The U.S. Government Bombed The Boston Marathon, Or Just Another Day In The World Of Right-Wing Nuttery

I only listened to a little Glenn Beck on Wednesday morning because, frankly, a little Glenn Beck goes a long way in terms of destroying brain tissue, and, to be honest, I don’t have that much brain tissue to spare these days.

Naturally, since Glenn Beck specializes in peddling conspiracy theories for cash, Glenn Beck has a conspiracy theory regarding the Boston Marathon bombing, which, as far as I can tell,  involves Barack and Michelle Obama and Joe Biden and the Saudi Arabian foreign minister and the Saudi ambassador and Janet Napolitano, who will, when this plot is unraveled, be “the first to fall,” says Beck.  Oh, yeah, I think the pigmented comedian Dave Chappelle is involved too, because he converted to Islam in 1998 and since then, well, the world has gone to hell.

Because he is a capitalist without a conscience, Glenn Beck won’t let a terrorist attack go to waste without least attempting to make a profit from it. And this latest conspiracy theory—involving a Saudi man who police—and, for Allah’s sake, even Fox News’ Bret Baier—says was merely a victim of the bombing and not a suspect or participant on behalf of the government, is so stupid and unbelievable that, of course, it has legs in the world of right-wing nuttery. (You can see Beck’s take on Bret Baier here.)boston marathon bombing

Let me tell you that the evening of  the Boston Marathon bombing, I was at a local high school baseball game watching my kid play. Standing beside me was a dad of another player on our team. I knew this guy to be a right-wing fanatic (chances are, around these parts, someone you are standing next to at a ball game is a right-wing fanatic), and, it happens, a Glenn Beck fan. He was checking his phone for updates on the bombing and, lo and behold, he told me that “they” just found out that the perpetrator was a “Saudi national.” “Who could have guessed that?” he said sarcastically.

Playing along, I said, “Of course!” Who else, I said only to myself, would want to kill spectators at a marathon but those damn Saudis! They’ve always hated long-distance runners, especially long-distance runners from Ethiopia who win, and they hate people who would stand and applaud their efforts. Kill the infidels!

Needless to say, I later found out the truth about the Saudi national and that Matt Drudge and Alex Jones and Glenn Beck and others were trying to make a buck off the whole thing. And I sort of felt a little guilty for not telling the guy at the baseball game that he was, dammit, out of his mind for believing anything that came from his right-wing “sources.”

In any case, all of this embarrassing nonsense leads me to post the segment below from Wednesday night’s Rachel Maddow Show, which, in case you think this conspiracy stuff is harmless fluff, will change your mind about how pervasive, sick, and thus, dangerous, it is in terms of our national well-being. Because people like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can, thanks to Fox “News,” talk radio, and the Internet, reach millions of folks, they are making us dumber as a society.

As Steve Benen wrote:

…let’s not overlook the fact that last week, Beck used his Internet show to push a bogus claim about a Boston suspect, but his arguments quickly drew attention from the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, the chairman of the House subcommittee on Oversight and Management Efficiency, the chairman of the House subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence, and the chairwoman of the House subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security — all of whom are Republicans, and all of whom took Beck’s nonsense seriously.

There’s a strain of madness running through contemporary Republican politics…

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  1. On a similar note, I heard a woman around my age–old–say that she had to go home to see what Pat Robertson had to say about the Boston bombings. She then said that Obama’s sequestration was causing all the problems in the nation and world. It was very difficult to stay quiet, but I was in Walmart, a place I despise but is convenient, and the person she was talking to was eating it up.

    It is sad that so many listen to and believe Robertson, Beck, Limpballs, Hannity and others on our local conservative propoganda outlets. I also find it disgusting that some local churches embrace these right-wingers, even though their policies and hate-filled rants are counter to the beliefs and teachings of Jesus Christ, which call for helping the disadvantaged and poor. Instead, one of the seven deadly sins, greed, is embraced by them and the Republican Party. I wonder if Jesus is crying about the direction of the churches today and those who hypocritically embrace their false teachings in His name?


    • @ JD,

      I wonder if Jesus is crying about the direction of the churches today and those who hypocritically embrace their false teachings in His name?

      If humanity is Jesus’ science project, I’m guessing his grade isn’t above a “D”. 😦


    • Whether Jesus is crying, I’m not qualified to confirm. But that there are nutty people who shop at Wal-Mart, I can definitely, and authoritatively, confirm.


  2. angelfire

     /  April 25, 2013

    Glenn Beck is Alex Jones’ colon. Anyone who would believe a word out of either of their mouths is retarded ….. yes you heard/read correctly……retarded (not having all one’s mental capasity….whatever).

    AND we must rememeber there is still a black guy in the white house so all the racists are jumping on this bandwagon…..they’re just sure Barrack and Michelle and the girls did this.


    • “Glenn Beck is Alex Jones’ colon.” Took me a while to digest that, sort of like digesting beans, but now I see, and smell, your point.


  3. Thanks for this timely post, Duane. As always, I’m blown away by Saint Rachel’s incisive analysis of issues. I’d like to add that the always reliable deserves a tip of the hat on this subject as well.


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