The History of Romney’s Tax Return Game

Since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hurled his you-didn’t-pay-any-taxes-for-ten-years charge at Mitt Romney, Republicans have been circling the wagons around Mittens in hopes they can just shout away the controversy over his tax returns.

Over the weekend, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, a right-wing zealot named Reince Priebus, had no problem calling Reid a “dirty liar,” and Senator Lindsey Graham also claimed Reid was “lying” and “making things up.”

Well, thankfully Rachel Maddow did two segments last Friday evening that deftly pointed out the games Romney has played with tax returns, his and others’, as well as exposing just who started all this lying bidness about what’s in Romney’s own tax returns—spoiler alert: it was Mittens himself ten years ago!

If you didn’t see the segments, you need to, as you will clearly see Romney’s hypocrisy on this issue, including his telling a rather large whopper about his filing status as a Massachusetts resident when he was running for governor. Below is the first segment and the second one can be seen here:



  1. I never miss Rachel these days, and she did indeed nail it this time. Too bad the local majority is permanently soldered into the Fox Channel and will never be exposed to the truth.


  2. Treeske

     /  August 6, 2012

    Jim, I so agree and don’t see change in the area anytime soon. Seat belt requirement is still considered a Government “people control” plot and Nicotine dangers, Communist propaganda!


    • You left out global warming, which is a socialist scheme to destroy American capitalism, and water fluoridation, which is both “people control” and a Communist plot!


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