Ed Shultz Goes Off On Republicans Who Want To Kill The Post Office

For those of you who care about the issue with the post office, if you missed Ed Schultz’s opening segment last night, here it is:

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  1. Good for Ed Schultz. As he said, Republicans must be patting themselves on the backs since they are about to get rid of a socialist institution. What will be next? Social Security? Medicare? Public education? The Republicans want to privatize so that they can pay back their large campaign contributors. After all, the Koch Brothers, Waltons, etc. need other things to buy into and increase their already massive wealth, and they are the only ones, along with members of Congress as Darrell Issa, who have the resources to buy parts or all of these organizations. And people can’t understand why I call myself a European Socialist.


  2. Jane Reaction

     /  February 7, 2013

    I started working on the day I turned 16 at the post office in Pierce City, as janitor and special delivery messenger. It was a good regular part-time government position and I was greatly surprised when I went to work for the Army and was credited for almost two years of service, enough to start my ‘career’ as a first lieutenant, with an additional week of vacation.You could call me a fan.

    I know that snail-mail may be passe in these times, but there is still only one way to send messages that will likely remain private, and that is the through the US mail.

    In a new land of connected snooping and recording of essentially all digital communications, having critical functions such as a postal service to facilitate commerce still available for use, seems to be worth preserving.

    Gerald Malan


  3. genegarman

     /  February 8, 2013

    As a retired NALC union letter carrier, I am well aware of the good life the USPS provided and continues to provide, without taking one dollar from taxpayers: decent living wages and valuable benefits such as paid holidays and vacations, complete medical care and retirement–you know, benefits sort of like members of Congress who are paid from taxpayer funds. Of course, the Republican Chamber of Commerce Party resents organized labor and a good kind of life for common laborers: it surely does not support the right of laborers to organize on behalf of workers for decent living wages and benefits. What is most incredible is that the so-called “Religion Right” openly walks with the Chamber of Commerce, in lockstep, like the priests and moneychangers in the ancient biblical Jerusalem temple–hypocrites and greedy, like birds of a feather. In today’s political world, I call it the Republican Chamber of Commerce Religion Right Party, united in opposition to organized labor for fair wages and to freethought.


    • I have asked the hypocrits with the religious right to provide some kind of biblical proof that Jesus would support trickle-down economics and their adoration of the money changers and the greedy. There are plenty of passages stating that the greedy and those who gain by persecuting the poor and needy will not see the kingdom of heaven, but I can’t find one passage that would support the exploitation of the poor and the so-called middle class for economic gain. The Republican Chamber of Commerce Religious Right Party is everything that Jesus preached against, but so many in this area and throughout this country have been blindly following them because of their stand on a few social issues. These people need to read their Bibles with an open mind instead of listening to the false prophets of greed.


    • Gene,

      When did you retire? And did you work in Pittsburg?



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