Hole-In-One Diplomacy A Success Abroad, A Failure At Home

Okay, here’s a headline from a couple of weeks ago:

Saxby Chambliss gets hole-in-one golfing with Obama

Now, for me, the interesting thing about that story was not the “hole-in-one” but the “golfing with Obama.” The President, who has been encouraged by Washington-insider types to spend more time eating, drinking, and golfing with Republicans in Congress, apparently believes that if he hits the links with right-wingers like Georgia senator Saxby Chambliss, they will succumb to his charms and, at the very least, stop accusing him of secretly bedding down with jihadists who want to destroy us.

Fast forward from a couple weeks ago to yesterday, after President Obama gave that amazing speech on drones and the war on terrorism and Guantanamo and the inappropriateness of prosecuting reporters for doing their jobs:

Chambliss: President’s speech will be viewed by terrorists as a victory

That headline actually came from Senator Chambliss’ own website. His press release began:

The President’s speech today will be viewed by terrorists as a victory. 

The terrorists win! The terrorists win! Damn that Obama!

So much for whacking golf balls with the commander-in-chief.

Keep in mind that not only has President Obama sent Osama bin Laden deep-sea diving without a suit, but under his command we have pretty much decimated all of al Qaeda’s leadership and made would-be leaders of that group, to the extent one can all it a unified group, hide in fear that they will get the next drone-delivered enema or, to stay on topic, become a human hole-in-one.

Chambliss is all worried that closing a weird prison that we, who call ourselves the hope of the civilized world, operate in Cuba will give terrorists in Yemen and elsewhere a “victory.” That’s some victory. The United States actually trying to live up to its values is not what anyone, in Yemen or in Yonkers, should consider a victory for al Qaeda terrorists who are afraid to peek out their doors, lest they die.

In the mean time, I am sure that more golf outings and meals with Republicans are on the agenda for the President. But nothing, absolutely nothing, will change.



  1. angelfire

     /  May 24, 2013

    They are racists. Nothing will change that….they will die racists.


  2. Well, gosh! Chambliss has been a bastard forever, anyway. The nastiness he displayed in his 2002 campaign against Max Cleland is still regarded as one of the most disgusting and dishonest in Senate campaign history. I went to high school with one of his close personal friends and 2002 campaign workers and she stated very matter-of-factly that Cleland simply had to go — because he was a Democrat. The ends justified the means. Chambliss and my friend are both holier-than-thou typres. I think of Chambliss as the poster boy for empty-headed modern Republicanism. He’s a sad and corrupt old shill for wealthy special interests, wrapping himself in the American and Christian flags without having much of a clue what each should stand for. I’m so glad he’s not running again.


  3. Well said, Duane, and all too true. The most significant part of Obama’s speech, to me, is his call to stop calling what we’re doing a “war”, something we’ve all blogged on before. The president must have known he’d get this kind of pure polemic reaction from the right, fair-weather golfing buddies included. It’s ever so much easier to “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” if you can call it a “war”. But it’s no war when the enemy has no country or government of their own. It’s no war when they don’t wear uniforms and hide like cockroaches.

    We were led into this “war” by the Republican party, impelled by fear and anger into attacking the wrong country and into embracing policies that damaged the principles at the heart of our own liberties. Guantanamo is the symbol of that and it is becoming evident that it is motivating a brand new crop of jihadists, evidenced by the Boston bombers and the recent stabbing of a British soldier by Islamic fanatics. In a perfect world, pols would put nation ahead of party. My, how far we are from that!


  4. Obama cannot work with stupidity, and that is today’s Republican Party. Chambliss, Cantor, Blunt, Ozark Billy, and 99% of the others are racists who worry about the white man becoming a minority. They are idiots.


    • Jim,

      No, they are not all “racists.” But many of them, many, many of them, do “worry about the white man becoming a minority.” That has been pretty much the theme running through this blog, as I write about these matters. But I don’t see that as racism as much as I see it as tribalism, even though, sure, there are some racists out there.



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