Joplin’s Ron Richard And Why Missouri Is Headed “South”

All you need to know about the state of politics here in Missouri is found in this lede today from the Associated Press:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Federal agents would be sent to jail for enforcing some federal gun control laws under legislation endorsed by a Missouri House panel.

The ridiculous and unconstitutional quasi-secessionist legislation passed the state senate last month. In the mean time, Joplin’s Ron Richard, who is the Senate Majority Leader and who helped craft this revised version of a bill that he voted against last year, said this recently:

We’re the poster child for the second amendment in the country. 

No, we’re the poster child for stupidity, legislative malfeasance, and wasting government resources, since many millions will be needed to defend this nutty idea in court, if it ever becomes law.

In the mean time, to give you a further idea of what it is like here in regressive Missouri, made so with a lot of help from Joplin’s most important state legislator since Moses was floating on the Nile, try this:

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Senate Majority Floor Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said Thursday he support using a rarely used Senate procedure to force a vote on legislation that would triple the current 24-hour waiting period for abortions.

Richard’s response to those who thought that Democrats, what few there are, in the state senate might not like his use of this procedural tactic—which hasn’t been used since 2007, and then, too, on an anti-choice bill—was a classic authoritarian impulse:

We’ve gotten along very well. We’re just in the majority, and I want to do what I want to do.

Some day, God or Allah or demographics willing, the reactionaries won’t be in the majority here in Missouri. But they are in the process of winning the race to the bottom and help better arrive real soon.



  1. Duane,

    I’ve met Ron Richards a couple of times in Joplin at some functions. That’s been a few years ago, but I do remember him as a smug sumbitch. I once tried to engage him in conversation about a measure in the MO legislature, I think it had to do with education, like cutting teachers’ salaries in half or something like that. But he didn’t see the fun in it and found a way to, uh, just walk away. Not a good listener, Ron.

    Of course, we also have a number of idiots here in Oklahoma’s legislature, and this is no doubt true, to a greater of lesser extent, in the rest of the states as well.

    Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but it seems like these young Republican whippersnappers are out of touch with reality, not to mention their constituents, not to mention the principles of governance. They are holding freedom and liberty hostage to the ignorance of their own ideology, not to mention their own self-interest, not to mention that.

    On that note, here is an excerpt form Barry Goldwater’s 1964 acceptance speech:

    “Now, my fellow Americans, the tide has been running against freedom. Our people have followed false prophets. We must, and we shall, return to proven ways– not because they are old, but because they are true. We must, and we shall, set the tide running again in the cause of freedom. And this party, with its every action, every word, every breath, and every heartbeat, has but a single resolve, and that is freedom – freedom made orderly for this nation by our constitutional government; freedom under a government limited by laws of nature and of nature’s God; freedom – balanced so that liberty lacking order will not become the slavery of the prison cell; balanced so that liberty lacking order will not become the license of the mob and of the jungle.

    “Now, we Americans understand freedom. We have earned it, we have lived for it, and we have died for it. This Nation and its people are freedom’s model in a searching world. We can be freedom’s missionaries in a doubting world. But, ladies and gentlemen, first we must renew freedom’s mission in our own hearts and in our own homes.”

    The right wing, Tea Party Republicans would do well to listen to their elders. And they need to quit spending their time and energy worrying about the ladies’ private parts, or the right to own an unregistered, fully automatic AR-15, or treating evolution as if it was the equivalent of creationism.

    It’s like Dumb and Dumber were running the country.



    • Herb,

      Nice comments. I see you still have a healthy respect for the other Barry.

      And as for “treating evolution as if it was the equivalent of creationism,” I hope you have been watching the new incarnation of Cosmos (the late and great Carl Sagan’s creation) on TV. It was amazing last night, all about evil-lution. I am sure the right-wing Bible thumpers are going nuts today!



  2. Thanks, Duane and Herb, for the insights into Ron Richard. The Missouri GOP are getting the bit in their teeth and smell blood in the water. They are in Texas as well, I hear. Women there have about half the places to go now for reproductive health issues and the rest are likely to follow soon. And botched abortions are on the rise, from questionable Mexican pharmaceuticals to the coat-hanger type. We are returning to the Gilded Age in more ways than one.


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