The Scary Negro Socialist Is One Hell Of A Capitalist

 very ignorant person from Missouri was quoted in a Politico article today, and his comment shows, in an important way, what the hell is wrong with Missouri politics, if not politics across the country.

The piece, titled “Obama ‘fear’ drives social conservatives,” focuses on Talibanic teapartiers—big dog media types here in America are obliged to call them “social conservatives” —who aren’t excited at the prospect of a Romney administration but are so “angry at about what’s going on” and have such “total fear” of Barack Hussein Obama that nothing, not even an uninspiring, inept, lying Republican ticket, will stop them from beating a pious path to the polls in November to stop that Scary Negro from getting a second term.

The Politico story managed to capture the hysteria that afflicts about half of the voting population in Missouri:

Mark Luther, 38, of Kennet, Mo., said Obama will take the nation closer to socialism.

Most GOP voters he knows, he said, “are afraid of a second [Obama] term, so much so that they think if Obama gets reelected, the country will become socialist.”

Now, perhaps it is that Mr. Luther has been living in one of Missouri’s famous caves the past four years and he hasn’t noticed that  free-market capitalism is thriving under that pigmented Kenyan socialist in the White’s House.

I can’t think of a more representative symbol of American capitalism than Wall Street, can you? So, let’s look at what has happened on Wall Street since the socialist became Prez:

Dow Jones Industrial Average opening on January 20, 2009: 8,279

Dow Jones Industrial Average opening on March 6, 2009: 6,470

Dow Jones Industrial Average closing on September 14, 2012: 13,588 

Chuck Todd flashed a graphic on TV this morning that tells a better story:

If you doubt the importance, to capitalists, of these numbers, then don’t. None other than Capitalist Magazine, an Ayn Randish rag and defender of laissez-faire, eat-or-get-eaten capitalism, said this about stock prices as measures of national economic health:

Stock price appreciation is fueled by good economic news and the expectation of continued good economic news in the future. As such, the stock markets are, to some degree, leading indicators of economic health. 

Capitalist Magazine especially pointed to the Wilshire 5000, a broader measure of thousands of stocks, as opposed to the 30 that comprise the Dow Jones average, as an even better indicator of economic health. The Wall Street Journal says that the Wilshire, “reflects the combined value of all publicly-traded stocks in the U.S.

So, let’s look at Capitalist Magazine’s favorite metric:

Wilshire 5000 opening on January 20, 2009: 8100

Wilshire 5000 opening on March 6, 2009: 5,850

Wilshire 5000 closing on September 14, 2012: 15,354

That close last Friday is very close to a record high of 15,807, set on October 9, 2007, as this chart demonstrates:

As you can see, Obama is one strange socialist. He should turn in his Communist Party card and apologize to all the socialists in the world.

By the way, Capitalist Magazine, which said, “Stock price appreciation is fueled by good economic news and the expectation of continued good economic news in the future,” inexplicably has on its site an article written last week—last week!—titled,

America’s Fascist Economy

Go figure.

Finally, I will leave you with the lede from an article published by The Wall Street Journal on January 20, 2009, the day socialism came to America:

Bush’s final week as president left the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Index — as of Friday’s close — down 5.5% on an annualized basis during his second term. In combination with the 1% gain eked out during his first four years, Bush leaves office with the stock market down 2.3%, annualized, over eight years.

The devaluation of the stock gauge gives Bush the dubious distinction of being the first president of the past five to oversee any decline at all, according to Wilshire Associates.

I’d like to ask that factless Missouri guy if he prefers George W. Bush’s capitalism over Barack Obama’s socialism, but he’s probably out campaigning for Todd Akin, who, I must inform you, is holding tight with Claire McCaskill in the polls.

And the inexcusable ignorance and irrational fear of Mark Luther from Kennet, Mo., is what makes the words, “Senator Todd Akin,” a chilling possibility, even if the Scary Negro gets to stay in the White’s House.

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