Goodbye, Kansas, And Missouri May Be Right Behind Ya

The state of my birth and Missouri’s now radical neighbor to the west has officially become the property of Koch-sponsored fanaticism.*

And Missouri, with Rep. Todd Akin becoming the state’s GOP offering to unseat moderate Democrat Claire McCaskill, may soon join Kansas—which when I lived there actually could elect a Democratic governor!— as a place where teapartiers try to out-tea party each other in their efforts to destroy 21st-century government.

On Tuesday, Kansans settled the war in the Republican Party between moderates (yep, these days that’s what we call GOP conservatives who won’t quite put a full set of teabags on their hats) and the Brownbacks (as in Governor Sam), those hard-core Koch-heads who want to dismantle large parts of the government and ask some folks to live like 19th-century settlers.

Most prominent among the moderates defeated in the GOP primary was Senate President Steve Morris, who waged something of a resistance movement, in alliance with Democrats, to stop some of the draconian legislation—wild-eyed anti-abortion and anti-union and anti-education bills, for instance—that the extremists were otherwise very close to passing.

That’s not to say Morris was a left-winger. He and other “moderates” went along with tax cuts (read about that sordid tale here) that will end up crippling the state and enrich Koch-heads at the expense of working folks and kids, as well as a voter ID law that would have made it difficult for my late mother, a former poll worker, to vote.

But enough about Kansas. It’s too late to save that state. Missouri? There’s still time, and defeating Todd Akin would be a good place to start our comeback. Remember in April when President Obama said, as reported by HuffPo:

“I’m always interested in how folks talk about this issue,” he said. “You’ve got one member of Congress who compared student loans — I’m not kidding here — to a stage three cancer of socialism.”

Obama tried to repeat the phrase but broke up laughing.

“I don’t know where to start? What do you mean? What are you talking about? Come on!” he implored, eliciting loud applause. “Just when you think you’ve heard it all in Washington, somebody comes up with a new way to go off the deep end.”

Yep, that’s right. He was talking about—no laughing at—Todd Akin, a U.S. Congressman who once suggested Obama should be impeached and who said this about the President:

He is a complete menace to our civilization.

Obama is not just a menace, you see, but a complete menace.

In any case, as Claire McCaskill said before Akin was officially anointed  as the state’s freakiest conservative (he’s always held that title in my book):

Missourians are going to have a really clear choice: Somebody who’s moderate and believes in compromise, or somebody who believes we need to turn out the lights on the federal government and go home.

Among the larger lights Akin wants to turn out are Medicare (voucherize it) and Social Security (privatize it). Go to and read the details. Can’t wait to see those first McCaskill ads explaining to voters how Akin wants to flip the switch on those wildly popular government programs.

Finally, Democrats in Missouri should ignore the polls, especially this late faulty one that showed Akin with a slight lead in a match-up with McCaskill, but which also showed John Brunner beating Akin by 16 points!

Which leads me to say that Todd Akin did Democrats a favor by beating Brunner. Missourians were bombarded by Brunner ads—$8 million worth in our mailboxes, on our radios and constantly on our TVs—and he would have been a stronger general election candidate than Akin. But Akin will have plenty of money spent on his behalf, mostly to darken McCaskill’s complexion, if you know what I mean.

So, my progressive friends, let’s all cough up a little dough and send it Claire’s way. While she hasn’t been a force for liberalism in the U.S. Senate, the alternative is unthinkable.


* I suppose it is only fair that the Koch’s get first dibs on buying the state, since Koch Industries—the nation’s second largest privately held company— is headquartered in Wichita.



  1. ansonburlingame

     /  August 9, 2012

    I posted my own blog on the GOP primary outcome related to our upcoming general election Senate campaign. While writing it I guessed that the EC was writing his own, and now I see it above.

    Actually, if you look carefully there are some points of agreement in the two blogs. I said it directly and the EC implied it. This race is now one between the unvarnished Tea Party and “liberals” (Dem Party) in Missouri, pure and simple.

    No way at this point will I try to predict that outcome, state wide though I am rather certain the outcome (for the Tea Party) here in Jasper County and surrounding areas. The Tea Party will win locally, but by what kind of margin is the question..Just as liberals will win in KC and St. Louis but by what margin as well is a question.

    Duane at least mildly seemed to “holding his nose” to support McCaskill because she has not been a “a force for liberalism in the U.S. Senate” I am uncertain how he can make such a statement IF he looks at her VOTING record in the Senate over the last 6 years. I don’t know of any significant liberal position that she has voted against, to draw such criticism from the EC.

    Had Obama been able to “turn around the economy”, deal effectively with foreign wars and revolutions, lowered unemploymnet to 5% or so, really ignited growth in our GDP, well we could cancel the 2012 election as it would be a landslide for Dems. But of course none of that has happened and HC reform still consumes many of us as well.

    Well folks, I am holding my nose right now regarding our upcoming Senate vote as well. But I suspect this point as well.

    Most of “you” and for the sure the EC have already “voted” essentially for McCaskill. I and many conservatives and for sure independents are not yet decided, in my view.

    Missouri is in fact a “swing state” both Presidentially and in the Senate. Jasper County is not a “swinger” however as it will go “right” regardless. But I and others like me will not automatically do so, believe it or not

    But as well, I KNOW that the polemics in this blog will NEVER convince me to vote “left”. While I read and comment herein, I cannot imagine a typical “EC blog” to convince me to vote “left”.

    So blather away all you like EC and commenters hereto. But my guess is my vote will “count” far more than “yours” in our Senate race in November 2012 elections in MO. I am one of the “swingers” in that particular election, for now at least. And calling me a racist red neck herein will not at all help your cause at least for indepentdent vote collections.



  2. I’m not sure how your vote will count “far more” than anyone else’s, but given the state of Republican politics these days, what with their attempts at disenfranchising Democratic voters, I’m not sure I want to find out.


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