Sean Hannity: A Piece Of Shit Who Believes Putin And Assad Over Obama And Kerry

I write this just after I visited the Sean Hannity show on Monday night and watched the last of a segment featuring Pat Buchanan, an old champion of isolationist Republicans, and Democratic strategist Mark Hannah, who worked on the Kerry and Obama presidential campaigns.

I want to say now, while my emotions are hot and before discretion knocks the edges off my commentary, that if you didn’t think so before, Sean Hannity is a slimy slice of extraordinarily foul excrement. Or, to put it in more gritty language: Sean Hannity is a greasy and stenchy piece of shit.

Got that? Sean Hannity, who has a ton of ignorant and bigoted and fact-ignoring viewers, who faithfully watch him do his Obama-hate dance each night (not to mention the gullible who listen to his radio show each day), is a worthless chunk of stool waste. An unpatriotic, un-American hunk of turd who, if there were a God of Justice overseeing the world, would be right now hopelessly swimming his way through the darkest, dankest stretch of sewer pipe in wealthy Centre Island, New York, having been flushed away by his outraged, God-fearing neighbors.


Because Hannity, sporting an American flag lapel pin, got in a love-bed with Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad, one a former Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB and the other a brutal dictator whose regime gassed women and children in their sleep, that’s why. Because Hannity hates President Obama and John Kerry so much that he would rather get down on his knees and pleasure god-awful authoritarians than acknowledge that Democrats have legitimacy as representatives of the American people and as human beings with a conscience.

Hannity was criticizing John Kerry’s statement that the attack on Syria would be “unbelievably small,” with “no boots on the ground,” and asked Mark Hannah this question:

HANNITY: What do you expect to accomplish? What’s the point?

HANNAH: Can you imagine the devastation that could be wrought against the Assad regime— 


HANNAH : —in a couple of days—


HANNAH: —of American fighters—


HANNAH: —flying into Syria—


HANNAH: —and dropping bombs, and, listen, this would  absolutely accomplish the mission that the President was very specific about, degrading the chemical weapons capacity, deterring…[crosstalk from Hannity and Buchanan]

Then after that revelation of Hannity’s skepticism of American military power, we had this revealing question from the Democrat:

HANNAH: You’re gonna believe Assad, Sean? You’re gonna believe Putin over the word of John Kerry?


Yes, he said that. A man who brags about his love for America, a man who pretends he is God’s gift to American patriotic punditry, said that he would take the word of a horrific dictator and a certified authoritarian over an American diplomat who, no matter what you think of the proposed policy, is trying to defend the integrity of American values.

Then soon followed this:

HANNITY: Mark just asked me who I believed more, Putin or Kerry. Vladimir Putin called Kerry a liar because Kerry was advancing the notion that there are far more moderates than people are seeing here. Now, I think he’s talking about the Free Syrian Army, and that’s the very same military leader that is saying that Israel is an “enemy country.” That doesn’t seem moderate to me. Who do you believe? I believe Putin.

BUCHANAN: First, first, I would not call the Secretary of State a liar, and I would defend the Secretary of State against that…

Thank God that even Pat Buchanan’s dislike for Democrats has limits, even if Sean Hannity’s hatred doesn’t. Let the everlasting record show that Sean Hannity said, “I believe Putin.” All of you Hannity fans out there, all of you who hang on his every word, all of you who nightly suck sweat from his butt crack with a short straw, let those words sink in.

Just a bit later, Sean was suggesting that if we want to be “serious,” we should attack Iran and their “nukes” because they are “the real threat to the world,” by which he means one country, the state of Israel. Buchanan, who famously is not a fan of Israel, would have none of that, saying that Congress should authorize any attack on Iran. Then Sean said Putin filled the “leadership gap” because Obama and Kerry could not make up their minds. Admirably, Mark Hannah followed with this:

HANNAH: You’re listening to Assad and you’re taking their word for it. You’re listening to Putin instead of your own president….you can broadcast this show from Moscow, Sean, how about that?

Yes, how about that? Sean Hannity one night reporting live from the Kremlin and another night reporting from the presidential palace of the trustworthy Bashar al-Assad, both of them now his newest Obama-hating heroes.

Piece of shit.

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  1. LisaF

     /  September 10, 2013

    Sean has always been a. propagandist. He was hired to be “the nice guy with two kids, loves the Church, didn’t have sex with his wife until marriage” alternative to Rush. Someone who would attract the compassionate conservatives who are offended by Rush’s blatant hypocrisy, misogyny and racism. It worked for awhile. Since President Obama took office his role has been scripted to be a Ted Nugent loving, party over country, race baiting fear monger. What does he care? He has made his fortune. I do pity his children

    Goebbels would be proud.


    • Lisa,

      Even when I was a die-hard conservative, I confess that Sean Hannity never appealed to me. There is something about the guy that has always turned my stomach, and it wasn’t just the off-putting combination of ignorance and arrogance. I think it had to do with his holier-than-thou presentation, especially his many allusions to his conservative religious faith, which Limbaugh avoided in his early years. Now, Limbaugh has embraced the evangelical right with both arms, since he figured out that they have enormous influence in the GOP, as well as lots of money they are willing to part with as dittoheads.



  2. Yup. Piece of shit. Plus he’s losing his looks – no more cute little Catholic altar boy face to hide behind.


    • Yeah, I notice no one calls him “Baby Jesus” anymore. By the way, if you watch this video, you’ll see why ex-Fox reporter Major Garrett knew who buttered his bread and knew the right questions to ask for later use by Fox commentators:


  3. Wow! Tells us what you really think of Hannity Duane.


  4. Moe:

    But, he’s still got his hair! That’s more than I can say.


  5. RDG,

    I believe you owe shit an apology.


    • And here it is:

      To: The honorable Mr. Shit
      From: The Erstwhile Conservative

      Recently I called Fox commentator Sean Hannity “a piece of shit.” It has come to my attention that you have taken some offense at the use of your name to describe the nasty talk-show host and hate-filled broadcaster. After searching my conscience and after consulting with many experts on the appropriate use of scatological metaphors, I hereby offer you my sincerest apology for sullying your good name.

      Duane Graham


      • RDG,

        I admire your repentance-as-pain threshold. I’m not sure which would be more intolerable, exposure to Hannity, wearing a heavy hair shirt while playing golf in July or being trapped in a tight crawl space with Michelle Bachmann.


  6. I’m with Juan. And Lisa. And you. I can’t stand to listen to these people for even 10 seconds and I don’t know how you do, Duane. Sounds like you need a shot of Herb’s scotch. Skoal.


  7. An aside: I saw an outtake from “Fox & Friends” (on Jon Stewart?) where the three-on-a-couch were fightin’ mad after a vid with audio of a rocket attack where the bomber cried ‘Allah Akbar” when he hit his target. They were upside down with outrage. The one whose name no one knows said hearing htat is enough to make him want to hit back with rockets – or something. Their guest was John McCain or Pat Buchanan (proof of age: can’t remember which) who then said, calmly, an American pilot might say ‘thank God’ if he succeeded and that was what the pilot was basically sayig. So he asked if htey’d want to go after the ‘thank God’ pilot. I beleive they went to commercial.


    • I saw that, Moe. It was hilarious. Here’s the short version:


      • Thanks Duane. I need to watch that a few more times just to enjoy the expression on Brian Kilmeade’s face (yeah, I knew his name all along).


        • As I always say, Fox and Friends is where IQs go to die and Brian Kilmeade is a serial IQ killer.



        • Wheres Larry and Curly? Didn’t your mother tell you not to call others names. You liberals are the most VILE people ever, and you hide your true identity on the internet. Everything you say in cyberspace you would never have the guts to say to anyone’s face, cowards all of you. Weak foul cowards, you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag!


          • How interesting that you take down Moe for name-calling and then you call her “VILE” and all of us “weak foul cowards.”


  8. Love how you Libtards always spew shit you can’t back up. At least Assad and Putin have the balls to admit their communist, pieces of shit. Obama and Kerry just like everything else they say always say the opposite of what they mean, like their “If you like your he3alth care” Socialist plan that has already proven to be a massive failure and lie, while everyone has been forced off their insurance they liked and also seeing insurance 100 times higher after the promise it would be cheaper. You butt hurt Libtards are nothing but Marxist communists who think Socialism fixes everything when History proves other wise. You are garbage that used the New Black Panthers to get your way and the real question is if the rest of us are so racist, why wasn’t the KKK doing the same? You aren’t even Liberals you dumbasses, Thomas Jefferson gave us the 2nd amendment AND warned us big government would be our down fall and all you fakes want is a slave state of big government and no right to defend ourselves. You are selfish trash looking for a free ride and you deserve to be charged with HIGH TREASON!


  9. GDS

     /  December 22, 2014

    Ahh delusional liberals, the tolerant group unless you disagree with them, then you are a piece of shit, sounds fair to me. “We the people” have been lied to time after time from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and the media. I guess the ends justify the means, whatever it takes to destroy the USA. Congrats to the left, it should collapse soon, then we shall see how well we do when we have to actually fend for ourselves.


    • If the USA is going to “collapse soon,” someone should tell all those employers out there who are hiring folks at record rates. And someone should tell all those Wall Street investors, including many middle class Americans who have money in pension plans, that the end is just around the corner and to stop setting record gains in the stock market.


  10. ansonburlingame

     /  January 8, 2015

    To all,

    I took a Christmas hiatus from politics and just returned to peruse this blog.

    If America government is going to find a way to work together for the good of the country then we all must ignore the iconoclasts on MSNBC and Fox, for starters To start the New Year reading this “stuff” is disheartening to say the least and by “stuff”, I include the few “conservative” rebuttals as well, along with the traditional “the GOP is crap” coming from liberals herein!!



    • Well, Merry Christmas to you, too.

      This post you commented on was written in September of, uh, 2013! And by the way, I suggest you read the piece. It is, if I do say so myself, remarkably well-written, in terms of expressing what so many people feel about Sean Hannity and his absolutely pathological hatred for liberals, especially President Obama. In fact, last month his colleagues in the business, that is, cable news hosts, voted Hannity the worst there is. They did, though, stop short of calling him a POS, but then they weren’t considering that he preferred the word of two creepy dictators over an American secretary of state and president.

      Cheers! And I enjoyed my long vacation away, too.



  11. henrygmorgan

     /  January 9, 2015

    Duane: Apropos of little of worth, but interesting in its own right is the following story. I have a friend whose son is a computer geek, programmer and instructor. He says that computer manufacturers use natives of India as service representatives because most are familiar with English, to some degree greater or lesser. However, they do not understand English slang, so the manufacturers created a handbook of slang to help the reps. According to the son, the most often referred to entry is “piece of shit.” What a useful phrase!


    • Bud,

      Oh, my! Would I like to get my hands on that handbook! That would be fun to see how the manufacturers explained American slang to foreigners who necessarily have to be polite to everyone!

      In any case, I do find it a useful phrase, a phrase that when I was growing up I most often heard used in reference to cars, as in, “Are you still driving that piece of shit?” (Often, I was still driving that piece of shit.) The great Urban Dictionary defines it as,

      any object, person, or other existing thing that works incorrectly, is too expensive, or just plain sucks.

      Again, what a useful, and usefully comprehensive, phrase!



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