Ugliness In Arizona

I’ll start this by admitting that I think Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona, is one of the dimmest, and most mean-spirited, politicians in America, who presides over a state with one of the dimmest, and most mean-spirited, set of Republican legislators in the country.

On Wednesday, young immigrants—in the United States illegally—began applying for federal work permits under the Obama-inspired Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

That program is based on a change in policy authorized by the President, which Jan Brewer falsely and stupidly labeled “backdoor amnesty.”  The policy change means that for a select group of young folks, who arrived illegally in the country before they turned 16 and have not been convicted of various crimes, they can rest assured that they will not be deported for two years and can seek jobs and contribute to the well-being of the country (details here).

What Jan Brewer did yesterday, in a fit of right-wing nastiness, is this:

(CBS/AP) In Arizona, which passed one of the nation’s toughest anti-immigration laws, Gov. Jan Brewer signed an executive order Wednesday directing state agencies to deny driver’s licenses and other public benefits to illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under a new federal program.

My daughter happens to live in Arizona and teaches high school there. One of her former students, a young, exceptionally bright woman, who was brought here not from Mexico but from Italy, falls into the category that makes her eligible to get clearance for a job.

The young woman had asked my daughter to write a letter detailing her relationship with her as her teacher, which is part of the process of proving an applicant meets the criteria involved.

Last night, I received a call from my daughter, who was blazing mad about what her governor had done. You see, her former student was not a recognized member of society because of her status (details are complicated and entirely not her fault) and could not further her education, even though she was very intelligent.

Nor could she get a job.

But she was beyond excited that she could come out from the shadows and begin to contribute, to begin to be a part of America. Unfortunately, the immediate America she happens to live in has a governor and a legislature who wants to keep her in the dark, to decline the benefits this young woman would undoubtedly bring to the only country she has ever known. And as my daughter reported, her hopes for a better future were dashed by their selfish actions.

I don’t know if Brewer’s executive order will ultimately have any practical effect on this young woman’s ability to take advantage of Mr. Obama’s policy change, but I do know it is an obstacle, especially a psychological one.

And in terms of psychology, it reveals the ugly mental state of Jan Brewer and those who support her.



  1. “Mean-spirited” does capture governor Brewer’s order in my opinion and it leaves me musing on whether it truly represents the majority opinion in Arizona. Evidently Brewer thinks so or she wouldn’t have done what she did. So, it would provide me some satisfaction if all the illegal immigrants would leave Arizona as soon as possible and let the real Arizonans perform the work they were doing:

    Pick the fruits.
    Pick the vegetables.
    Flip the burgers.
    Make the beds.
    Clean the floors.
    Serve the meals.
    Lay the bricks.
    Mow the grass (what there is of it).
    Plant the bushes.
    Watch the kids.

    Go to it, Arizonans. It’s all yours.


  2. PS – I forgot one:

    Empty the bed pans.


  3. PPS – One more:

    Pluck the chickens.


    • …roof the houses…

      Excellent point, Jim. I wish it were that easy for folks to do because it would reveal just how much of the work you describe is being done by those people.

      In the case involving my daughter, if I remember right the young woman’s dad was an engineer who went back to Europe and couldn’t get a visa to get back to America, or something like that. Her folks were educated and unfortunately that doesn’t matter any more than if they were landscape workers (there’s a lot of that in places like Scottsdale and it is good honest work).


  4. ansonburlingame

     /  August 17, 2012

    My first supposition is that the young Italian was in this country illegally. Should she have be deemed as such? I have no idea but welcome to government bureaucracies whether run by Dems or GOP. They are all bureaucrats at that level. As well keep in mind the bureaucracts that make the legal/illegal decisons are FEDERAL bureaucrats, not the state bureaucrats.

    Duane dismisses that simple point by calling it “too complicated to explain”.

    So here she is in Arizona, illegally, or maybe “illegally” What to do about it becomes the very personal question for the young lady and her family, not for us to decide for sure. I would challenge the FEDERAL designation first of all if in fact she was here “legally”.

    If not…….?

    Dad is back in Europe and the young lady is “smart”, etc. Well they have good schools in Italy and Dad is right there. So why is one option not to ‘screw the bureaucrats” federal bureaucrats that make the legal/illegaly decisions and go back to Italy? I would do that with my daughter given these circumstances
    Brewer and her legislators and supporters were not targeting that particular young lady. Nope, they were targeting “illegals” and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT makes that call, not the State of AZ. They (AZ) only have now decided what to do with driver’s licsences given the illegal status deemed appropriate by the federal government.

    I wonder if that is another law suit brewing in our DOJ to sue AZ over drivers licsenses!!!



  5. ansonburlingame

     /  August 17, 2012

    I suppose one other issue above is that the federal government has “stopped talking to AZ” over immigration status so AZ may have a real hard time trying to decide for themselves just who is here legally or illegally.

    Is that the fault of the State of AZ?? If you were the governor of AZ would you just assume EVERYONE is legally here in America???



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