Bye Bye Barracuda

I was starting to forget her, then comes the news:

The relationship between former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and Fox News has ended.

Some folks, like conservative Republican Joe Scarborough this morning, have suggested that, by this move, Fox “News” honcho Roger Ailes (who Scarborough claimed is the de facto head of the GOP) is trying to help the Republican Party become less, uh, stupid.

Hmm. Scarborough’s suggestion has the virtue of confirming four important facts about the American right-wing these days:

1) Fox “News” Channel is an arm of the Republican Party.

2) The Republican Party really has been “the stupid party.”

3) Fox “News” has been peddling stupidity for profit.

4) Peddling stupidity for profit doesn’t necessarily help elect Republicans.




  1. All true, Duane, and it reinforces my notion that right-wing politics in the past decade has swung so far right that it has melted into something more like religion than political thought. And, as we all know, religion isn’t based on fact at all but rather devotion to expressed ideology, a.k.a., “faith”. It’s nice that some like Jindal and Barbour recognize the problem, but that in itself raises troubling questions about their political probity, i.e., how could they support the party that generated all that nuttiness during the Republican primary last year? The only thing missing was a visit from the denizens of planet Kolob.


    • Ah, Kolob! Never thought I’d see that reference again!

      In any case, with Jindal the motive for his latest statements is not based on his seeking reasonableness for reasonableness’ sake. It is recognizing that his political future looks brighter if he at least appears to separate himself from the nuts in his party. If you look at his political positions, however, he is one of the nuts.

      Jindal’s only chance to win the GOP nomination is if all the other right-wing candidates (those few who are genuine contenders and not Herman Cain types) get scared off by a Hillary candidacy. The thought of her running already has them looking at another four years in the wilderness.



  2. So good that the Wasilla dumbass has finally reached her sixteenth minute of fame. Good riddance.


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