for sure. But Congress can only implement fixes democratically and thus again we see another stress on democracy in our modern age.

    By the way, why does not someone ask the NRA where the legally armed citizen was in CO recently that could have “blown away” the crazy man attacking the theater? As a matter of practicality, the NRA “solution” seemed to have failed in that event.



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