The American Taliban?

I’ve written several times about our domestic Christian Taliban (here, for instance), and Herb Van Fleet brought the following clip from HBO’s The Newsroom to my attention:

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  1. ansonburlingame

     /  September 1, 2012

    The Tea Party, fundamentally, calls for limited American government. The Taliban in Afghanistan calls for overwhelming government power to enforce Islamic Law. Big difference.

    I agree that some in the Tea Party call for government enforcement of religious doctrine. In that respect I agree that in terms of using government to shove religion down the throat of the governed, the two sentiments are the same. fundamentally, use government to enforce religious doctrines.

    However I would suggest that the punishments invoked by the Taliban are far different from those called for by our “evangelicals”, in today’s world.

    I read a book describing Afghanistan before the Soviet invasion, a true story. In that book “mountain mullas” were described. They were uneducated fanatics calling for all sorts of things, stoning, village posts with dismembered body parts, etc. I would agree we have our own “mountain mullas” as well with the only difference being the form and severity of punishment.

    But our own “mountain mullas” reside on the left as well as the right. Do you need examples??



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