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Scott Brown, who has been snooping around at the Iowa State Fair, thinks he has a shot at being president. Of course, he never will. Why? Because of this:

scott brown and corn dog

I just don’t see how Scott Brown, trying to make it in a half-puritanical Republican Party, can survive this image. Here are a couple of other Republican hopefuls that made the same mistake (via

My guess is that Chris Christie will put a lot of things in his mouth between now and November of 2016, but a corn dog won’t be one of them.


Speaking of corn dogs, Ted Cruz has thrown Canada under his presidential campaign bus. Meanwhile, the birther movement is claiming a media double standard related to this foreign-born demagogue. The problem is there is no double standard. Obama, you see, was actually born in America and the first breath that Ted Cruz took on this earth was filled with Canadian air. The question is whether Cruz, who obviously wants to be president, fits the constitutional definition of “natural born citizen.” And for my money, unless he was brought to earth by an intergalactic stork bent on starting a McCarthyite revival, then he is a natural born citizen.


Speaking of Republicans who want to be prez, Chris Christie just told conservative Christians to go to hell by signing a law that bans licensed therapists in New Jersey from straightening out gay teenagers. Christie’s only hope of keeping the Jesus-is-a-Republican vote is that they will overlook his apostasy on changing-the-gay and reward him for his recalcitrance on the gay marriage issue and his veto of sensible gun restrictions.

By the way, Christie is, by most accounts, a committed Catholic, which means, of course, that he doesn’t think gayness is a sin in itself, but he thinks practicing gayness is. It’s sort of like saying it’s okay to be black, as long as you act white.


Speaking of black folks, Meet the Press’ silly David Gregory, in his melodramatic way, ask New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly—rumored to be on the short list for the Homeland Security czar— the following question:

If a program like stop-and-frisk is abandoned, will people die?

That’s a little like asking Franklin Roosevelt in 1942,

If imprisoning Japanese Americans is abandoned, will people die?

The proper question is this:

If stop-and-frisk laws were applied everywhere in America, would the Constitution die?


Meanwhile, what is wrong with New York’s stop-and-molest law is not only that it unfairly profiles black folks, but that it unfairly profiles innocent folks. Nearly all those who are legally groped by New York City cops are innocent of any wrongdoing. The phony justification for the law is that “it works.” On that basis, I suppose President Obama could impose Marshall Law, use the military to confiscate weapons from potential white male mass murderers (who perpetrate most of the mass killings), and we could stop a lot of tragedies.  And American constitutional civilization along with it.


Speaking of stop-and-frisk and the end of American civilization, a proposal by House Republicans, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, would stop-and-frisk food stamp spending and could potentially affect up to six million Americans, “including some of the nation’s poorest adults, as well as many low-income children, seniors, and families that work for low wages.”

Notwithstanding the colossally ignorant Bill O’Reilly and other Foxish quasi-bigots, most recipients of food help from the government actually work—“more than 80 percent,” according to CBPP—and you’d think Republicans, who constantly say they want to encourage work, would, well, encourage work. But they don’t. It’s just the opposite:

though proponents stress the need to promote work, the proposal cuts assistance to low-income working families who struggle to afford food.

My congressman, Ozark Billy Long, told the Springfield News-Leader that because there were no specific details out yet, he wasn’t sure of his support for this effort to, as one local Springfield businessman put it, “starve children.” To give Billy Long sarcastic credit, at least before he would be willing to take food out of the mouths of poor, hungry kids, he must know the details because, as we all know, that’s where the devil lives, especially in House Republican legislation.



  1. ansonburlingame

     /  August 21, 2013

    Hmmmm? Let’s see.

    Is eating a corn dog in public politically incorrect?

    Should government decide what therapy should be used by a free, independent but medically certified therapist? I recently read of two IDENTICAL twins, one straight as an arrow and the other gay as a fruitcake (I “like” both arrows and fruitcakes by the way so no slurs intended). Nature or enviroment, I wonder? Nothing WRONG with being gay, for sure, but if a gay person WANTS therapy, should he be able to legally get it? Same for parents TRYING to “help” their kids using their own best judgment, not the government’s dictate? If I had a young son that wanted to wear a dress and lipstick to school (I have seen exactly such occur in a public school) I for sure would want to “understand” very thoroughly his motivation to do so and would seek a medical opinon about such matters. Is that wrong? I would still love that son, but ……..

    Should police be allowed to “look for” illegal weapons being carried in public? No illegal weapon, no harm, no foul? Does not search and frisk just pertain to people in public, not in the privacy of their homes? What if someone both looks like and acts like a thug in public AND has a “lump” under his jacket? Should police ignore him until he shoots someone? Should the police have obtained a warrent before “frisking” the Boston Bombers with their backpacks?

    I believe Cruz is a jerk and probably would never vote for him. But given his level of proof that his mother was actually an American, well …… At least we are having the fight now, rather than after he was elected, God Forbide. But go ahead and pile on Cruz all you like even if you sound like a previous crazy birther!!!

    Is OBL trying to actually starve children, or does he have other motives. How about keeping “ding dongs” away from fat, but still poor, kids? Or is he motivated to feed hungry, poor kids but not let Mom and Dad use “food money” for drugs, big screen TVs, etc.

    Let’s see about low income people stuggling to buy food. WHY do they so struggle to buy food, given food stamps, etc. from government? Is it POSSIBLE, that such people use money for ‘bad” reasons INSTEAD of buying food and using reasonable government assistance to agument scare funds? Now how do you ‘regulate that”, unwise use of limited prviate funds? Do you think such MIGHT be a problem, unwise use of limited funds? I wonder how many of those “poor people” carry iPhones, at $200 a pop and pay $50 a month for “service” for such phones? As well I wonder the REAL income of those “poor people”. Just add it ALL up, entilements, legally earned AND reported income and all the “other” sources of money readily available to “poor people”. As well go into most liquor stores and watch “poor people” buying quarts of cheap vodka!!! Wonder where THAT money came from?



    • Unbelievable, Anson.

      Your inability to understand sarcasm is one thing, but your view of gay people, black people, and poor people is so stereotyped and vulgar that it is hard to offer a response that I can be proud of.

      So, I’ll pass.


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