12 Conservative Myths Everyone Should Know

A frequent contributor in the comment section of this blog is a thinker named Herb Van Fleet. He posted a list of conservative myths the other day that blew me away. Here is Herb’s fantastic offering:

1. Lowering taxes DOES NOT create jobs!

2. Austerity HAS NEVER saved a depression or a recession!

3. Cutting defense spending DOES NOT REDUCE our national security!

4. Cooperation and Compromise ARE NOT impediments to democracy!

5. Signing a pledge to not raise taxes (or get rid of tax deductions) IS NOT patriotic!

6. President Obama WAS NOT born in Kenya, IS NOT a Muslim OR a Socialist and WILL NOT send out the national guard to take away your guns!

7. The poor and those dependent on welfare DID NOT cause the Great Recession or the increases in the federal debt!

8. The Americans who DO NOT want to start a business or fight their way up the corporate ladder ARE NOT irresponsible, or lazy, or a drain on society!

9. The vast majority of Americans who do not pay income taxes ARE NOT irresponsible, or lazy, or a drain on society!

10. A rising tide DOES NOT LIFT ALL boats, just the boats that are already afloat; NOT the boats that are still tied to the dock!

11. The United States IS NOT, I repeat, NOT a Christian nation – Creationism IS NOT scientifically valid, women ARE NOT subordinate to men, and homosexuality IS NOT a choice that can be fixed by prayer!

12. Cutting “entitlement” programs where the beneficiaries have paid taxes in good faith for certain benefits (Social Security and Medicare) is not only a BREACH OF TRUST with the American people, it is flat out IMMORAL!

For an extensive comparison between Conservative and Liberal see http://www.conservativemyths.com/compare.html



  1. Troy

     /  October 18, 2012



  2. Jim Hight

     /  October 18, 2012

    Great list! Thanks, RDG and Herb.


  3. Kabe

     /  October 18, 2012

    I would add one: Obama did not invent food stamps or welfare. And their recipients come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, as we well know living here in SW Mo.



  4. Yellow Dog

     /  October 19, 2012

    The problem I’ve always had with entitlements like food stamps is not that I oppose feeding the poor, I oppose feeding the poor Republicans that vote for candidates who will in turn vote to end these programs.

    I’m 57 years old and I just don’t care anymore. These local Republicans DO NOT DESERVE TO EAT. Let them starve or better yet, pull themselves up by those proverbial bootstraps they’re so proud of.

    God may just give these lazy, stupid Republicans exactly what they vote for.


  5. Yellow Dog

     /  October 19, 2012

    Example #2—Joplin blown away in a tornado and then holding their conservative, selfish, Billy Long supporting hands out for a taxpayer funded , government, hard earned, free hand out. What a bunch of hypocrite losers. Why didn’t THEY pull themselves up by those bootstraps?

    I would not have put one dime into Joplin if I’d been Obama. Not one dime. Let the Romney’s and the Trumps rebuild freaking Joplin.


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