“Jus Niggaz Bein Niggaz”

Last night, while watching a segment on “All In With Chris Hayes,” I heard a reference to Nat Turner.

Now, these days, you don’t often hear references to the slave Nat Turner, so a little history is in order before we get to the reason his name was invoked on MSNBC last night.

Nat Turner—the surname being the name of his owner—was born in 1800. He became a religious zealot, who believed, essentially, that God had put it upon him to lead an uprising against slave-owners, starting in Virginia. His rebellion, which began on August 21, 1831, lasted no more than 48 hours, and resulted in (the estimates are problematic) the brutal deaths of 55 to 65 white folks, including women, the brutality, presumably, meant to “strike terror and alarm,” as one newspaper reported at the time.

When the slave-loving establishment was finished with its form of justice, an estimated 100 to 200 blacks were dead, including some who were executed by the state for allegedly being part of Turner’s rebellion and some, including some who had nothing to do with the revolt, who were summarily killed by reactionary white mobs with guns, affectionately known as militias. As Wikipedia put it:

Blacks suspected of participating in the rebellion were beheaded by the militia. “Their severed heads were mounted on poles at crossroads as a grisly form of intimidation.”

Turner was eventually caught and tried for his ill-conceived rebellion. He was quickly strung up and killed, his dead body then flayed and ripped apart like an animal. As American Heritage.com put it:

His skin was made into a purse, his flesh turned to grease, his bones divvied up as souvenirs. His head was permanently separated from his body and made the rounds as a curio, reportedly spending much of the twentieth century at the College of Wooster, in Ohio.

Nice. Good Christian Justice.

I said all that to say this: since Nat Turner’s rebellion there has been a fear among many whites, sometimes open and sometimes not, that there is a sort of unruly animal spirit residing in black folks that is just waiting to rebel at even the slightest provocation, just waiting to get even with whites for the sin of slavery, for the disgrace of systematic and ongoing oppression.

Enter Fox’s Bill O’Reilly.

Billo was in typical form on Tuesday night, commenting on the George Zimmerman murder trial (which I have watched fairly religiously and about which I will likely have something to offer, if I can stomach writing about it).

Naturally, O’Reilly claims, journalists are responsible for distorting racial issues and for causing “racial division.” He cited a Rasmussen poll that purported to show that more than one-third of Americans—including almost one-third of blacks!—believe that blacks are the most racist group in America (one-half of the conservatives and one-half of Republicans surveyed believe most blacks are racist). He then, also following form, predicted:

If George Zimmerman is acquitted, there will be racial animus.

By “racial animus,” of course, Billo means Niggas Gone Wild. Blacks, being filled with the spirit of Nat Turner, ain’t gonna tolerate Zimmerman getting away with shooting to death an unarmed black teenager for the crime of being, among other things, a suspicious-looking black kid.

To be fair to the unfair Bill O’Reilly, he’s not the only one sounding the Nat Turner alarm. In Florida, the Broward County Sheriff’s Department “has coordinated a response plan in anticipation of the verdict.” The response includes the enlisting of “basketball star James Jones of the championship Miami Heat.” This is James Jones:

As you can see, Mr. Jones is well-qualified to urge certain pigmented “young people not to let their emotions get the best of them.”

This is the Sheriff of Broward County:

Scott J. Israel

As you can see, he is not necessarily well-qualified to urge certain pigmented “young people not to let their emotions get the best of them.”

The Blaze, founded by Glenn Beck, is no stranger to racial issues. It weighed in recently with an article with this header:


The article consisted of stupid tweets from stupid people promising to do something violent in retaliation for an acquittal. Here was just one example among many:

Trayvon Martin Fans Tweet Death Threats If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty

You get the point.

Naturally, a Glenn Beck-inspired outlet is going to document and promote such trash because doing so, predictably, results in a robust expression of the white angst that fuels so much of the subtle racism that flows through parts of conservative White America. Here is a sample of the nearly 700 responses the article received:

  • some of those tweets sound a little similar to the reports of what martin was saying the night he was shot. didn’t work out so well for him, but hey…
  • Well one more reason to own a gun and have a CCW permit. My father always said this country was ripe for a civil war of blacks vs whites and he would not live to see it. My father dies in 2011 […]
  • The apes are throwing threats again what a surprise. All I can say is BRING IT BITCHES I have some lead pie filling for ya.
  • Wow, who knew Obama had so many “sons”?????
  • Negroes are all judging Trayvon based on the color of his skin, while ignoring the content of his character. It’s sad that 95% of negroes are racist.
  • Truth be told, the WORST racists in this country are blacks….taught to be that way by the constant divisive BS pounded into them by the democrats. I figured that out when I worked at Ford in the Detroit area for 32 years.
  • It is crazy, sick, destructive and evil and it emanates from the Oval Office “design team”. Maybe martial law enacted just prior to the 2016 election………
  • You have to recall that these are the descendants of the ex-slaves that missed the free boat ride to return to Africa and they are still angry.
  • Let them try. I’m not worried about these creatures. The gun I carry is bigger and carries many more rounds than Zimmerman’s little Kel-Tec PF9. Let them try. Let them die.
  • He will be found not guilty of course and many many folks will be waiting for you boys to misbehave.
  • Ok all you afro heroes, talk your sh+t, I’ve got lots of rounds, magazines, and replacement barrels. I wonder how quick you will run when your homies bodies are being stacked like wood,eh.
  • You boys are outnumbered, even if you add the bleeding heart lib whites to help you. The race war that you yearn for won’t end the way you want so by all means let’s get this party started.
  • Civil war anyone?
  • Even these animals can see that this pig star witness is a big time failure! Hehehehehehe!
  • why aren’t these douchbags all arrested for death threats?? Come on NSA you afraid to go after them because they’re black?? As for you black punks threatening to kill a whitey, I say bring it on MF. Bring your black ass on!!
  • A Cracke_r is a person who works for a living in the hot sun herding cattle. Black MOFO’s are lazy parasites..
  • Big word from behind a computer. I am a white guy and I will be ready for that day.

As I said, that kind of stuff went on for pages and pages. Tough talk from keyboard-courageous gun-toters. But there was one particularly insightful commenter on the Blaze story, who went by the name of “BANNEDFROMCNN,” who wrote:

Jus niggaz bein niggaz.

When you think about it, that’s not much different from what Bill O’Reilly, the most popular TV conservative in America, said on Tuesday night.

Congratulations, Billo.



  1. ansonburlingame

     /  July 11, 2013


    White zealots and Black zealots tweeting their sentiments, absolutely gross, vile, etc. sentiments. Why in God’s name do you publish such views by anyone to make your partisan political points? Should we, your readers, add up the crazies and see which side has more?

    I too have followed the trial to a degree by only watching media reports. Apolitically, it seems to me that many withnesses have made Zimmerman’s case for him, by and large, most of them being prosecution withnesses. But we all must still await the verdict from a jury and none of us know for sure how that will turn out.

    Face it Duane, the title of the blog is RACIST and the tone of it is racist also. My hope is the jury will not rule with such sentiments and only return a verdict based on color blind LAW. Remove race from the issue and it boils down to when can any person defend themselves.

    And if you want to blog on the matter using racial terms be sure and include “asshole cracker” in your blog as well.

    But I look forward to your post verdict views for sure. We may both blog at the same time when that happens. I HOPE to hell I can blog based on my reading of the LAW and set aside ANY racial views once the verdict is known. We’ll see.



  2. Anson,

    Here we go again. Please pay me the courtesy of actually trying to understand what the post was about. This post was not about the George Zimmerman murder trial per se. It was about the expectations (quite low in some cases) by certain folks as to how black people will behave after an acquittal verdict. My point is that what Bill O’Reilly said was the moral equivalent of what that racist commenter on that offensive website, The Blaze, said.

    And to accuse me of racism, for pointing out what racists actually say and do, is, well, I’d better leave that one alone. If you can’t differentiate between the two, then no amount of explanation from me will help you. It is self-evident.

    I will say too that there is a strong element of superiority in white people having such low expectations such that they don’t think blacks can behave themselves if George Zimmerman goes free. And the last time I checked, such superiority is connected with racism.

    Finally, I want to challenge you, and others who read this, to do something. Do an image Google search using the term “football hooliganism.” Then get back with me and try to defend anyone suggesting that overreaction, including violent overreaction, is what we should expect from dark-skinned folks, which was the suggestion of Bill O’Reilly and others. Most of the hooligans perpetrating violence at soccer games around the world are as white as you and me, Anson.



  3. ansonburlingame

     /  July 12, 2013


    You know as well as anyone that the Zimmerman – Martin affair was fueled by racist motives, or motives based on race. Go back and watch rally’s held by Black leaders when police and prosecutors first felt there was insufficient evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime.

    Of course many took sides based on race. By and large liberals “hope” for a conviction of Zimmerman and now conservatives are lining up to say a verdict of Not Guilty is the only reasonable one. In other words the outcome, or hope for outcome is politically partisan at this point in time.

    Now look at where you and I agree from time to time, on gun control. No legally right to carry and chances are no killing of Martin. But even that is a poltical slant on the current trial.

    I have blogged once since the trial began, criticizing how it got started with crude language, racial undertones, etc. Since then I have exchanges some views in comments on that blog as I saw the difficulty the prosecution was having proving their case for murder.

    Face it, there is little real evidence showing that Zimmerman was gunning for a black man. At best he was seeking to prevent “punks” from potentially causing harm in a neighborhood.

    But so what as to my views on the progress of the trial. For sure neither one of us are “there” and with responsibility to return and fair and just verdict. We must await the jury and how it does its job as we should.

    Just to check my sentiments, I watched part of Hannity last night. Sure enough he had lined up pundits that by and large support the Zimmerman side of the case. I am sure I could have watched MSNBC to get the other side as well. Why bother is my point now. Just sit back and let the jury decide and THEN opin one way or the other.

    Just look at the title of this blog. You injected race back into the issue, again and beat up on mostly conservative views. I could cull out Black tweets and make a big deal out of such comments. But again, why bother for now.

    I honestly wonder how you will sum it all up and make predicitions for the future once a verdict is in. I am sure you will support the Martin side of the issue with the argument that he was a “poor, black kid”, minding his own business and should NEVER have been pursued by Zimmerman in the first place and later shot to death.

    I on the other hand will wonder why some 45 recent shootings in Chicago, gang shootings as I understand them by and large, do not receive the same intensity of publicity as this one trial. But one way or the other, I leave the verdict for Zimmerman up to a jury, no my opinions or those of crazy tweeters, or pundits from either side of the poltical spectrum.

    Consider this point. Is the Zimmerman trial a “political show trial”? I think it is and not a quiet and professional issue of law best left to lawyers and honest, well meaning members of a jury that should do their work without all the hooplaw seen in this explosive case.

    But just wait. If Zimmerman is found Not Guilty of a crime the outrage from the left will be akin to outrage from the right over the OJ verdict, in all likelihood. OMG. And this blog lays to basis for such liberal outrage, in my view, depending on the final verdict, which will probably not be final in any way. IF Not Guilty in this trial, well just wait for all the civil law suits to follow. And if Zimmerman is found Guilty of some lesser offense, well some outrage over his sentence and appeals to such sentencing will probably follow as well. The only “acceptable” verdict for those on the “left” will be murder in the 2nd degree and 20+ years in prison, probably.



  4. ansonburlingame

     /  July 13, 2013

    To anyone paying attention,

    Gene Lyon’s column in Saturday’s Globe was on the mark in my view. Here is an email I sent him after reading his article.


    Your column on the Zimmerman – Martin fiasco is right on the mark, in my view. A homicide trial has now become a political trial. The left lines up calling for Zimmerman’s blood and the right defends his every motive and action. And yep, it seems that few pundits have actually watched much of the trial.

    I have only paid mild attention to media coverage of the trial. Go to MSNBC and Zimmerman is guilty as hell of many felonies. Go to Fox and Martin is a punk, deserving what he got. OMG!!

    Based only on what I have seen and read regarding the trial, limited exposure for sure, I see no way for a guilty verdict if the jury sticks to the absolute requirement to render a verdict beyond reasonable doubt. To me that is not a failure on the part of prosecutors or stellar performance by the defense. It simply shows the lack of evidence to prove much of anything other than than Martin died as a result of a gunshot wound from Zimmerman. All else is TBD, probably by God, as no humans saw or hear enough to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, much of anything.

    Just go back to days after the shooting where police and a DA said there was insufficient evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime. Is that not now playing out for all the country to argue about, again!!!

    I do “think” this however. No Gun, no death. Control, effectively, possession of guns and the number of gunshot deaths go down. Hmmmm??? So do we now send a young man to prison for a long time because legislators can’t figure out that simple observation????

    I would much prefer a bunch of Florida legislators in the “dock” explaining why they passed laws to allow Zimmerman to do what he did!

    Anson Burlingame”


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