Today is Jackie Robinson’s birthday. And, as usual, Google is celebrating in style:

google robinsonIt’s hard to believe that until 1947, black athletes weren’t allowed to play in the modern major leagues.


  1. Frederick Douglass, an amazing intellectual and political force in the time of slavery, would be saddened indeed that it took so long. Now, a century and a half later, and despite a deep vein of resentment within the white race, the nation is browning with increasing momentum. There’s no going back.


    • Well said, my friend.


      • Thanks, Duane. In case you noticed an absence of comments from me, it’s because the Wheelers have been on vacation for the past week, but we’re back now. You are so prolific it’s hard to catch up, but your posts are as always on my must-read list. 🙂


        • Thanks, Jim. I did miss you but surmised that you and your gal were off having a good time somewhere warm. Nice to have you back.



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