Hurricane Sandy: Union Thugs At Work



  1. The reason I still believe in a merciful God is that usually (USUALLY) the nasty, stupid, corrupt bastards expose themselves for all to see. Tom DeLay being one of my favorite examples. Last year Eric Cantor pulled that same crap in the storm-ripped Virginia 7th.
    The Virginia voters had a year to forget about Cantor’s stupidity — until Sandy swatted those tacky East Coast yankees. Now — and plus this little tidbit below — well, we’ll see if Ma and Pa America have any sense at all on election day.

    “The Wayne Powell for Congress campaign today fired back at the campaign of Majority Leader Eric Cantor for a press release the Cantor campaign sent out last week. The release, titled “Wayne Powell Ordered to Court”, was a copy of a subpoena for Powell to answer a Bar complaint in a case where Powell successfully represented 6 employees of the Christian Broadcasting Network in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.

    The bar complaint was filed by a former Republican House staffer. As has been reported, the same complaint was dismissed by the presiding judge in June of 2011.

    “This shows Eric Cantor’s complete arrogance and abuse of power,” said Powell. “The subpoena was delivered by Cantor to the press before it was ever served on me. The obvious question of law is who gave Cantor the unserved subpoena?”

    Powell called on Cantor to “immediately answer that question.”
    Powell’s campaign manager Christian Rickers said, “Since Eric Cantor wants to keep talking about Wayne’s legal practice, we think it’s time we talked about Cantor & Cantor.”

    According to Cantor’s required Congressional filing, Cantor divested himself (by law) of his interest in Cantor and Cantor, the family law firm, in 2001 for a figure he disclosed at between $50,000 and $100,000. He took a note for that amount and has filed that same note on his Congressional filing for the 11 years since. (filings attached here)

    Cantor and Cantor’s primary work is that of a debt collection agency. An FOI request revealed that Cantor and Cantor has been paid $5,274,563.85 in collection fees from the Henrico County Court System since Cantor has served in Congress. (copies of fees attached here)

    The contract was also never bid. (contract attached here)

    “It’s hard to believe Cantor’s firm took in over $5 million from a no-bid contract, he’s still holding a note after all these years, and there’s been no hanky panky,” said Rickers. “This is just another of the many reasons why he needs to do what Wayne did and turn in five years of tax returns.”

    Powell campaign strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders said that Cantor’s prior life in the debt collection agency business “says everything” about Cantor.

    “When people think of fair and upstanding small businesses, I guarantee that debt collection has never come to a single mind,” said Saunders. “The only business that might have a lower approval rating than Congress is the debt collection business. It makes perfect sense that Cantor would be in both.’ ”

    BTW: Wayne Powell graduated from the University of Richmond, Phi Beta Kappa, a year before I did. He’s a good guy and the kind of patriot who gives you a good felling about that word. Cleaning Cantor’s clock on 11/6 would be sweet — and good for America.


    • Around here in Joplin, we remember very well the crap Cantor pulled with regard to FEMA funding. It came just days after the tornado wiped out about a third of our town.

      And I am glad you posted that story on Cantor and his background. I confess I didn’t know some of that stuff. God, I hope he loses his ass.

      Mudcat Saunders is a piece of work, ain’t he? I like that guy. I wouldn’t want him working against me.

      Keep us posted on Cantor news, if you can.





  2. ansonburlingame

     /  October 31, 2012

    Your title for sure and I agree with it, Wisconsin being the prime example in the politidal arean!!



    • Kabe

       /  October 31, 2012

      AB, What about Ohio? All conservatives shout “Wisconsin” when Unions are discussed. They never bring up Ohio, which threw out the elimination of collective bargaining.



  3. Anson.
    You are a moron.


  4. Sedate Me

     /  October 31, 2012

    Less firemen, less police and fewer teachers? Oh yeah, there’s the recipe for success in America!

    Come to America; get stupid, get robbed and burn like a candle.


  5. writer89

     /  October 31, 2012

    When the only comment you can come up with is one that essentially proves the original point (along with a typo just for the hell of it), it’s probably best to just STFU.

    Love the Eric Cantor story. I’m betting that guy loses this year.


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