Dumb And Dangerous

The move by movement conservatives to talk people out of signing up for health insurance under ObamaCare is akin to, well, all the dumb and dangerous stuff these people are wont to do, like push anti-science creationism and engage in anti-science scaremongering related to vaccinations.

From Yahoo! News:

Americans for Prosperity, a group partially funded by donors David and Charles Koch, plans to release a  television ad Wednesday to raise questions about the law. Instead of focusing on the law’s repeal, AFP’s newest effort will argue that health insurance premiums will rise for those who sign up for the exchanges. The group also is making plans to dispatch activists to sporting events, festivals and town fairs in multiple states for the next several months to warn people that they could have fewer medical choices under the law.

“This is more about going to folks where they are and talking to them,” AFP President Tim Phillips told Yahoo News. “We’re saying, make sure you understand the impact this law will have on you if you sign up.”

The point, of course, is to scare folks and get them to stay out of the exchanges so that the Affordable Care Act won’t work as designed. Conservatives have failed to stop health care reform in Congress, they have failed to stop President Obama in 2012, and so they are now resorting to demagoguery.

In the mean time, if these people are successful, millions of folks will get hurt, as right-wingers are offering exactly no plan to address the health care crisis many Americans face.

Sickening is what it is.



  1. King Beauregard

     /  August 1, 2013

    Here’s the good news (such as it is). The same people who bitch about ObamaCare are also the ones who happily, indeed greedily accept every other act of munificence the government offers them. All those Teabaggers riding around on Medicare-subsidized Rascal scooters are evidence of that.

    What we’re going to end up with are people who sign up on exchanges because the offer is theirs for the taking, they’ll benefit from it, but they’ll still bitch about it and they’ll still vote Republican.


  2. ansonburlingame

     /  August 1, 2013

    A conservative column in today’s Globe predicts exactly such a tactic by those opposed to ACA. No doubt now that the real federal money will start flowing to support ACA come Jan 2014, less than six months away.

    The House will attempt to restrict those funds and the administration will try to work around the lack of full Congressional funding for that program. Cries of an “imperial presidency” will result from the right for sure when that happens. Such polical actions, from both sides will again test American governance, Constitutionally. You see Congress must first pass such legislation for a new program and THEN it must fund such programs as politics ultimately decides how funding streams are sustained.

    Is it any surprise to anyone that when a new program is started with raw majority power, zero votes for a new program from a minority, that sustaining such a program over time will be a real challenge? We will see that challenge unfold come 2014 and beyond, for sure, with ACA.

    Of course the solution in this blog for such political roadblocks is “squash’em like a cock roach” the political opposition to such “popular” programs, demographically.

    Here is the real test in the coming years for ACA. Assume that HC exchanges, supported with a lot of federal money, become a reality. Many will benefit and others will bear the burden, financially. In the end, sustaining federal funding for ACA, AND Medicare, AND Medicaid, AND VA HC benefits must come from “somewhere” in federal revenues. “Something” in terms of the use of federal revenues MUST “give”, become less than is spent today.

    That is federal redistribution on a grand scale and almost anyone can envision that such redistribution will come FROM defense of America and TO more domestic entitlements. Such will not happen overnight but the incremental encroachment on defense funding will happen over time. Our recent “sequestration” will pale in significance when that happens.

    Now look at Detroit with only a shell of an effective police and fire protection system now in place. Call 911 while your wife is being raped and wait about an hour for the cops to show up!! On the other hand, how long it might take for the fire department to show up is yet to be announced if your house is burning down around your ears.



  3. genegarman

     /  August 1, 2013

    What would Jesus do?


    • Jane Reaction

       /  August 6, 2013

      Jane thinks He would cut the hell out of the War Department, and then throw a redistribution party.


  4. Apropos of the present day situation where in which conservatives lament “socialized medicine” and forced medical insurance, I just happened on a pod-cast that explains just how healthcare costs actually started spiraling out of control and why that is continuing. It is a tale of basic human nature and economics, and it clarifies why normal competition and marketplace economics do not apply to healthcare in America.

    It started in 1965 with the creation of Medicare and all the best intentions of LBJ’s Great Society. This Planet Money episode is only 20 minutes long. It’s entertaining and is, I submit, important for understanding the subject. It also makes perfectly clear the economic disaster that awaits us if the Koch brothers’ plan to defeat the ACA succeeds.


  5. ansonburlingame

     /  August 5, 2013

    An excellent link, Jim and one that promotes a blog in response from me. I encourage all the readers herein to listen carefully to that link, at least. Remember that LBJ wondered what might happen if a calamity such as $100 Billion in HC costs (annually) errupted in our midst, based on comments in the link!!!



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