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Talking about the terrorist attacks in Paris, Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator from Warmonger, South Carolina, said on Fox on Sunday:

I have no idea why the President of the United States won’t call this a religious war.

The Christian Soldier then, quite unbelievably, proceeded to blame Obama for the rise of radical Islam.

Byron York, a reactionary columnist writing for a reactionary news outlet called the Washington Examiner, wrote a piece that was celebrated by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Tuesday. York, among other things, said that President Obama didn’t make a mistake by not attending the big rally in Paris last Saturday. It was all just part of the plan:

The administration no-shows were not a failure of optics, or a diplomatic misstep, but were instead the logical result of the president’s years-long effort to downgrade the threat of terrorism and move on to other things…

So when the president chose not to attend the Paris march, nor to send the Vice President or Secretary of State, the problem wasn’t a tin-ear sense of public relations. It was Obama’s actual attitude toward the terror threat facing not only Europe but the United States. We’ve dealt with the big stuff, Obama has declared, now let’s move on.

Apparently Mr. York’s head has been holed up in Mr. York’s colon for the last six years. Barack Obama, far from moving on from the “terror threat,” has been daily—heck, hourly—dropping bombs on or shooting missiles at terrorists somewhere in the world. For God’s sake, he’s even put troops back in Iraq, where there weren’t any terrorists until George W. Bush and Dick Cheney decided to invade the country.

All that is bad enough, but then there is congressman Randy Weber, who succeeded the nutty Ron Paul in the 14th congressional district in Texas (so you know he’s got his shit together, right?). Weber has previously referred to President Obama in a tweet as “Kommandant-In-Chef”—yes, he said “chef”—and “the Socialist dictator who’s been feeding US a line or is it “A-Lying”—at least he didn’t spell it “dick tater.”

Now Weber has once again not only shown his penchant for avoiding spell check, but his penchant for public displays of stupidity:

randy weber tweet

I get it! Barack Obama is worse than “Adolph” Hitler! How funny! No wonder that’s been Favorited over 500 times.

These people are sick, you know. Nearly every last one of them. And until the Scary Negro leaves the White’s House, I’m afraid they’re just going to get sicker.


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  1. Ben Field

     /  January 13, 2015


    I’m more of a fan of Kareem Abdul Jabbar than Lindsey Graham even if you might be related. Kareem says in a Time magazine interview, “When the Ku Klux Klan burns a cross in a black family’s yard, Christians aren’t asked to explain how these aren’t really Christian acts.” These people that are killing in the name of Allah are murderers, criminals that should be killed, but to declare a Holy War? Is this where the Republicans want to go? The “scary Negro” is far less scary.


    • Ben,

      Lindsey and I are related, so far as I know, only through our most recent common ancestor, who may have lived in the Stone Age. One of us, namely him, is still somewhat chained to our primitive beginnings.

      Kareem made a good point, a point I just heard a Muslim woman make on CNN this morning. There are examples of Christians committing acts in the name of the Christian God and those acts aren’t labeled as “Christian terrorism.” The killing of Dr. George Tiller, for instance, was done by a man who, although he may have had mental issues, was also a part of a Christian movement that thought it okay to kill abortion providers. In fact, at his sentencing hearing, he said that God “will avenge every drop of innocent blood.” Now, we don’t commonly hear violence against abortion providers characterized as “Christian terrorism,” but it would be a valid way to describe it in many cases. So, Muslims have a point in that sense.

      But I also think we have to understand that what motivates a lot of the violence we see today across parts of the world is related to Islam and is properly labeled “Islamist extremism” or “Islamist radicalism” or some such term. As long as it is understood that we are emphasizing the extreme and radical and violent aspects of what is happening, I don’t have a problem with also connecting it to its roots in Islam, whether these radicals are bastardizing the faith or merely taking it seriously.

      I do, though, think the same standards should be applied to all faith traditions. When a few Jews in Israel kill Palestinians out of hatred, that should be labeled “Jewish extremism,” or when Christians, motivated by biblical ideas, kill either Muslims or Jews out of hatred, or kill or injure homosexuals or other “deviant” people like abortion doctors, or perpetrate hate against blacks because of a white supremacy they think the Bible sanctions, that should also be labeled “Christian terrorism.”



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