The Politics Of Hooterville

This may come as a surprise to folks who don’t live in Jasper and Newton counties in Southwest Missouri, but next week’s local primary election winners will not have to worry about the general election, since there won’t be any Democrats running against them. None.

Oh, there will be one disputed race in November, but it will feature a battle between a Republican and a Libertarian, and nobody but next-of-kin knows who the Libertarian is.

The folks around here who make such one-sided politics possible are exactly the kind of people who national Republicans aim to please. Romney’s entire campaign is designed around winning their hearts and minds, even though they wouldn’t vote for a Democrat under any circumstances, at least a Democrat worthy of the name.

And consider what happened on the final meaningful day of legislative activity this summer in the House of Representatives. Republicans used it to convince their base—like those who live here in Hooterville—that the most important issue facing the country is whether English should be our official language.

Yes, friends, that is more important than the $100 billion farm bill—Drought? What drought?—and the defaulting Postal Service—who cares about the core of a $900 billion industry and 9 million jobs when there’s folks out there speaking Spanish!

It has been almost 600 days since Speaker John Boehner said this:

Helping Americans get back to work is our number one priority, and we’re going to do everything we can to help create jobs and to boost our economy.

Since then there have been repeated attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and countless attempts to appease anti-choice and other reactionary forces in the country and, oh yeah, I almost forgot. Republicans have addressed one concern of the Postal Service:

60 House Bills to Name Post Offices, Zero To Fix Mail Service

In tfhe 18 months the 112th Congress has been sworn in, the House has introduced 60 bills to rename post offices.  Thirty-eight have passed the House and 26 have become law. During those 18 months, the House has produced 151 laws, 17 percent of which have been to rename post offices, according to Congressional Democrats.

Oh, well, the most important thing for Republicans is not to govern the country but to keep their base happy and to wonder why the rest of us don’t like them—or Mittens:

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  1. ansonburlingame

     /  August 4, 2012

    Growing up in small town Kentucky, it was apparent to me that the only political party was the Democratic party. NO ONE could be voted into elective office unless they ran on the Democratic ticket.

    My Dad, a “god fearing Republican” (his term) sounded like Duane throughout my childhood when political debates were heard by my young ears.

    but of course all that changed, over time and who knows today which way Scott County, KY might swing in a national election today? For sure I don’t blog about it or spend sleepless nights worrying about it, then or now.

    But was that the point of this blog, or was it how to “fix” the Post Office? Or was it the various swings in polling data at the moment? Or should it have been how can jobs created go up but unemployment goes up as well? Or instead was Duane just feeling “frisky” and threw several handfuls of mud against all conservatives on an otherwise quiet Friday night or Sat morning?

    As far as the Post Office goes, what is the objective. Protect the jobs of 9 million postal workers or have a reliable and sustainable postal service into the future. You can do both if you like. All that must be done is pay the right amount everytime you mail a letter.

    OR I suppose you can keep stamps cheap and just expect the federal government to subsidize the postal service to the tune of $5 to $10 Billion a year. And no I have not neglected the $5 Billion charge against that service to keep its retirement benefits sustainable.

    The fact as I have read of late is if that pension fund charge is deleted by Congress the Postal Service continues to be in the hole, an every widening hole, without such a “fee” imposed on it.

    No quick fixes for our Postal Service that I see, one way or the other.



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