An Open Letter To Senator Roy Blunt

Dear Senator Blunt,

I recently called you a gun whore and I apologize.

Oh, don’t get me wrong here. I don’t apologize to you, Senator. I apologize to all the street prostitutes in the world who don’t deserve to be compared to a United States Senator of your dubious moral quality. Most of the women who decide to make a living on the streets by selling themselves to the highest bidder do so for reasons beyond their control, reasons like poverty, sexual abuse, or drug addiction. Misfortune in life has often driven them to trading favors for money.

But you, Senator Blunt, have had no such misfortune in life. You, along with most of your Republican colleagues, simply sold yourself to the NRA for political power and for thirty pieces of blood-stained silver. Make no mistake about it, sir, the money you have taken from the NRA—and the money you will no doubt take from the NRA in the future—has blood on it.

That money, every single dollar, has on it blood spattered from bullet-riddled six-year-old faces, kids who spent their last minutes of life on this earth in utter terror, as a madman with a military style killing machine in his hands and armed with multiple 30-round magazines, quickly and methodically hunted them down and murdered all twenty of them, along with the six adults who tried to be their guardian angels on that bloody day.

You, too, Senator Blunt, are a guardian angel of sorts. Through your unfailing support of the NRA, you look after the welfare of gun manufacturers and their profits. You are the dark and dishonest spirit that keeps the NRA in power and keeps America awash in guns, awash in war-time killing machines, awash in blood, even the blood of children.

Your claims to voters and ultimately to the Almighty that you are a Christian and a “social conservative” will one day, if there is any justice in this incomparably large and unfathomably cold universe, be weighed against your actions as the gluttonous guardian angel of people and groups who care for nothing but their own narrow, lucrative interests.

Yes, Senator, I apologize to all the whores in the world for comparing what you do to what they do. They merely trade sexual favors for money. You trade the public good for money and power. You trade the commonweal for currency and clout. You trade our national well-being for your own. And, I confess, you are good at it. You are good at turning tricks and selling yourself to the highest bidder and accumulating power in Washington. In fact, Public Citizen honored your whoring skills with a special report:

Rep. Roy Blunt: Ties to Special Interests Leave Him Unfit to Lead

That report, which examined your record as a legislator in the House, revealed the truth about what it is you do, Senator:

In the end, what emerges is a portrait of a legislative leader who not only has surrendered his office to the imperative of moneyed interests, but who has also done so with disturbing zeal and efficiency.

What perverted pride you must have felt at being so honored, Mr. Blunt. What sick satisfaction you must have experienced when a Washington Post profile favorably compared your work in the House to convicted felon Tom DeLay, and noted that,

Here in Washington, Blunt has converted what had been an informal and ad hoc relationship between congressional leaders and the Washington corporate and trade community into a formal, institutionalized alliance.

And now that you are in the Senate, you must feel a strange and devilish joy that your prowess as a corporate prostitute is still recognized, not only for your continued support for the gun industry, but for the agribusiness industry:

Sen. Roy Blunt: Monsanto’s Man in Washington

I have to admit that slipping a Monsanto-friendly provision into a totally unrelated piece of legislation is a skillful maneuver worthy of anything I have ever seen in the Kama Sutra or, frankly, in Deep Throat or Debbie Does Dallas.

But your votes on Wednesday, Senator Blunt, your votes to kill even the mildest and most common-sense efforts to at least make it more difficult for murderers to murder our kids and loved ones with NRA-protected killing machines, those votes, those votes, Senator, are more shameful than anything you have ever done.

The lies you, your colleagues, and the NRA told about the legislation, and your votes that ultimately killed all the relatively modest proposals and amendments, those lies and those votes, if there were a righteous God who has ears to hear and eyes to see what you have done, would move him to, as the Bible says, spew you and your cowardly colleagues out of his mouth on some future judgment day.

But, alas, whether there will be such a future day of everlasting judgment, whether there will be a time when you, Senator Blunt, stand before and receive unappealable justice from the God you claim to worship, whether there will be such a day and time is uncertain. Not one of us knows the truth about that possibility. But we do know, we can be certain of one thing, that the judgment of history, the only judgment we as human beings can make that has any permanence, won’t be kind to you, sir.

If there is a heaven and hell of human construction, it is the heaven and hell of historical judgment. And someday, long after you have passed from this life and have or haven’t met your creator, your descendants will find your legislative legacy in the hell of human history, where it most certainly belongs and where it, if not you, will live forever.


  1. Amen. And Amen. A darkly beautiful letter, Duane. I long for the day when truth and common sense prevail over the dollars of the NRA, the Adelson’s, the Koch’s and those who control the minds of most of the SCOTUS. Since the Blounts of the world are usually upstanding “Christian” folks here’s a little ditty they can sing about themselves to the tune of that popular Sunday School song, “Deep and Wide”. You remember it, don’t you?
    Let’s all sing it together:

    “Shills and whores,
    Shills and whores.
    Our congress is full of shills and whores.
    Shills and whores,
    Shills and whores.
    Our congress is full of shills and whores.”

    Nicely done, boys and girls.
    Now, let’s sing it again……


  2. Oh — and lest we forget — thanks goes out to the 5 cowardly Democrats who helped shut down the legislation. Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly, Democratic Senators beloved by the NRA, voted FOR the background checks expansion. The rest of you — you five — are cowards of the worst stripe.


  3. Bbob

     /  April 18, 2013

    Amen from me, too. As a resident of Kansas, I am deeply ashamed of “my” senators, Roberts and Moran. They are “christian” money whores, too. Someone should force them to Google “deaths since Newtown.” If guns don’t kill people, how do you explain the deaths of 3,513 people by guns since that infamous day? I doubt that they would be influenced by this shocking number, but they should at least be aware of it. Dollar signs speak louder than reason or compassion. If there is a hell, they will rot there.

    By the way, just what did the Republicans “win” when they blocked a vote on gun control? I’d say they “won” more massacres, among other atrocities.


  4. So very true.


  5. Treeske

     /  April 18, 2013

    Well said Duane! Needs to be submitted to the Globe, K.C. Star and the other main newspapers! BTW: Public Citizen also awarded Blunt: One of most corrupted Legislators!


  6. Ditto those Amens and more: he’s ‘MY’ Senator, sadly, and we’re stuck with him for a looong time. This is a state that used to be blue,, went purple and is now on the grips of the absurd group of ‘reds’ that are bringing ridicule and ruin to it’s citizens, not just in national issues, but in state and local ones as well. Anyway, you’ll NEVER shame Blunt on any issue, but especially a gun=related one. Reason: his SON, the inept and sleazy one-term gov. of our state, needed a new job, so guess what?? He’s a lobbyist for NRA!!! All in the family, they say.. And Mrs. Roy has been a lobbyist for years while he was in House, and I presume, continues to this day, even tho they have more ‘job security’ w/ a Senate seat and can afford ‘the nicer’ things, even while he votes to take away basic things for the least of us.


  7. Troy

     /  April 18, 2013

    Amen to that my brotha!!! Until the bullets start flying in their direction, nothing will change. It is so sad and shameful. Might one day the chickens come home to roost.


  8. I too feel a sense of outrage over the venality of Senator Blunt and the other 46% who caved to NRA pressure. However, I also have to recognize the political reality that the electorate in red states is vulnerable to the NRA’s single-issue demagoguery and therefore I would pose the question: ought Landrieu of Louisiana vote for a sensible gun-control bill that had no chance in the GOP-dominated House and thereby risk having her seat turn red? I think not, sadly. If this issue is to be properly resolved, it must be from the bottom up. Whatever Blunt’s sins may be, he nevertheless knows his base.


  9. PS – I should add that I don’t think polls properly reflect voters’ ability to resist demagoguery.


  10. Jason B

     /  June 1, 2013

    As a Missouri resident i strongly disagree with you on your gun stance. I want all of our reps and senators to protect the 2nd amendment, not just my own elected officials. On that we will never agree Im afraid, so to debate it would seem an exercise in futility. I DO agree with you in that Blunt is a corrupt POS. The things he does for Monsanto and the like are in my mind grounds for him to at the very least burn in hell. I hold that McCaskill is in the same mold as well. She is so far up Obamas butt its not funny. I would love to see BOTH of them replaced with freedom loving constitutional representation. Im sick of status quo politics as usual. That goes for the people like that on both sides of the isle. Regardless of what you may believe, the dems are just as corrupt as the establishment GOP.


    • Wayne

       /  June 19, 2013

      I still do not understand this comment of “protect the 2nd amendment”. Are you people serious? Do you really understand the 2nd amendent? I quess not.


  11. Wayne

     /  June 19, 2013

    I agree, whole heartly, with your letter to Blunt. Hopefully this letter will bring down Blunt.


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