“A Murderer Is Less To Fear” Or How Barack Obama Is Driving Right-Wingers Crazy

We’ve all seen it since 2008. They hate this man. They hate the President of the United States. And there is no sign that the hate will abate. In fact, it may be getting worse.

I received today an email from a group called TheTeaParty.net. The subject line shouted:

You are going to WANT to listen to this!

“This” was an interview of Rep. Pete Olson from, where else, Texas. He is lately famous for introducing “articles of impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder for high crimes and misdemeanors,” as his official government website proudly boasts. Texas Pete’s resolution has 22 co-sponsors, including Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert. So, you sort of get the idea. These Obama-haters can’t yet impeach President Obama, so they are trying to impeach his pigmented friend at the Justice Department.

I visited the website of TheTeaParty.net, which brags about having “well over 3 million members and a huge national social media presence.” Yeah, well, I don’t know about all that, but I did find this tweet, which was posted just yesterday:

obama the traitor

Sure, we’ve seen this stuff before. Obama is a traitor, blah, blah, blah. But this one seems particularly vicious. “He rots the soul of a nation and works secretly to undermine the pillars of the city…” Really? Just whose soul is rotting here? And just who is working, not so secretly, to undermine the pillars of our civilization? Huh? In any case, you know what is left out of that Cicero quote? This:

A murderer is less to fear.

That’s right. The next line in that Cicero citation is “A murderer is less to fear.” Why did they leave that line out? Is it even too much for these Tea Party folks to say the President of the United States is worse than a murderer? Well, let’s see.

If you go to TheTeaParty.net website, you will find the usual nutjob fare: a “DEFUND Obamacare NOW” petition, a “Demand Full Benghazi Investigation” petition, and, yes, an “Impeach Obama & Remove Him From Office” petition (“President Obama is the most corrupt president in U.S. history”). These things are all designed to entice the haters among us and, more important, to separate the haters from their money. Conveniently you can donate to the cause.

But there was one petition that is more disturbing than the rest, even by the pitifully low standards of Tea Party groups out to make a buck. It’s called:

Show President Obama That He Is Not A King!

Now, again, we’ve all seen this sort of thing before. It’s the everyday kind of stuff on, say, the Rush Limbaugh Show. But this one goes a little deeper. While the Obama-is-a-traitor tweet left out the “A murderer is less to fear” line, this petition begins:

Untouchable. That is what President Obama believes that he is. If you’ve seen the movie “The Untouchables” that chronicles the days of Al Capone in Obama’s hometown of Chicago, then you will totally get this. Capone broke every law in the book, yet still viewed himself as untouchable. After all, he had law enforcement agents, attorneys, even judges bought and paid for. They towed the line and Capone beat the rap over and over again for crime after crime. Until, that is, a certain tax agent named Elliot Ness entered the picture. He was relentless in his pursuit of Capone and, when one of his men was murdered, the killer scrawled the word “Touchable” in blood on the wall.

Forget for a moment the fact that it was not Al Capone who was considered “untouchable.” It was the small group of feds trying to bring him down who were called the Untouchables. How could these Tea Party nuts muck that up? And forget for a moment the irony of having an anti-big-government Tea Party group extol the virtues of “a certain tax agent named Elliot [sic] Ness.” Ness wasn’t just a tax agent, he was first an agent for the Bureau of Prohibition, and if there ever was an intrusive government agency, it was that one. Besides that, the hero of this Tea Party story never did get Al Capone. It was really the IRS that brought him down. And Eliot Ness, according to one source, had a heart attack at age 54 and died “depressed, disillusioned and deeply in debt.” Oh, yeah, Al Capone allegedly found Jesus in prison. Yikes.

Anyway, forget all that. Look at the Tea Party image created so far: President Obama is a gangster who will not only kill his enemies, but taunt them with blood-scrawled writing on the wall. To these Tea Party-crazed people, “a murderer is less to fear” than our president.

Here’s a little detail from the petition:

The self perceived ‘untouchable’ Obama Regime has blood on their hands. They have the blood of the four men, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, on their hands since they sat back and did nothing while the torturous massacre at Benghazi occurred. They have the blood of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the hundreds of Mexican citizens killed by individuals wielding guns from the botched gun running Operation Fast and Furious on their hands. They have the blood of all those who were killed during the shooting initiated by the Muslim serviceman Nidal Malik Hasan who is still not prosecuted under Eric Holder’s Department of (In) Justice. The fact that the Obama Regime refuses to answer questions surrounding these avoidable, tragic situations is an insult to the American people and those victims who died in these incidents…

Add in his thuggish threatening of journalists Bob Woodward, Lanny Davis, and a reporter with the National Journal and we have a presidency ripe for the investigation of a special prosecutor!

You can see now why Attorney General Eric Holder is under attack by at least 23 Republicans in the House and, if the impeachment resolution ever came to a vote, likely many more. If you read the press release introducing the articles of impeachment drawn up by Texas congressman Pete Olson, you will find some of the same references as in the Obama-is-Capone petition:

During his tenure, Mr. Holder refused to cooperate with a congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious and the resulting death of a Border Patrol agent, refused to prosecute IRS officials who unlawfully disclosed private tax records to third party groups, and misled Congress about his involvement in the investigation of a journalist…

At least Rep. Olson had the decency to leave out not only the “A murderer is less to fear” quote, but also the Al Capone reference. I guess these days that’s saying something. But there is no mistaking one thing. These teapartiers are full of hate for this president and most everyone around him. Congressman Olson and his House friends, Michele Bachmann and Louis Gohmert and the others who co-sponsored that Eric Holder impeachment resolution, may have dressed it up in slightly kinder legislative language, but at its base it is still “Show President Obama That He Is Not A King!”

And do it all in the name of Cicero and, uh, Elliot [sic] Ness.


  1. I hope the President’s security is good. With so many people being spun up to this extent; who knows what some nut will try.


    • And it would take a nut. Any rational person would see that not only wanting to kill the president is a sign of insanity, but thinking you could get a way with it is even more insane. I, too, hope those Secret Service agents are only screwing around in their off time and not on duty.


      • King Beauregard

         /  November 27, 2013

        In our ape-like hearts, we know that hate is a powerful motivator, and it’s not really good at thinking things through. So, how are we defining “nut”? There’s a lot of far-right crankdom that has been mainstreamed over recent years.


        • You have made a great point. The bar is now very low, since it is now accepted in the mainstream press that Rush Limbaugh is, indeed, a serious spokesman for the base of the GOP.


  2. I meant to ask: how many actual impeachment resolution against President Obama have been introduced? I’ve seen e-mails suggesting impeach is inadequate, that only removal from office and criminal prosecution is required.


    • None. No actual Tea Party Republican has had the balls, as far as I know, to actually put his or her name to an actual resolution and drop it in the hopper. Steve Stockman, another whacked out Texas congressman (and, I believe, a co-sponsor of the resolution mentioned in this piece), supposedly distributed copies of a World Nut Net Daily book called, “Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office,” but even that nutjob doesn’t (yet) have the nerve to make a fool of himself.

      Impeachment, by the way, is sort of like an indictment (it is done by the House) and in order to actually remove the President from office, the Senate must convict him. Ain’t gonna happen.


  3. ansonburlingame

     /  November 27, 2013

    I suppose I should “go back” and post the stream of “hate Bush II” crap all over the place from around 2006 and later, until Obama was elected. Or I could repost some of the crap on this very blog in comments over how Bush II should STILL be handcuffed and prosecuted for crimes during his presidency. And those comments are from a man that is NOT a “nut case”.

    I have a pending column for the Globe (and will post it later as a blog if Carol chooses not to run it as a column from me) about “unraveling presidencies”. My point is every one of them since LBJ and onward has unraveled. Ford never had a chance to “ravel” as his term was too short and the pardon of Nixon killed it in its infancy. Carter (foreign affairs and economics) and Bush I (economics) only lasted one term. All the others faced huge public condemnation during their second terms. We are seeing now “business as usual” in the second term of a President. Hell, I even wonder if Lincoln’s legacy would have survived reconstruction had he not been killed??



    • Sedate Me

       /  November 28, 2013

      Here, let me help you out there, Anson.

      Bush2 should still be handcuffed and prosecuted for the crimes committed during his reign. Hell, he deserves to serve time just for the crimes he committed against the English language!


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