Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste: The Ever Predictable Fox “News”

First there was the stupid and tacky tweets from a Fox “News” radio host and frequent contributor to the TV side of Fox’s propaganda machine. He somehow found the death of 295 people a perfect vehicle to exercise his hate-Obama muscles.

todd starnes tweetThen, this afternoon, even before the fires had gone out around pieces of that downed Malaysian airliner, Fox “News” Channel’s Gretchen Carlson, whose presence on TV is responsible for many dead and wounded Amerian IQs, interviewed someone billed as a political adviser to the Ukraine government.  His name was Tyler Harbor, someone I had never heard of. So, I searched the intertubes and found nothing there. Must be a new guy Fox found. In any case, for some reason Carlson thought him worthy of a segment to discuss what may have happened in Ukraine.

And, quite predictably, he put the blame on Obama. He said the tragedy was “almost” as much our fault as it was Putin’s. He said it didn’t matter to the Ukrainians whether the Russians or the Russian-backed separatists shot down the plane. It’s all the same to them. And we should have done something to stop what is going on there. Except, he said, folks in the Obama administration “really don’t want to help.”  And he told us that the United States used to be a leader and a world power until “this president” mucked it all up.

All in all, Mr. Harbor, whoever he is, was a perfect Fox guest. I’m sure he’ll be back on the air real soon.

Oh, I almost forgot. You’ll be happy to know that Mr. Harbor says that he doesn’t “necessarily” mean that we should put “boots on the ground” to fix the mess in Ukraine.

Not necessarily.

Oh, my.



  1. If president Obama negotiated peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Fox would say it would have happened anyway. Or, there’s a secret Kenyan agenda involved. If aliens from outer space landed, it would be because Obama drew them here. Unless of course, they were friendly, in which case Fox would advocate war because, well, they’re aliens. Fox is both versatile and consistent. Bizarre.


  2. “…dead and wounded IQs….” Good one, Mr. Graham. Maybe you could write for John Stewart.

    I cannot stand to even watch Faux News without sound at the gym without presenting the monodigital obscene sign, which confuses the other gym denizens.


  3. Should Jesus descend from the sky with his army of Armageddon-ready warriors, Fox News would complain that the Second Coming is a ploy to detract attention away from the current Obama scandal de jour.


  4. ansonburlingame

     /  July 18, 2014

    I get most of my Fox News on this blog now and 100% of the MSNBC News herein as well. I rarely watch one and never watch the other today.

    If one wants to cast blame for the tradedy, might I suggest Malaysian Airlines be held in the spot light. Who in the world would choose to fly a commercial airplane over a war zone??? Seems like they did so to “save money in fuel and time costs”.

    Next up, who in their right mind would book a flight on that Airlines today with now two down and one still missing!!


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