Jihadist Hookers From Joplin

Tuesday morning’s editorial in the Joplin Globe focused on a Washington Post article highlighting the efforts of folks from the United Arab Emirates to help Joplin rebuild after the 2011 tornado. The Globe noted:

In the big picture of dollars that have been donated to Joplin since the May 2011 tornado, the UAE contribution is just one example of generosity. Joplin students are now using computers to advance their education thanks to the donation has been key in getting Joplin back on its feet. And, just a few weeks before the one-year anniversary of the tornado, it was announced that a grant of $5 million from the UAE would support the construction of a children’s wing at the new Joplin Mercy Hospital.

So thank you again, UAE, for what you have provided Joplin.

My son is one of those Joplin High School students using a MacBook laptop instead of traditional textbooks. Most of the money used to buy those computers came from a place not only far away in geographical terms, but also in cultural terms. And needless to say, despite the gratitude of the Joplin Globe and local school officials and myself, accepting gifts from Muslim Arabs did not go over well with some of the locals or their conservative helpmates elsewhere.

The Post article included this:

When development director Kimberly Vann told her boss, Superintendent C.J. Huff, that the UAE government was willing to donate $1 million for laptops, he thought it was a joke.

“Back then, we were getting a lot of calls from people willing to help — but nothing like this,” Huff recalled. “I thought somebody was pranking us.” […]

The decision to accept the UAE money prompted an angry response from a few residents, and it sparked rants from some conservative radio commentators — one of them, Debbie Schlussel, accused the school system of taking “Islamic blood money” — but Huff stood firm. “I can live with the hate mail,” he said. “It’s the right thing for the kids.”

The hysterical Debbie Schlussel, a right-wing, Muslim-despising blogger, wrote in 2011:

Will the new Apple Notebooks the UAE is paying for also come with Muslim propaganda software installed?  And is the UAE supplying Joplin High with pro-Muslim, anti-Western, anti-Israel textbooks? Bet on it.

Well, I hope she didn’t bet on it. So far, my son hasn’t come home demanding our house conform to sharia law, nor does he flop down five times a day and pray (as far as I can tell). But, who knows, schlusselshorter.jpgSchlussel may win the bet yet. Those crafty Muslim Arabs aren’t limiting their help just to high school kids, as the Globe noted and the Post reported:

the UAE is spending $5 million to build a neonatal intensive-care unit at Mercy Hospital, which also was ripped apart by the tornado.

Now, that’s what I call propaganda. Convert the newborns to Islam while they’re hooked up to life support!

In any case, Schlussel wasn’t finished with the school angle:

Can’t wait for burka prom and “We Hate Israel Day” at Al-Joplin High. Anyone up for “The Holocaust Never Happened” school play?

What the heck kind of a country is this, in which we cannot afford to bail out our own high schools and put them in a situation where they must sell out to Islamic propaganda efforts in order to survive and continue?  What kind of people are the sell-outs of Joplin?  I’ll tell you what kind. . . .

The Joplin school district officials are dhimmi whores for jihad.  Period.

Burka prom? Al-Joplin High? Dhimmi whores for jihad? Huh? All of that right here in Southwest Missouri? Wow. For a mere million bucks the Muslims have bought a bunch of jihadist hookers from Petticoat Joplin! That seems like a small price to pay for establishing the Caliphate. The hookers should have held out for more stuff, say, better food in the school cafeteria. Emirati cuisine surely has to be better than beef nuggets and a chicken patty on a bun.

But seriously, Ms. Schlussel does ask one reasonable question: “What the heck kind of country is this, in which we cannot afford to bail out our own high schools“? I’ll tell you what kind of country it is: It’s Tea Party country!

For years now, conservative Republicans have been telling us that America is broke and can’t afford this, can’t pay for that. Thus, government needs to shrink, at least small enough so that Grover Norquist can do naughty things to it in his bathtub. And now some rich folks from the United Arab Emirates sort of feel our fiscal pain. They pity us. From the WaPo article:

The gifts are part of an ambitious campaign by the UAE government to assist needy communities in the United States.

Needy? Who, us? We—Bible-Belt believers—need help from Muslims? Oh, the shame of it all. The article goes on:

For decades, the United States has been the world’s largest provider of foreign aid, paying for the construction of schools, health clinics and vaccine programs in impoverished countries. It still is, but the level of donations has been increasing among nations with new financial clout, including China, India and oil-rich Persian Gulf states. And at least one of them now sees poor parts of the United States as worthy recipients for that same sort of assistance.

Ouch! That hurts: “Poor parts of the United States.” They’re talking about us, Joplin Tea Party lovers! And among those conservative Republicans who don’t mind taking Muslim charity is a man who for years represented this poor part of the country in the House of Representatives:

roy blunt and uae gift

After being promoted to the U.S. Senate in 2010, Blunt said his fellow Missourians were asking him:

Why don’t we get back to common-sense government?

Yes, let’s “get back” to the kind of government that relies on charity from foreigners to help educate its kids in the twenty-first century. And that’s the kind of government we will have if Tea Party thinking continues to dominate the Republican Party.

Allahu Akbar!

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  1. jdhight01

     /  February 19, 2013

    Who is Debbie Schlussel? Is she a local commentator on KZRJ or a national figure? I never heard of her, and I am glad of that.


    • I was curious too, Jim. She is an athletic, far right-wing super Polish-Jewish reverse-jehaddist Islamic-infiltrating female politician who “speaks ‘Hebrew, Arabic, French, and Russian, . . . ‘, who infiltrates evil Muslim mosques and who missed being elected to Congress by one vote because she was cheated. Oh, and also, her own blog’s bio mentions that Rush Limbaugh is fond of quoting her stuff on the air. Now do you see why we hadn’t heard of her? (BTW, the Wiki page on her is worth a look too.)

      Now I think I’ll go out and get some ammo and MRE’s for my stockade. As good as she is I know Debbie can’t hold ’em back forever.



  2. Treeske

     /  February 19, 2013

    I’m surprised she doesn’t accuse the UAE of conspiring with Obama’s Muslim camps in the Mark Twain National Forest, training to overtake the US! Sad, really!


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  February 20, 2013

    Well, here we go again,

    Duane highlights a good cause supported by a foreign country in America and picks a right wing “nut” to highlight how the Tea Party would never buy computers for Joplin kids.

    Well Duane, the federal government should NOT buy computers for every kid, in Joplin or the rest of the country. But to have them provided voluntarily by someone other than government sure sounds like a great idea and I doubt most Tea Party members would object.

    I would also point out that the good citizens of Joplin have NOT just relied on others. We did in fact vote favorably to raise taxes, locally, less than a year after the tornado for our schools, did we not and I sure did not hear the “Tea Party” condemning that vote. Sure I heard a lot of tight wads complaining, but not any political party, for sure.

    Most Americans love good causes and contribute a lot of money, privately and individually, for just such things. Every good thing cannot, however, be provided by government, particularly when government takes it only from a select few with force!!

    Consider this point on a larger scale. In early 1789 (and for years beforehand) only the “Third Estate” was taxed, the poor, the businessmen, the shop owners, etc. in France. The clergy and nobility (First and Second Estates) paid NO taxes to support the wealth of that country. Revolution was the result. Today in America some 75% of the federal needs are met by 10% of tax paying Americans (call it the “nobility” if you like!!) and liberals want those numbers (the 75%) to go much higher and leave over half the tax paying population contributing nothing to meet federal needs.



    • hlgaskins

       /  February 20, 2013

      Duane. Great Post! The United Arab Emirates’ generosity provided the kind of embarrassment Tea Party members need on a national scale. That being said the Tea Party is turning out to be a political liability for Republicans to the benefit of Democrats.


      “Well Duane, the federal government should NOT buy computers for every kid, in Joplin or the rest of the country.”

      Perhaps not, but the government should purchase enough portable computers for our public schools and libraries in adequate numbers so that student can sign them out to take home during the school year. Obviously K-6 Kids wouldn’t need to take a computer home when a school lab is more than adequate to fill their needs, but by 7 through 12th grade it becomes an increasingly critical part of their leaning needs.

      Where did you get the idea that Duane’s post was suggesting that the government should purchase computers for “every kid” to keep (I’m assuming you’re thinking toy)?There are charitable programs in most cities that help provide computers to a of few of our needy kids. I’ve rebuilt several computers out of new and used parts to donate to needy children. For me it was a win win situation, in that I was able to get rid of computer hardware that I no longer needed, and a needy kid got a computer that his family couldn’t afford.


  4. ansonburlingame

     /  February 21, 2013


    Duane made mockery of a right wing nut. Fine, as he does it all the time. I only tried to suggest that “buying computers for every school kid in America” was NOT a good idea for the federal government to undertake.

    Why would I do that? Simple. Give a liberal a cause and you can bet more federal money will be demanded to meet such needs. You obviously agree with the need, computers for kids and are privately doing something about it. Exactly my point as well.



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