Pee-wee’s Big Adventure

Republicans are a funny lot.

Yesterday, Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman and now morning blowhard on MSNBC, was adamant that Mitt Romney use the occasion of Todd Akin’s national stupidity as a “Sister Souljah moment,” a time to demonstrate his leadership over the extremists in the GOP by telling Akin “every day” to “get out!” of the race.

Well, Mittens failed to do that when given his first opportunity, of course, just as he has failed to assert any leadership over other extremists in his party—on the contrary he has essentially embraced them—whether it be Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Allen West or Michele Bachmann or, gawd, that list is almost inexhaustible.

But today’s Joe Scarborough was perfectly fine with Romney’s rather gentle suggestion that Akin,

take these next 24 hours to spend time with himself and his family and conclude what’s right for him and his family and also for the things he believes in for the country.

There was no Sister Souljah moment there. No demands that Akin leave the race and stop embarrassing not just his party but the entire country. Nothing like that. Oh, Romney did say Akin’s “comments about rape were deeply offensive,” but we got no sense of how deep was the offense. But we do know Romney’s comments fell way short of what Scarborough called for on Monday.

But this is Tuesday. Today Scarborough said,

I think Mitt Romney did what was, I think, politically best yesterday.

Politically best? Scarborough explained what he meant when he was challenged earlier:

What would happen if Romney said, “I’m offended by this” and “Get out of the race today!’ and Akin goes, “Screw you”? What are the headlines the next day going into the convention? “He can’t even control a little congressman.” We would all be saying it. “Nobody respects Mitt Romney!” “He can’t even control a little congressman who is an extremist in his party.”

I guess leadership means never taking a risk that someone won’t follow your lead, right, Joe?

So, today, rather than calling for a Sister Souljah moment, Scarborough opts for Pee Wee Herman.

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  1. ansonburlingame

     /  August 21, 2012

    I knew it would happen. We now have three blogs herein all centered on Akin in the last, what, 24 hours or less. Make hay while the sunshines is the obvious path being followed, not unexpectedly.

    Duane is going to try to tar and feather the entire GOP with this issue over Akin. Any reasonable conservative, and yes there are a few of those around, a lot in my view, know full well that no matter what he does now, Akin is politial history. It may take up to Nov 6th to finally hold the funeral but he is dead meat, politically now.

    There will be Tea Party supporters like John Putnam that will do their best to diminish what Akin said. A pox on such excuses, in my view. John should just as well suit up in his George Washington atire and try to change the subject over the Tea Party views, some Tea Party views on NEVER allowing abortion, EVER. Baloney and the deeper those guys and gals dig that hole the the more crap they will shovel.

    Talk about a shovel ready project for Obama!!!! Hell he should contribute Dem funds to such ads!!!

    How about another blog from you Duane. Ryan has yet to call for Akin’s withdrawal as well, right. Now you can equate the Ryan Plan with Akin’s aboriton position, right??? That ought to be right down you alley for political polemics



    • I will direct you to writer89’s reply to you below. He just about sums up my entire view of the comparison between Ryan and Akin (which I touched on already but you missed because you didn’t read it).



    • “I knew it would happen. We now have three blogs herein all centered on Akin in the last, what, 24 hours or less”

      Why not? He’s a prototypical republican candidate with one foot one the floor and the other squarely inserted into his mouth. He merely said what the rest of the right wanted to say, but are too afraid to say, knowing the harm that truth can have.

      “Duane is going to try to tar and feather the entire GOP with this issue over Akin.”

      Duane doesn’t need to “tar and feather the entire GOP,” because he couldn’t possibly do it to them as well as they do it to themselves. It is however fun to poke at stupid where stupid pokes at itself.

      “Talk about a shovel ready project for Obama!!!! Hell he should contribute Dem funds to such ads!!!”

      Anson, whether you know it or not you’re a democrat looking to be set free. Do you really believe that Romney and Ryan have the best interest of you and your family? Or for that matter anyone who actually works for a living?


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  August 21, 2012

    OPPS, I was wrong. Ryan now, reportedly, called Akin and asked him to drop out. Good for Ryan and Romney should and probably will follow.



  3. writer89

     /  August 21, 2012

    Ryan has taken exactly the same position as Akin in numerous pieces of legislation he’s backed or co-sponsored — that abortion should be prohibited across the board, even in cases of rape and incest — so in your opinion is this merely about Akin’s poor choice of words? Because if it’s about the substance of his political positions, Ryan has to take the same punishment as his colleague, who was merely more forthcoming in explaining his position. Why else would anybody insist that a woman bear her rapist’s child, if not because they believe it’s God’s will? This is not about polemics; it’s about taking this opportunity to shine a clear light on what sort of insane positions a majority of Republican congressmen — including their presumptive #2 man — believe. Come to think of it, if you disagree with these positions, why are you a Republican in the first place? The Party now basically has three positions: Anti-abortion, anti-gay, and anti-taxes. Please feel free to defend any of them. If not, get out of the Party before they ride you out on a rail!


    • Couldn’t have said it better. Nice job.



    • Yours is a good summary, writer, but I would distill it even further:

      Democratic Party: Science and kenesiean economics.
      Republican Party: Superstition and voodoo economics.

      The choice has never been more clear.


  4. ansonburlingame

     /  August 22, 2012

    to all,

    HLG said it best above in writing, “He’s a prototypical republican candidate”

    That is where we disagree and exactly why I call myself an independent conservative as well.

    I have long supported what I believe is the fundamental policy of the Tea Party in terms of calling for a far more limited federal government, a government formed by the concepts of LIMITED federal power envisioned in the Constitution.

    As a human being with some compassion I am all for programs that help as many people, Americans, as possible. BUT as well such programs must be effective and sustainable, financially. For the past 50 years and now at an alarming and increasing rate our federal programs have become less and less effective (see today’s editorial in the Globe) and the cost of such programs has simply gone out of sight.

    There is the fundamental disagreement between “me and you” and more important between progressives in general and conservatives in general.

    But make no mistake. Todd Akin has marginalized that fundamental position of the Tea Party now. I KNEW such COULD happen and now it has exploded in MY face.

    Go back and consider my strong and consistent opposition to the “little jerk”,Santorum throughout the GOP primary. On the national stage he could have very easily made the same assertations made by Akin though I suspect his views would have been more carefully veiled as well.

    Evangelicals have a very fundamental faith that God will “make things right” if everyone just believed and prayed as they do. Baloney.

    In my view God will NOT prevent a nuclear war for example but a few well armed Trident Submarines might do so very effectively as a matter of deterrence.

    If a pregnant rape victim experienced a natural miscarriage, I would also be rather sure that evangelicals will say that is “God’s will” alone “making things right”. Baloney it would be biology doing so, changing the course of natural birth!!! God would have nothing to do with it. And having said that evangelicals will tell me I am doomed to HELL, which I don’t believe in either, along with Heaven in the “hereafter”!!!

    With that statement alone I would NEVER be able to achieve a position in GOP politics. But I could write many statements on much more important secular issues that would strongly support the GOP.

    With his decision to remain in the GOP race Akin, arrogantly, has doomed any chances of overturning McCaskil’s bid for a second term. As a secular matter, to me that is sad and may well cause the Dems to retain majority power in the Senate as well.

    “You guys” herein are doing exactly has expected, making hay while the sun shines on a ridiculous political position by a candidate. Akin is no more “secular” now than someone running from a Muslim Brotherhood position in Egypt for example.

    IF “you guys” and your supporters in fact can make this a secular vs. religious race, as you are now trying hard to do, well given such a fundamental choice, yep I would vote for your side!!!!

    But on the other hand I am deeply concerned about looming secular matters and think your side is “nuts” with some of your positions. But I cannot as well hope for God to “make YOU right”. Akin now HOPEs that will happen. Well there for sure would be a cold day in hell!!!



    • Anson,

      Here’s another point of view on the Akin absurdities from a fellow Navy-ian that you might enjoy.



      • Herb,

        I like that piece, but I have to disagree with this:

        And the thing is they know that they’re goofy, a lot of them do anyway at least at some level, otherwise they wouldn’t try to hide their silly nonsense. No they know just how stupid they sound, otherwise they, like Akin, wouldn’t backpedal so easily when called on their nutty bullshit.

        It isn’t that they “know they’re goofy,” it is that they know their views aren’t necessarily acceptable to the wider voting public at this time. What people fail to understand about evangelicals is that they truly believe they are doing the work of God and reflecting His will. About that they have little if no doubt. And they start at the precinct level and are willing, in the service of God, to work their way up and play the game.

        Akin knows that in order to get in a place of real power he has to play the game and sometimes playing the game means making extremist views sound less extreme. But in no way does he think his views are “stupid.” That is what is so damn scary about these folks. Oh, sure, there are some charlatans in the mix, but for the most part these are True Believers.



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