Local Democrat Makes The Daily Show Cut

I was watching The Daily Show last night and I was shocked to see my friend and frequent commenter on this blog, Jim Hight, on the second segment:

I texted Jim immediately and he said he didn’t think they would use his interview, done at the Democratic National Convention (Jim is chairman of the Newton County Democratic Central Committee).  But there he was, representing defiant Democrats in Southwest Missouri very well by saying about the right-wing media:

I don’t like Rush Limp Balls, Fox Noise, anything…

That’s my Jimmy!

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  1. The first segment of that show is one of the best Daily Shows ever. I’ll warn our conservative friends, though, that it DOES include math.


  2. Treeske

     /  September 20, 2012

    No wonder he looked familiar! Way to go Jim!


  3. Now this is a good campaign commercial:


  4. “When the solution is simple, God is answering.” God, I love it. An Emmy to that writer! (And honorable mention to you, John, for providing the clip!)


  5. I did enjoy Jim’s interview. It’s not every day someone gets a national audience when describing the “Doctor Shopper of Democracy’s” droopy family jewels.


  6. And speaking of the Dominican Republic’s most pharmaceutically-enhanced sex tourist, I gather straddling the “cutting edge of societal evolution” generates a paranoid fear that “feminazis” are somehow shrinking male genitalia. Since no mention was made of voodoo, I gather these wicked women work their dark magic the old fashioned way by chanting spells from an official NOW emasculation handbook.

    I can’t help but wonder if this rather hard to prove theory keeps the conservative icon from attaining a perfect one hundred accuracy rating. But it may explain why he is not an official member of the Romney campaign’s “We Know What Women Want and Where They Belong“ community outreach program.



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