Senator Rand Paul’s Blueprint For Debt-Ceiling Turmoil

Yesterday morning I wrote a depressing post largely about the upcoming fight over the debt ceiling. I said,

I believe that there is a contingent of Republicans in both the House and Senate who believe the thing to do to fix the country is to ruin it first.

Oh, I know some of you thought that was a bit of hyperbole, a little overstatement for effect. Oh, yeah? Last night, on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox, I watched this exchange between a very strange Sean Hannity and a very strange but also dangerously strange, Senator Rand Paul:

HANNITY: Where do we go with the debt ceiling? Are Republicans gonna take the stand, that I don’t see any Democrats taking, are they gonna be willing to shut the government down, really take a stand and demand that Washington be responsible?

PAUL: There is a way to do it without scaring the markets, and we tried to do this last time and we’re gonna try again. And what we do is we need to pass legislation that says, “the tax revenue that comes in will go to pay for the interest on the debt, pay for Social Security, pay for the soldiers’ salaries,” but it won’t fund all of government. So we will continue to pay our bills, but we may be able to extend that deadline then, the longer we extend it the more pressure we would put on the President to say he would come to the table with us and help us fix entitlements.

But the only way he’ll ever do it is if we actually go through the deadline but give him instructions that he takes tax receipts and he doesn’t default on the debt. Then we wouldn’t scare the markets, and I think then we would increase our leverage with every day we went beyond the deadline.

If that kind of ejaculatory talk doesn’t scare people—talk that comes through the lips of a United States Senator for God’s sake—if it doesn’t scare “the markets,” then the country is in a very bad way.

But besides trying to get your head around the fact that a sitting U.S. Senator would be willing to play such games with the fiscal fate of the country, think about how delusional is the Republican senator from Kentucky. His plan to force the president—excuse me, “give him instructions” was the language Paul used—involves an act of Congress. Paul said, “what we do is we need to pass legislation,” and presumably, unless Paul has yet another plan to suspend the Constitution, any legislation passed (forget that the scheme would not get through the Democrat-controlled Senate) must be signed by the President to become law.

Now, surely even Sean Hannity is sharp enough to figure out that the President, even if the 55 members of the Senate Democratic Caucus were hypnotized and voted for Rand’s plan, would not sign such a bill, right? Surely, Hannity was ready to challenge Senator Paul on his ridiculous scheme, right?

Come on, you know better than that. Hannity was himself ready to ejaculate at the prospect of such a thing:

HANNITY: But for that to happen, Senator, that means every Republican in the House and every Republican senator is going to need to be united—and I would argue to save the country…so, will the Republicans go through with it?

PAUL: Well, there are going to be repercussions if we don’t do anything, and I hope we will wake up and come to our senses and do something. I for one will stand firm. I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless we get a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution because so far I’ve seen no objective evidence to trust these people. They blow through all of their caps; they set spending limits, but they go beyond them. They are not trustworthy with money or very good with it, so we shouldn’t give ’em more money. We should cut spending and make government smaller.

HANNITY: Alright. Well, Senator, I’m with you. Hold strong. If we’re gonna save America, save this country, and stop robbing from our kids, that’s the only way to do it, so, we’re gonna need people that our leaders like yourself, so keep up the good work.

PAUL: Absolutely.

Ejaculations complete. In order to save America, we have to ruin it first.

What Rand Paul did was reveal the thoughtlessness and recklessness behind the Republican’s debt-ceiling threat, not to mention the utter disregard for the nation’s well-being behind their threat to shut down the government.

Paul also revealed how dishonest a man he is. He first said the exercise of shutting down parts of the government were meant to put “pressure” on President Obama so that,

 he would come to the table with us and help us fix entitlements.

Isn’t that nice? These caring Republicans just want to “fix” Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid, that’s all. They care about these things deeply, as their vote two years ago on Paul Ryan’s kill-Medicare-as-we-know-it-and-cut-the-hell-out-of-Medicaid budget demonstrated. To the extent this whole thing is even about these so-called entitlements, what Republicans want, of course, is for Democrats to get in bed with them and undertake a bipartisan screwing of the beneficiaries of these programs.

But fixing entitlements is not what this is really about for people like Rand Paul. And he said so himself, not only by revealing that he would not vote to raise the debt limit without a balanced budget amendment—which he knows is not going to happen—but also by revealing, perhaps in a spasm of passion as he reached his climax with Hannity, his real purpose:

We should cut spending and make government smaller.

That’s it, you see. Making government smaller, a lot smaller, is the real goal here. That’s what all the fuss is about. That’s what Rand Paul’s and other Republicans’ call for a balanced budget amendment really means. They would simply slash government spending in order to balance it with the pint-sized revenues that Republicans are willing to accept.

Rand Paul knows that any real reform of Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid would not make “government smaller.” Genuine reforms would only slow the growth of the programs. They and government would still, of necessity, get bigger, as the boomer population ages and as ObamaCare insures more poor Americans.

What Senator Paul and Sean Hannity together demonstrated was just how unhinged right-wingers are, as they stroke each other on television for their own pleasure and for the pleasure of other radicals who have become the heart and soul of the Republican Party.



  1. Paul and Hannity, not so strange bedfellows at all in my opinion. 🙄

    There’s no question that our country is in terrible debt, not as bad as most of Europe, but bad enough. The nugget of the problem as I see it is the difficult political choices that are going to have to be made once the economy improves sufficiently. I would sure like somebody, maybe like Simpson and Bowles, to start that public conversation. What would be the economic criteria for the time to start and on what programs would we begin? Maybe some joint commitments to such an agenda would take some of the heat out of the current GOP threats.

    Of course, this would probably be like reforming the tax code. Everybody agrees, both sided of the aisle, that that needs to happen.

    GOP: OK, Dems, you start.
    Dems: No, no, after you, Gascon.



  2. Sid Freeman

     /  January 16, 2013

    “In order to save America, we have to ruin it first.” ….. Not quite. What you obviously don’t understand here is it’s already ruined. We just have to accept it. Duane Graham, much like the vast majority of the American people, are blind to the fact that we are already bankrupt. We have to borrow money to pay the interest on borrowed money. If this happens to anyone’s personal finances, they would forced into bankruptcy within a short amount of time. Yet how long has the U.S. gotten away with it? And it is ONLY because the productive nations in the world continue to monetize our debt…..along with the Federal Reserve’s printing press. And if you think this is sustainable, your verbal ejaculations are littered with stupidity and are incredulously stubborn.

    Did Greece or Iceland “ruin their country before they had to save it?” No, morons. They ruined their country, then had to take bad-tasting medicine to cure the disease. Sure, they had a few bad years. But it is the NECESSITIES that were the focus, not the conveniences.

    I guess none of you have learned a damn thing about the downfalls of fiat currency throughout history, have you? China in 910 AD, Spain in the 1500’s, France in 1716 under John Law, France in 1795 and its inflation rate of 13,000% prior to Napoleon, Weimar Republic in 1923, Zimbabwe? Seriously. Get a clue. Learn about our financial structure and you’ll see we are already ruined. And please do so before you continue with your libel and ill-informed opinions.


    • Sid,

      Whoa, cowboy!

      Let me see if I follow you:

      1. America is “already ruined.”

      2. America is “already bankrupt.”

      3. Yet, “the productive nations in the world continue to monetize our debt.”

      Now, Sidster, why would those “productive nations” do such a foolish thing? Why would they continue to loan us money—at ridiculously low interest rates—if we are ruined and bankrupt? Huh?

      You, sir, need to get your nose out of the fiat-currency history books and look around at the reality before us: America, at least until Republicans finally get their way and ruin us, is the safest place in the world to put extra cash.

      Live with it and learn to love the fact that America is so strong and resilient that the best efforts of the Republican Party to sabotage its economy have, so far, failed.

      I repeat: the sabotage has failed so far, but causing us to default on our obligations may do the trick. If that’s what you want, you may get it yet.

      Duane “moron” Graham


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